Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth?

Hà HàSep 13, 2021 at 22:42

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Recently, h.ot g.irl Huyen 2k4 (real name Le Thi often reveals dating hints with young master But (Duy Nho), both of them are also very active in interacting on social networks.

Therefore, many netizens have confirmed that the 2k4 h.ot g.irl is the new love of this guy. Possessing a pretty face and a h.ot, s.exy b.ody, it's not difficult for this 2k4 h.ot g.irl to attract a huge fan base with her Instagram profile with 2.2 million followers or more than 8 million on TikTok.

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 1

Recently, many people were surprised with the h.ot image of TikToker 2k4 calling fans to join their 18 group on Instagram. It is worth mentioning that this g.irl is not yet 18 years old, causing netizens to raise many questions. But it turned out that it was not true, just a fake account of Khanh Huyen. Accordingly, she once spoke out about the fake account and said that she only used 2 Instagram accounts and the call to join group 18 was from the fake account.

In addition, one more thing is that the h.ot TikToker 2k4 account has a huge number of followers and is increasing rapidly. Accordingly, if half a month ago this fake account only had 80k followers, now this number has reached 210k followers. In addition, this "phake" account is very similar to the main account if you don't pay attention. Previously, she had asked her fans to report fake accounts, but this did not work. Perhaps the 2k4 h.ot g.irl needs to take other measures if she doesn't want her image to be affected.

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 2

A few days ago, h.ot g.irl 2k4 posted a video showing off her s.exy b.ody and s.exy bikini. If you've been following Khanh Huyen for a long time, it's probably no stranger to this style of hers. However, during the time when it was rumored that she was dating the Buddha, Khanh Huyen was quite "closed to the gate" and rarely showed s.exy images like this. It is known that this is just an old video of her, but that much must have made both "young master of Dong Thap" and many fans stand still.

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 3

Recently, the Buddha and Huyen 2k4 continuously released their hearing and freely mentioned each other's names on social networks. Specifically, the beautiful g.irl posted a rather attractive picture on her personal page with the caption that goes into the hearts of people: "This product is not a drug / But has the effect of attracting all eyes". The story would not be worth mentioning if Khanh Huyen did not leave a comment below: "This photo is strictly forbidden for Mr. But to comment". But whoever banned it, just banned it and the Buddha still "appeared" and commented: "I'm banned, everyone". Before this back-and-forth exchange of the couple, even MisThy had to say: "Huh? How interactive is Cham?". The reason for this comment ban is because in many previous images of Huyen 204, the Buddha appeared and commented enthusiastically. Of course, these comments all received enthusiastic interactions from netizens and made many people think that the couple has a special relationship.

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 4

Besides, many people also wonder about the relationship between two beautiful girls Linh Ngoc Dam and Huyen 2k4 because Dam Toong used to have an emotional relationship with the Buddha. Contrary to the thought that "old lover - new lover" sometimes dislike each other, h.ot g.irl 2k4 and Linh Ngoc Dam turned out to be closer than netizens thought.

Not long ago, on her personal Instagram page, Linh Ngoc Dam suddenly shared a short TikTok video with the title "When your ex's new girlfriend is so pretty". Specifically in the video, when her new girlfriend texted her saying: "Congratulations you belong to freedom. And he belongs to me", Linh Ngoc Dam had a "quality like distilled water" answer: He's all mine... and you're mine."

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 5

Obviously, this is Linh Ngoc Dam's direct compliment to her "rumored lover" Le Thi Khanh Huyen because "hot g.irl 2k4" possesses extremely beautiful beauty, especially her "fiery" b.ody. with round one and round three round, white. After posting the video on TikTok, the owners Le Thi Khanh Huyen and But also commented on the beautiful female streamer. If the h.ot TikToker 2k4 is extremely excited with Linh Ngoc Dam's compliment, the Buddha is somewhat worried because he is afraid that his ex-girlfriend will "saw" his new lover.

Before that, Linh Ngoc Dam also many times publicized on social networks that Linh Ngoc Dam and Le Thi Khanh Huyen were close sisters in real life. Since knowing that the Buddha and h.ot g.irl TikTok were involved in love rumors, the beautiful female streamer has wholeheartedly supported this couple.

Huyen 2k4 - The young master Buddha called his fans to join the adult group, what is the truth? - Photo 6

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