My Phon: Student of People's Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house

Nguyễn TuyếtFeb 25, 2024 at 18:46

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My Phôn became more known to the public after w.inning the title of Bolero Golden Voice Champion. Few people know that the young g.irl still struggles to m.ake m.oney, living in a rented house and riding a motorbike taxi.

My Phôn was born in 1999, in a farming family in Phu Yen. After graduating from high school, she passed the entrance exam to the Hue Academy of Music and the City Conservatory of Music. HCM. After consideration, this g.irl decided to choose a music conservatory to develop and was taught by People's Artist Ta Minh Tam - the dedicated homeroom teacher.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 1

Since my second year at My Phon Conservatory of Music, I have had a part-time job as a vocal teacher for the center. This job not only helps her practice her skills but also has an additional source of income to cover her life. When she was 20 years old, her friend had her own music class, and hired people to teach other subjects.

Not only does she have a bright face and beautiful appearance, My Phon also has a high-pitched soprano voice. Thanks to that, he surpassed many strong candidates and was officially crowned the Champion of the Bolero Golden Voice contest season 7, bringing home a bonus of 300 million VND.

According to singer 9X, her life has changed a lot after w.inning the noble position, but she still carries heavy worries about food, clothing, and m.oney. "I'm still living in a rented house, riding a motorbike, running a show a little further then booking a motorbike taxi.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 2

In Saigon, buying a house is still a distant dream for me. My younger sister is studying at university and also chooses vocal music. I raised my younger siblings to study and sent m.oney home every month to help take care of my parents. My parents are old and cannot do heavy work," she confided.

My Phôn has a long scar on his hand. When she was 5 years old, she was running chase with her friend and was unfortunately hit by a bicycle and suffered a long tear. Being teased by many people, she wore long-sleeved shirts to cover her scars for many years.

Over time, the singer born in 1999 no longer felt self-conscious because he thought everything that happened in life had its own destiny. The female singer completed 4 years of intermediate school at the City Conservatory of Music. HCM and is studying at University. She plans to continue her education if she passes the Master's degree.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 3

Not long ago, My Phôn participated in a performance at an event combining fashion and dance, within the framework of the White fashion show. This place brings together many famous Vbiz beauties such as: Miss Ngoc Chau, runner-up Hoang Thuy, runner-up Huong Ly and a group of c.hild models...

Mr. Nguyen Tran Huu Thang, CEO of V-SIXTYFOUR (V64) was the one who invited My Phon to participate in the program from his relationship with People's Artist Ta Minh Tam. In his opinion, she is not only talented and has a good voice, but importantly, a kind and responsible professional.

Brief introduction about the teacher who trained the talented female singer My Phon - Ta Minh Tam. He was born in 1960 in An Giang, is a singer of the opera and revolutionary music genres, and also participates in acting and is the host of the TV game Chung Cong of Ho Chi Minh City Television, also the host of Ho Chi Minh City Television. The first MC of this gameshow.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 4

In 2001, Ta Minh Tam received the title of Meritorious Artist and the title of People's Artist in 2019. In addition, he was also deputy director of the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music from 2014 - 2020.

One of the Revolutionary songs associated with the name People's Artist Ta Minh Tam is "The Country is Full of Joy". This is the work that brought him the Gold Medal at the 1977 mass performance festival. It is known that the male artist practiced singing this song from the age of 15-16 and has accompanied the song until now.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 5

Currently, at the age of over 60, People's Artist Ta Minh Tam is still passionately devoted to music and art. In addition to singing, he is also a respected teacher of many generations of students at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music. His students, besides My Phon, also have many famous names in showbiz such as: Vo Ha Tram, "O Sen" Ngoc Mai...

Besides Revolutionary songs, People's Artist Ta Minh Tam also participates in acting. In particular, his role as Dr. Hung in the movie "White Blouse" still leaves a deep impression in the hearts of many audiences. The male artist shared that when the movie was broadcast on television, wherever he went, the audience recognized him and shook hands with joy, like meeting relatives after a long time.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 6

The success of "White Blouse" helps People's Artist Ta Minh Tam feel confident in many other roles on screen. He participated in additional films such as: A.dultery, Sea Stars, Journalism, Across the River, Delivery President... Even though he was just a "horizontal" player, the male artist's roles were all genuine. Real, impressive.

Not only talented and virtuous, People's Artist Ta Minh Tam is also loved and admired by many people because he has a scandal-free life and a happy, fulfilling family. His wife is artist Bach Van - a beautiful theater actress.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 7

The two have been together since childhood and have now been together for several decades. People's Artist Ta Minh Tam once told in the program Confessions: "My wife and I have known each other since we were students, riding bicycles, eating tea and ice cream together.

She studied theater, I studied music, lived in the same dormitory. That journey has been nearly 40 years old and is almost as long as my singing path. It is an indispensable part of my life."

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 8

Married in difficult economic times, the male artist and his wife once had to share a bicycle; The husband sings, the wife acts. However, their marriage is still happy because they both know how to share the sweets and the sad, holding each other's hands through the days of hardship and deprivation.

To let her husband feel secure in his career, artist Bach Van later chose to retire to be a strong rearguard. Thanks to that, People's Artist Ta Minh Tam increasingly flourished in art and achieved many successes in his career.

My Phon: Student of Peoples Artist Ta Minh Tam, Music Contest Champion still lives in a rented house - Photo 9

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