Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react?

Nguyễn TuyếtMar 06, 2024 at 13:46

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After announcing that she was taking a break from her artistic activities to go to Australia, Lan Ngoc was rumored to be going abroad to give birth. She has corrected but does not seem to have convinced the audience.

In the episode broadcast near the end of the show "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", Lan Ngoc surprised and became the focus of discussion when announcing a break from showbiz activities to study in Australia. After that, the "screen jewel" was rumored to be pregnant, so she left Vbiz abroad to secretly give birth.

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 1

The incident became out of control, prompting the actress to quickly correct herself. Specifically, she shared: "I thank everyone very much for their support about Ngoc going to further education.

I am not sure what I will learn, how good I will be, how I will improve myself, but it is my desire for the career that I pursue. It is gentle, not too much weight, I myself have many shortcomings, so I will try every day.

I only went to school short-term, not for long, each place studied a little, not giving up my career. It's just that if I stop without running a show, I'm more focused, but I don't run away to give people a bad gossip, I have a husband and I have a b.aby, so don't worry."

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 2

To prove that she is not pregnant, Lan Ngoc constantly updates photos showing off her "tense" b.ody on social networks. In some photos, the actress also revealed an admirable ant waist while wearing a tiny swimsuit.

In the comment section, besides praising the extremely "glue" b.ody of the "screen jewel", many women also constantly asked for "info" of the b.ikini model that she wore on her b.ody.

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 3

Most recently, a video with the appearance of the jewel g.irl has attracted the attention of netizens. It is known that this clip has documented the process of "transforming" from the time the face was less lipstick to the careful makeup of the actor born in 1990.

At the beginning of the video, despite appearing with a rustic face, Lan Ngoc is still praised by many people for her harmonious lines, beautiful skin and few flaws. Through the hands of experts, she immediately "broke the heart" of fans with her salty and seductive visuals.

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 4

Earlier on March 2, because she was constantly rumored to go abroad to give birth, Lan Ngoc did not hide her "helplessness" and frankly said: "Now dressed anyway, I am pregnant, so try to wait for the day I give birth. I've been filming a Vlog, waiting for my b.aby's birth."

Many people think that maybe she is "angry". Immediately, a fan took the initiative to comfort the idol: "Now you are told to stop ignoring Ngoc. Fans always believe and love Ngoc."

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 5

Besides, many netizens also advised the actress not to pay attention to false rumors, instead focus on enjoying life before "going abroad" to study abroad. In response to the positive comment, Lan Ngoc happily wrote: "Jade is joking everyone, just having fun."

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc was born in 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, is a promising young actress and loved by many viewers of Vietnamese showbiz. 13 years after making a splash for her role as Nuong in "The Endless Field," she's proven her talent isn't luck.

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 6

Lan Ngoc's role in the film helped Lan Ngoc take home the first Golden Plum A.ward in her career in the category "Favorite Film and TV Actress", Golden Kite A.ward for "Best Actress in a Feature Film".

In more than 1 decade of work, the actress has appeared in many hit movies, including works that set box office records such as: Crab Lai Pregnant Wife, the series "Very Old Girl" ... From here, the public nicknamed her the "hundred billion female pearl" of Vietnamese showbiz.

Lan Yue revealed her true beauty after pregnancy rumors, how did netizens react? - Photo 7

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