Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life

Hương DuyMar 13, 2024 at 16:37

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Currently, the story of vlogger Huy Cung becoming a monk because of love is receiving a lot of attention from the public. Many people have difficulty understanding the fact that he is willing to trade a luxurious life to choose the path of practice.

Huy Cung (full name Cung Duc Huy, born in 1995) was once a famous vlogger loved by many young people with extremely funny million-view videos. Recently, many people were surprised to see the image of the once famous male vlogger now "having shaved his head" and becoming a monk. Huy Cung's image of becoming a monk was quickly shared by the online community, with everyone expressing surprise when seeing this new appearance.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 1

On his personal page, Huy Cung created a post sharing his journey to the temple from October 2023. According to the vlogger, he found peace and freedom in a loving home. Currently, Huy Cung said that now is the time when he feels happiest.

This information quickly became a h.ot topic of discussion on forums, many people believed that Huy Cung made this decision due to the influence of events in his previous broken marriage. To clarify the situation, some media have tried to contact Huy Cung about the shared images and rumors, but the vlogger's manager does not want to share anything more at this time. .

Currently, Huy Cung is becoming a keyword searched by the online community. Most were surprised because it had been a long time since they had seen him appear on social networks. Besides, many people also sent wishes and encouragement to Huy Cung and respected his decision.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 2

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 3

It is known that before becoming a monk, Huy Cung had a life that many people admired. Thanks to his hard work since his time as a YouTuber, Huy Cung has moved forward and achieved more success in his career. Although he no longer releases as many vlogs as before, he has turned to artistic activities, has dabbled in music and attended many different events and projects.

Thanks to his hard work, Huy Cung soon had his own house and car. However, Huy Cung's love life is not proportional to his career.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 4

In 2018, Huy Cung suddenly held a wedding with h.ot g.irl Linh My. At that time, this decision of the million-view vlogger surprised people because he used to be very secretive about his love life and did not publicize much about his relationship. But after only 2 years of being together, Huy Cung announced that the two were divorced. The reason why the marriage broke up was because Huy Cung and his wife were no longer compatible in their thinking and lifestyle. However, after the divorce, the two still respected each other and took care of their son together.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 5

Since the divorce, Huy Cung's life has changed a lot. From an active and talkative person on social networks, he became secretive and rarely appeared on media platforms. Especially after the prolonged period of the Covid-19 epidemic, Huy Cung also began to engage in volunteer work and focus more on his personal life.

Besides, Huy Cung also admitted that after the incident, he lost direction in both life and career. There is a reason for being less active on social networks and instead spending time on community activities that help society. It can be said that this is also one of the things that made Huy Cung decide to become a monk and live in a temple.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 6

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 7

Currently, outside of practice time, Huy Cung takes the children to school every day, and then does many other things together. Since entering the temple, the male vlogger said he can "transform" from a gym teacher to a music teacher, knows how to hoe dirt and sew,... Sometimes he paints walls for children, sometimes he teaches. , life skills training.

"When I gradually changed my view of life, I saw that fame, fortune, m.oney, status,... were a never-ending cycle of happiness, less suffering, more suffering. I chose to live with more love and giving. I find this life happier than before," Huy Cung expressed about his current life on his personal page.

Huy Cung objected to becoming a monk because of love, giving up his wealthy life - Photo 8

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