Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: "her temperament is far behind the original"

Hoàng TrangMar 09, 2024 at 14:55

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The moment Dilraba Dilmurat appeared in public while holding chocolate in her mouth is causing a lot of controversy on social networks. Many people accused the actress of trying to imitate Han Soo Hee but failed.

Recently, China Times reported on Dilraba that suddenly became the center of controversy on social networks. The reason is because the "top of the line" is suspected of imitating the action of holding a pen cap that went viral all over the internet recently of Korean star - Han So Hee.

It is known that this suspicion originates from a video recording of Dilraba Dilmurat leaving the filming location of the program Let's Start Reasoning. In the clip, the actress quickly walked out with a cold expression, her mouth holding a bar of chocolate candy.

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 1

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 2

This action of Dilraba makes many people think of the image of Han So Hee holding a pen cap in the middle of the audience at Dior's show within the framework of Paris Haute Couture. Many netizens also commented that in order to not be known for imitating Korean celebrities, Dilraba Dilmurat deliberately changed from holding a pen cap like the original to holding a snack.

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 3

Currently on social networking forums, many netizens have compared the two actresses. In particular, a part of netizens rated Dilraba Dilmurat's image of sucking on candy as looking pre-staged and unnatural. Compared to Han So Hee, the beauty Ngu Giao Ky is not as attractive, and is even criticized as an unattractive copy.

"It feels like Dilraba is imitating others", "One person is free-spirited and natural, the other is intentional", "Dilica Dilmurat learns from Han So Hee", "Dilica Dilmurat does eat Is it real chocolate, or is it just pretending to be in front of the audience?", "Her actions look too f.orced and not as attractive as Han So Hee", "I just want to tell Nhiem Ba that temperament is everything." cannot imitate", "Her new trick?", netizens criticized the Xinjiang beauty.

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 4

However, there were also many people who spoke up to defend Dilraba and said that netizens had gone too far, making excuses to criticize the actress born in 1992. According to fans, Dilraba's secret Food in the mouth is very normal, it cannot be ruled out that the beauty can take advantage of energy while on the move before starting the next schedule. Therefore, because of this action, we cannot suspect that Dilraba Dilmurat intentionally imitated Han So Hee's viral moment.

Dilraba Dilmurat is one of the top Cbiz beauties today with extremely beautiful visuals. Not only does she impress with her outstanding beauty, the Xinjiang beauty also many times makes the online community admire her impressive resources in the fashion field.

She is always on the list of top beauties in the Chinese entertainment industry and is the idol most interested in the online community today in China. However, contrary to her reputation, audience's admiration, or her ever-increasing beauty, Dilraba Dilraba's acting career has always caused controversy.

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 5

Despite appearing in nearly 30 television projects, Dilraba is still classified as a "mobile flower vase" on screen. Wang Hailin (famous screenwriter and Vice President of the Chinese Film Literature Association) once expressed his opinion: "I will not cooperate with actors like Dilraba Dilmurat for the rest of my life. This is not because I'm arrogant, but because these artists don't care about quality scripts. What they need is awards and how to increase viewership."

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 6

In 2018, the 9X beauty was honored as Outstanding Actress at the major Kim Ung awards ceremony. However, with her poor performance in the movie Beautiful Ly Hue Tran, Dilraba Dilmurat was judged unworthy of the title and was questioned about buying the a.ward. The incident damaged her reputation, audiences boycotted and producers were wary of collaborating.

Heat Ba was accused of imitating Han Soo Hee, netizens criticized: her temperament is far behind the original - Photo 7 \

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