Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to "talking badly behind his back"

An NhiFeb 06, 2024 at 10:26

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Although 2023 has come to an end, the behind-the-scenes stories are still of particular interest to the audience. Notably, the people also "dug" Li Quyen's prophecy for Zhuang Fa right from round 1, surprising everyone.

On the evening of February 3, the 2023 Sister Beautiful Wind Turn program ended its journey after nearly half a memorable year. In the final result, the 7 beautiful sisters who formed the delegation were none other than My Linh, Thu Phuong, Le Quyen, Trang France, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, MLee and Ye Lam Anh.

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 1

Because Le Quyen and Trang Fa had previously questioned discord when participating in the program, every action and gesture of both was scrutinized by netizens every bit. Many people discovered that 2 female stars had a series of moments "together" but "far from each other", even creating a big void on the a.ward stage.

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 2

Although "cold" to each other, right from the beginning of the program, the relationship between Le Quyen and Trang Fa was still extremely good. In Trang France's solo Mashup Just - Down bad for you , the singer born in 1989 actively hugged MLee, even asked for Le Quyen's beautiful singing before performing.

As a result, with a self-composed performance combining singing and dancing, Trang France received 88 points - the highest score on par with the big sisters. She also received a series of compliments from Li Quyen: " Those who dance must dance like that! The captain of entertainment is right!"

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 3

Thus, Li Quyen predicted that Zhuang Fa would become the captain in the first round, and the results in the Awards Finale proved what she said to be true!

The Hanoi-born singer was emotional when accepting the a.ward. Looking back on her journey, Trang France said the biggest thing she got after the show was the change in her parents' mindset. In 10 years of artistic activity, this is the first time she has received messages of encouragement from parents. For the singer, the family's recognition is greater than the a.ward she receives.

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 4

In addition, Trang France scored a double when receiving two more sub-awards, Almighty Beautiful Sister and Team Leader of the Year. Trang France's victory received approval and support from a large number of audiences. On social media, the reaction to the team leader position for Page France was positive.

"Coming to Sister Beautiful Wind 2023 with a dedication mentality, those unique performances are not only mine, each performance is the contribution of all members. This a.ward I give to all my teammates and sisters who have contributed to the program with fiery performances and hope to stay in the hearts of the audience for a long time," she said.

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 5

After the finale ended, many beautiful women had touching shares on their personal pages. In it, Uyen Linh attracted attention with a long letter and suddenly mentioned the "bad talk behind the back" between the beautiful sisters.

Accordingly, Uyen Linh shared that she made a lot of profit after participating in Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turning Waves: "After a short course, half a year, with beautiful sisters and a team of hundreds of people, there are absolutely only profits, not losses. Love life, understand people better and appreciate destiny."

However, the singer did not forget to r.eveal: "There is absolutely no sulking, reproach, j.ealousy, skewers. (Maybe slander behind my back. And that's what it's going to do). For me now, there are things more important than deception."

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 6

Previously, Uyen Linh was happily called by the audience as the "qualifying god" when during 5 nights of the show, she was never absent from Top Danger. However, it is the efforts and affection of the audience that have made Uyen Linh one of 14 good candidates to join the group at the 2023 Sister Beautiful Stepping Wind Turn Final.

Zhuang Fa was shocked by Li Quyen, Uyen Linh admitted to talking badly behind his back - Photo 7

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