The woman who hasn't slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth

Nguyễn TuyếtApr 13, 2024 at 21:33

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The woman is still full of energy and lives normally every day even though she never goes to bed, making many people wonder. It wasn't until the doctor measured his brain waves that he discovered the truth.

In April 2008, Chinese media reported that in Henan province, a woman named Ly Chien Anh claimed that she had not slept for 40 years, attracting public attention. There are even rumors that she is an "alien".

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 1

Ly Chien Anh is an ordinary farmer in a rural village in Henan province. When reporters saw her for the first time, they were shocked by her mental state. Because a person who claims to have never gone to sleep in the past 40 years does not have "panda eyes" but is even full of energy and vivacity.

Ms. Ly shared that not sleeping does not affect her health or daily activities or work. But since this story spread across the country, her life has been affected a lot.

Mr. Luu So Can, Ly Chien Anh's husband, shared about his wife's insomnia: "I'm afraid this is a potential disease. I'm very worried about my wife's health in the future. When I first found out, I asked my wife to I took s.leeping p.ills to see if my condition improved. But no matter how much I took, my wife became more alert. There were days when she was so sad that she had to carry a hoe to go to the fields."

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 2

Later, Mr. Luu and his wife gave birth to 3 healthy boys. At this time, the villagers' gossip also subsided. After living together for a long time, he gradually "got used" to his wife's special way of living.

To verify the truth, many reporters came to "monitor" Ly Chien Anh to see if she really went to sleep or not. Under everyone's witness, the woman still lived her normal daily activities. During the day, she went to work in the fields, from morning to afternoon without any rest, not even stopping to drink water.

In the evening, when he came home from work, Ly Chien Anh's face did not show any signs of fatigue. According to a neighbor, if they had 15 acres of fields, it would take 4 people to plant them, but Ms. Ly's family has 20 acres, which is enough for just one woman to do.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 3

In the evening, Ly Chien Anh has a habit of chatting with neighbors. Around 9 o'clock, everyone went home to go to sleep. She was the only one who wasn't sleepy so she continued to lie in bed and watch TV. When the reporter talked, she shared that this condition started when she was about 5 or 6 years old, but now she is over 40 and still does not know what type of disease it is.

At night, the entire space is covered with silence. But only Ms. Ly was still "awake", just staring into space, her face showing a bit of loneliness. Just like that, she waited until 5 a.m. to get up, prepare breakfast for the whole family and go to work in the fields as usual.

The woman's "superwoman" mental state and health makes everyone curious. All relatives and villagers also confirmed that Ly Chien Anh did not lie.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 4

For almost her entire life, she never had to go to bed. Even if she lay in bed, her eyes would open and she wouldn't be able to fall asleep. People around her also nicknamed her "robot" because of this strange ability.

Ly Chien Anh's husband once took his wife to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with her b.ody and only prescribed some sleep aids. But when taking these d.rugs, the woman becomes even more alert than before.

To discover the truth, leading medical experts from major Chinese hospitals also came to diagnose Ly Chien Anh. The participants in this survey all confirmed that this was the first case of true insomnia they had encountered.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 5

Initially, the doctor placed a brain wave monitor on Ly Chien Anh to monitor sleep. Surveillance cameras were also installed around the house to monitor the woman. The brain measurement results showed that it was not as "miraculous" as she claimed.

Accordingly, Ly Chien Anh slept during the day, but the sleep time was relatively short, only 100 minutes. And a woman's sleeping time is not continuous, each sleep is very short, basically only a few minutes, so it is very difficult for others to detect.

Ly Chien Anh was very dissatisfied with the doctors' test results. At the same time, he confirmed that his eyes are always open 24/7 and he never sleeps at all. Then another test continued. This time, all questions have been answered.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 6

After two days of observation, experts concluded: "It's not that Ms. Ly never sleeps, but her sleep is different from normal people. This sleep chart shows that her sleep time combined up to 16 hours. But her sleep time is very short, she often wakes up and then goes back to sleep. Her longest sleep has never lasted 10 minutes."

Thus, Ly Chien Anh can rest even without closing her eyes, meaning she can sleep with her eyes still open. Brain wave measurement results also showed that the woman fell asleep even though she still seemed to be functioning normally. For example, when talking to her husband, her eyeballs sometimes become dull and her eyes become sunken.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 7


In 48 hours, Ly Chien Anh slept a total of 16 hours, more than the normal amount of rest for some people but not continuously. During the past 40 years, she still sleeps, but the way she sleeps is completely different from normal people. She slept intermittently, taking short naps during the day that she couldn't even identify as sleeping.

Ly Chien Anh's case is a very rare case in the history of world medicine. Researching the woman who "didn't sleep for 40 years" has also helped experts discover many interesting new things about the human brain.

The woman who hasnt slept in 40 years is still healthy, experts r.eveal the truth - Photo 8

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