Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt "guilty" for his ex, and announced he did this

Quỳnh QuỳnhNov 29, 2023 at 17:25

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The love story of Nam Em and her boyfriend in recent days has become a h.ot topic for the media and fans to discuss. After a series of noises about her fiancé's past, Nam Em suddenly canceled the show, while the young man publicly mentioned his ex.

In recent days, information that Nam Em is about to marry her businessman boyfriend has attracted special attention from the community. All of her activities and statements on social networks quickly became a h.ot topic, heatedly discussed by netizens on many forums.

After proactively revealing her boyfriend to the public, Nam Em encountered many storms of public opinion. Most of them expressed concern about her boyfriend's bad past. At the same time, many fans advised that Nam Em should reconsider his current relationship before deciding to have a wedding.

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 1

Amidst the noise that has not yet cooled down, recently, social networks were buzzing with the news that Nam Em canceled a show on November 30. As expected, on the evening of November 30, Nam Em will have a music night in the entertainment room in Ho Chi Minh City with male singer Pham Khanh Hung.

However, this show was later canceled. We contacted the tea room where the event took place and received the following response: "Due to singer Nam Em's health, he is currently not able to perform, so his music night on November 30 Doctors Pham Khanh Hung and Nam Em will be rescheduled for another day."

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 2

At the same time, Nam Em's boyfriend had his feelings after the recent series of "turbulence". Specifically, this person wrote: "We must admit that the violent power of social networks is very great, but it cannot do anything to us. Hide everything to make it gentle, calm and also to learn more about many relationships." I need to get rid of the relationship."

Nam Em's boyfriend affirms that his past is dirty, but " it has never been so dirty that it can be judged like that through society's viewfinder."

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 3

At the same time, he also publicly talked about his ex after a series of past scandals : "I feel bad for the girls in the past who knew me, their families were peaceful and now they are in trouble. It's been decades. You still dig it up and ruin their family. I don't change or analyze the past anymore. If I'm wrong, I admit it, if it's right, I admit it's wrong."

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 4

After the storms, Nam Em's boyfriend decided to stop using Facebook and return to his old life. "For now, I would like to stop Facebook and delete Facebook to return to life as before. She and I will live in silence and silence again. Thank you for giving us the taste of storms and storms so that we can went through and am still at peace and free... Thank you for life," Nam Em's boyfriend declared.

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 5

Because she is so tired of public opinion, perhaps Nam Em and her boyfriend decided to be more secretive about their love life at this time. Currently, Nam Em's boyfriend has locked his social network account as stated in the article. The beauty from Tien Giang has also hidden all her sweet pictures with her boyfriend on social networks. It is still unknown how the couple's future wedding will take place after this incident.

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 6

In an interview with the media not long ago, Nam Em could not hide her happiness when sharing that next April, she and her boyfriend will hold an engagement party. It is known that the beauty had the opportunity to meet her "other half" when she came to buy feng shui items at his store. The two quickly fell in love with each other and decided to move forward with married life after 6 months of courtship.

Nam Em was tired of canceling the show at the last minute, her fiancé felt guilty for his ex, and announced he did this - Photo 7

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