Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived

Mộc TràJul 28, 2023 at 13:32

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This time, the information that the beauty of Tien Giang - Nam Em publicly announced her husband surprised the people.

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 1

Before that, Nam Em was quite tight-lipped about his private life, rarely sharing his personal life in front of the media lens, especially after the noisy relationship with Bach Cong Khanh.

In an interview with SAOstar in March 2023, Nam Em once had a rare share about her husband. Specifically, the beauty of Tien Giang origin said that the life partner she chooses in the future will be a character outside of showbiz.

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 2

Nam Em confided to SAOstar : "Of course it will be a person outside the entertainment world, my husband must be a logical person and good at economics, I'm flying enough by myself, the two of us are flying.. "..

Before noon on July 27, Nam Em posted on his personal page a photo of a strange man in a white shirt, with his back to the camera. Tien Giang beauty shocked when captioned: "My Husband" (Meaning: My husband).

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 3

The beauty said: "After so many ups and downs, what I'm looking for is peace. I've found my destination! But I'm sorry not to make my man public, I hope everyone will help. support because I don't want to be caught up in the market. From then on, I can protect my family's happiness, as well as continue my artistic activities" .

Currently, a large audience congratulates and congratulates Nam Em because she has experienced a lot of suffering in love.

Nam Em's most noisy relationship was with comedian Truong Giang in 2018. According to the beauty, they fell in love while filming some programs. Even Nam Em said, the male artist still came to the house. attended her birthday party before the day he proposed to his wife on television. Therefore, Nam Em received a lot of criticism for interfering in the beautiful love story of Truong Giang couple.

After many ups and downs, Nam Em decided to "close" her heart. But she did not regret having given her love to Truong Giang. "The person who was hurt the most was me. I accept that. If there is anything that makes my image worse in your eyes, I can only say I'm sorry," she explained.

For a long time after that, Nam Em did not dare to love anyone, only spending time with family and work. By the end of 2019, she developed feelings for VJ Quoc Bao. He is three years older than her, a familiar face in Southern entertainment events. However, Quoc Bao has a girlfriend and children with her. This made Nam Em once again entangled in a love triangle. After that, Quoc Bao had to speak up for Nam Em and apologize to her for the unnecessary noise. However, their short love affair also quickly fell apart.

Not long after, Nam Em continued to share that she loved a giant in Dubai. Thanks to him, she is stronger to overcome difficulties in life. However, she kept secret about this man.

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 4

By the beginning of 2021, Nam Em and actor Lanh Thanh got to know each other. They even matched at another entertainment event. At this time, Lanh Thanh spoke up: "We are only at the level of understanding each other's personalities and interests. As for dating, I can't answer right now. Nam Em is also a beauty queen, can't fall in love immediately. each other right away".

Just a few days later, Nam Em shared a hint to the other party that: "when we meet again, don't forget we had a beautiful youth time". By March 2021, Miss Mekong Delta took the initiative to stop the love story, ending contact after about three months of finding out.

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 5

Nguyen Thi Le Nam She was born in 1996, participated and won many beauty awards: Miss Mekong Delta 2015, Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, Top 8 Miss Earth 2016, Top 10 Flowers Post-World Vietnam 2022.

In addition to the field of fashion, Nam Em turned to the role of a singer. She ran shows continuously in tea rooms and was supported by a large audience. However, there was a time when the beauty gradually appeared less and less in entertainment events. Sharing about the reason for staying hidden, Nam Em said that she went to Da Lat to live in order to rebalance after a series of noises and pressures she encountered. After settling down, Nam Em returned to Ho Chi Minh City to receive fashion shows and sing again.

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 6

Nam Em officially revealed the identity of her husband, a notorious businessman, the old love line was revived - Photo 7

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