The most "fake" queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant

Khánh HuyềnJan 08, 2024 at 14:52

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Despite being crowned for more than a decade, Miss Universe 2013 is still mentioned by the audience as an image of beauty "crushing" the candle. She was accused of being fake, having a non-standard attitude but still managed to become the owner of the prestigious crown.

Maria Gabriela Isler was born in 1988 in Venezuela. She was crowned Miss Universe Venezuela in 2012. Currently, Maria is a famous model in this country known as the "Miss crucible". With an impressive height of 1m81, the standard b.ody with a measurement of 3 rounds is said to be the best of all time 90-60-90. With good communication ability, performance style that eats away all opponents, Maria quickly caught the "eye" of difficult judges right from the first days of the competition. Through the journey to conquer the crown, she excellently surpassed the remaining 85 contestants to be crowned Miss Universe 2013.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 1

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 2

However, only immediately after the coronation, a series of negative information about this beauty was constantly erupted. Accordingly, during the competition, the beauty from Venezuela was only cheerful and warm in front of the press. On the contrary, she was extremely mean to her friends and other contestants, especially Miss Puerto Rico - Monic Perez for making bad comments about Gabriela Isler's hair. Before her coronation, she was happy with photographer Hector, but during the press conference, she changed her attitude completely.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 3

Not only that, this beauty also faced a fierce controversy when expressing the opinion that transgender beauties should not register to participate in the Miss Universe "Miss Universe" contest.

Specifically, during a conversation with HuffPost Live after being crowned Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler expressed her views on transgender contestants. In 2012, at the Miss Universe Canada pageant, contestant Jenna Talackova was f.orced to remain competitive after being found to be transgender. The event immediately became a hot-button issue, causing intense controversy and she was eventually allowed to return to the competition.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 4

When the HuffPost Live host asked if Gabriela Isler thought transgender people could compete in international beauty pageants. The beauty replied: "They had a beauty pageant for transgender people. So, I think, they should understand that the Miss Universe pageant or other beauty pageants are for women. They have a chance, but I think they should compete with contestants like me, right?"

Miss Universe 2013 thought that transgender beauties should only compete in Miss Transgender. When asked if she thinks transgender contestants should be eliminated if they continue to compete in other beauty pageants, Gabriela Isler quickly replied: "It's not my decision. I want to have the power to decide a lot of things. But, as a normal person, you have to recognize the opportunity to make your dreams come true."

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 5

As soon as this statement, the beauty received a series of criticisms from the audience. Many people believe that she is strongly stigmatizing and sexist. Others, however, agreed when Maria made the point that "transgender people have their own pageants."

However, Miss Universe has also lifted the ban on transgender women participating in the pageant since 2012.

Despite the controversy, transgender people are appearing more and more in the Miss Universe playground, especially in recent years. Not only that, but these beauties are also gradually appreciated and show excellent ability to affirm that it is absolutely right to allow transgender people to participate.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 6

Most recently, at the Miss Universe 2023 contest, there are two transgender beauties, Dutch representative - Rikkie Valerie Kollé and Portugal representative - Marina M.achete.

In the end, the Portuguese beauty was named in the top 20. Marina M.achete made history by becoming the first transgender woman to top the Miss Universe pageant. Her achievements received praise and approval from international beauty fans.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 7

Marina M.achete's appearance in the top 20 was seen as a pro-transgender statement at this year's pageant. Although there is still much controversy about transgender people competing in Miss Universe, it is undeniable that the pageant has brought an open view to women of all ages and genders, helping them to express themselves confidently.

The most fake queen in Miss Universe history, opposed to LGBT participation in the pageant - Photo 8

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