Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: People's teeth hurt because it's too sweet

Trường NguyễnMar 14, 2024 at 07:33

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Singer Him Pham surprised everyone when he released a teaser for his new MV, a song written by himself. However, what netizens are especially interested in is the pairing with h.ot tiktoker Ngoc Kem, which is so compatible and sweet.

Recently, the actor - singer born in 1995 said that he chose White Valentine's Day, March 14, to release a new MV. Him Pham sees this as a gift he gives to the audience and those who have always loved and supported him in the past. The content of Him Pham's new MV is a story revolving around a couple who begin to develop a love relationship through rep stories on social networks.

Sharing his views on love in the era of developing information technology, Him Pham expressed: "At a stage where everything can be updated with just one click, Him thinks there are many people like him. Him, that's when you use social networks to approach your crush. If you don't interact directly by texting or commenting, you can also visit your crush's personal page to see photos or status. For Him personally, I use social networks to go to my crush's personal page to see if they're happy today. In general, thanks to social networks, updating information from Him's crush is much quicker and easier."

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 1

Not only that, Him Pham also said that he was very lucky because he was born at the time of intersection between the old and the new. He remembers when he was in school, he used to write letters and text messages by phone to his crush. After successfully expressing their feelings, Him and his friend even invited each other to eat ice cream and drink milk tea, spending the beautiful days of love in their school years.

"When life is upgraded with technology, the way to express feelings has also changed. Him feels lucky because before he knew the feeling of writing letters by hand and texting with a brick phone. Now, when technology develops strongly, more convenient communication methods appear, and ways of expressing feelings are also different. However, one thing does not change, which is that no matter the method, when loving, there needs to be sincerity. Honest and kind," Him Pham confided.

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 2

It is known that Him Pham was born in 1995 and is a promising and potential young singer and actor in Vietnamese showbiz. He once impressed the audience through his role as private first class Hoang Nam in the movie "Descendants of the Sun" and Dang Khoa in the web drama "Hey Class President". Thanks to his true talent and serious way of doing his job, Him Pham is gradually loved by a large audience and recognized for his ability.

Him Pham debuted in 2017 as a member of the band The Air. During the first period of his career, Him Pham attracted attention because of his skillful singing, composing and rapping skills.

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 3

Since leaving the group The Air, Him Pham has moved into a new field: acting. In 2018, Him Pham played the Vietnamese version of "Descendants of the Sun" as a humorous and cunning Private First Class. Although he does not appear much, thanks to his hidden charm, Him Pham still attracts the attention of the audience. This role is also considered a memorable milestone, helping Him Pham gain more confidence in his artistic activities.

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 4

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 5

Over the past 5 years, Him Pham has been more active in social networks and building the image of a versatile artist. In addition, he is also known as a TikTok content creator.

Him Pham's personal TikTok channel has currently reached over 580,000 followers with many million-view video clips that are highly appreciated for their content quality. Thanks to his increasingly popular image on social networks, Him Pham received many invitations to be KOLs for famous brands.

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 6

Him Pham said that in the early days of his career, he encountered many difficulties. However, thanks to his perseverance and relentless efforts, things gradually became brighter for the actor.

Currently, in addition to acting and singing, Him Pham also takes on additional brand promotion work on Facebook and TikTok. It is the income from this job that has helped Him Pham make ends meet and continue pursuing his burning passion for art.

Him Pham tells his love story with H.ot TikToker Ngoc Kem: Peoples teeth hurt because its too sweet - Photo 7

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