The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance

Kim LâmJun 09, 2024 at 13:47

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Sara Milliken after being crowned Miss Alabama at the Miss National American Alabama 2024 beauty pageant has faced a harsh disparagement of her appearance on social networks.

On June 7, the final of the Miss National American Alabama 2024 contest took place. In the end, 23-year-old Sara Milliken was crowned the highest position in the surprise of the audience.

Sara Milliken weighs 150kg, is the first plus-size g.irl to be crowned at this contest. Her victory is causing many controversial opinions on beauty forums.

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 1

As soon as she was crowned the highest position, Sara surprised many people, even on social networks, there were many comments criticizing and criticizing her for thinking that her appearance was too different from the usual appearance standards in a Miss contest.

One account wrote: "It's perfectly fine to say Milliken is beautiful, but be honest with yourself that she doesn't look healthy. This can be a 'slap' for young girls who have worked hard, maintained their diets to truly become beauty queens."

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 2

In the history of municipal and provincial competitions, countries have never seen this happen. It is unclear how to let Sara Milliken be crowned with the purpose of inspiring. After the moment of wearing the crown, she said that she would focus on preparing for participating in the national beauty contest National American Miss held at the end of this year.

In the face of fierce conflicting opinions, Sara Milliken said she felt uncomfortable at first but only took 5 minutes to overcome them. The 23-year-old new Miss also sent a message to online attackers with malicious comments that they should be careful with their own words because it can push others into a psychological crisis.

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 3

However, there are also many viewers who think that Sara Milliken's victory is a source of motivation to inspire women of all sizes to confidently shine in life. Sara said she participated in the Miss Alabama contest twice but failed. When she won the crown in the 3rd competition, she expressed: "No matter where you come from or what your b.ody looks like, you can do whatever you set your mind to."

Currently, there are also many brands that offer to support her with costumes, cosmetics and many other services when participating in the national competition.

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 4

The appearance of plus-size women in mainstream beauty contests is no longer too strange to the public.

In 2021, Thai beauty Anchilee Scott-Kemmis brought to the Miss Universe contest the story of Real Size Beauty (Beauty in all sizes). She weighs more than 70 kg and is active in spreading the word about natural beauty in women of all sizes.

However, Anchilee Scott-Kemmis was criticized by the home audience for appearing with her appearance on the Miss Universe stage. The beauty said she cried a lot and even had foolish thoughts.

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 5

In 2023, Nepalese beauty - Jane Dipika Garrett - made history when she became the first plus-size woman to reach the top 20 in the final of Miss Universe 2023.

Even so, the participation of plus-size women in beauty contests is considered a trick to attract the media. Many viewers think that transgender and plus-size women are allowed to participate in the Miss Universe contest but the possibility of w.inning is low that everyone can predict.

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 6

Jane Dipika Garrett herself admitted: "I knew the contest was arranged from the moment I stepped on stage. I realized that girls who were expanded by the group like me would never have a real chance to be crowned."

However, the beauty still thinks: "But it's a reality and I'm still happy because of the experiences there and the foundation that I have built. I have lovely supporters and that is more important to me than the crown."

The beauty of the g.irl weighing 150kg was crowned Miss, fans simultaneously criticized her appearance - Photo 7

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