Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason!

Hoa TuyếtMar 13, 2024 at 13:52

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Ngoc Trinh and Lan Ngoc just wore a dress of tens of millions together, showing off their extremely taut figures, making many people unable to take their eyes off them. In this clash, will the "screen gem" or the "lingerie queen" win?

Recently, on her personal page, Ngoc Trinh attracted attention when she released a set of feminine but no less seductive photos. In the photo, the beauty from Tra Vinh wears a deep-cut floral dress cut in an A-line shape, with a waistband and long sleeves; Confidently o.ff your plump bust.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 1

In particular, the back of the dress also has a large cutout so that the wearer can easily o.ff her seductive bare back. Ngoc Trinh combines a dress with long curly hair to go out for coffee with friends. In addition, she also carried an expensive Chanel Lambskin Vendome bag to add elegance to her look.

The outfit with gentle colors also helps highlight Ngoc Trinh's bright white skin and admirable curves. According to designer Do Long, this is his most popular design recently, priced at nearly 20 million VND.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 2

After receiving a suspended sentence, despite "re-exporting" showbiz, Ngoc Trinh has changed from a bold image to a gentle, elegant one. The 8X model admitted that she was getting used to and catching up with her old life, so she chose to take a simple photo set, because she couldn't take s.exy photos right now.

"Trinh is getting used to getting back to the rhythm of life, so when doing this photo shoot, Trinh told the stylist to do the style gently, not to be c.razy or s.exy because she couldn't do it yet. Trinh also told me to take some pictures of her clothes. , as long as there are beautiful pictures, don't take too many because Trinh will be tired, Trinh's energy is not as good as before," she shared.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 3

In addition to Ngoc Trinh, netizens also discovered that Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also owns a similar dress. The "screen gem" chose half-tied hair with long bangs on both sides to create an elegant look for her face, helping her visual look more youthful.

It can be seen that, although wearing the same design, the two beauties exude different charisma. If the beauty from Tra Vinh brings a gentle image, in the same frontal frame, then why in the movie Gai Lam Chieu cleverly shows off her full bust and slim waist, creating more attraction.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 4

Lan Ngoc is known as the new generation pearl of the Vietnamese screen. She always makes a mark on every front, from acting to fashion, so it's difficult to find a set of clothes that doesn't look good.

Besides, possessing a standard b.ody with perfect 3-round measurements, 9X actors always o.ff their advantages when wearing luxurious outfits. Even when she encountered famous beauties many times, she was never inferior. And when "colliding" with Ngoc Trinh is no exception.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 5

Ngoc Trinh was born in 1989, she is widely known to the public as a model, actress and successful businesswoman. The model was crowned Miss Vietnam Global 2011 and participated in films such as: Waist 56, Vu Quy Dai Noo, Sister Me Hoc Yeu, Sister Sister Em Em 2.

The model was just released not long ago and is serving a 1-year suspended sentence for disturbing public order. After the incident, she is gradually regaining her spirit and returning to work.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 6

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, born in 1990, is one of the famous movie actors in the entertainment industry. She is fondly called by the audience by the nickname "Vietnamese screen pearl" through films such as: Command of the Rose, Endless Fields, The Pregnant Wife's Return, Old G.irl Lam Chieu 2 - 3,...

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 7

Recently, the actress caused a stir when she announced that she was temporarily suspending her artistic activities to study abroad in Australia. From here, she was rumored to have left showbiz to secretly give birth abroad.

Faced with incorrect rumors about her, Lan Ngoc immediately spoke up to correct them. She affirmed that she wants to improve her acting skills and denied reports of being pregnant with her first c.hild.

Ngoc Trinh is bold again, still giving up to Lan Ngoc for this reason! - Photo 8

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