Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising

Nguyễn KimSep 06, 2023 at 14:35

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The new image of Miss Nong Thuy Hang attracted the attention of a large number of netizens. Many people can't help but wonder why the queen decided to "let down her hair" like that.

Nong Thuy Hang was born in 1999, from Ha Giang, crowned Miss Vietnam Peoples 2022. After that, she became entangled in love with giants and sensitive advertising. The beauty immediately denied it to the media.

Initially, the beauty was scheduled to compete in Miss Earth the same year. However, the contest organizers suddenly announced that the person selected for the international competition was 2nd runner-up Thach Thu Thao.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 1

Recently, on her personal page, Miss Nong Thuy Hang suddenly appeared with a strange appearance. Accordingly, the Hau dressed in evening dress, but her head was bald. This caused the audience to stir, not knowing what was happening to Nong Thuy Hang.

However, in reality, this is just how Hau is "swinging" TikTok, changing her appearance from with hair to without hair. There was no such thing as Nong Thuy Hang shaving his head as many viewers thought.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 2

Underneath the clip, many viewers also left teasing comments for Nong Thuy Hang's muddyness. " It looked strange at first, but later it also suited me", "At first glance, I thought I shaved my head, all my soul!", "Nong Thuy Hang has been swinging TikTok trend too lately", ... are the comments left by netizens.

After being crowned Miss Vietnam Peoples 2022, Nong Thuy Hang constantly caused controversy with noises about beauty, personal life or life. Not only that, she was also considered "soaked" after losing her place in the international competition on the 1st runner-up.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 3

Currently, Nong Thuy Hang rarely appears at entertainment events and spends more time participating in activities in her hometown. Nong Thuy Hang said she is spending a happy time with her family and friends. She was born in 1999 mainly living in Hanoi to facilitate her studies and participate in community activities, especially cultural and tourism promotion events in her hometown of Ha Giang.

From time to time, Miss Ha Giang still appears at a few entertainment events, taking advertising photos. In addition to the gentle, graceful image with traditional features, the beauty also refreshes herself with short hair and stylish and seductive style.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 4

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 5

After the coronation, despite the conflicting opinions, Nong Thuy Hang focused on volunteer activities for her community, gradually proving herself worthy of the title of Miss that she has achieved.

The reigning Miss Vietnam Peoples confided that after w.inning the crown, she prioritized participating in community-oriented activities instead of paying attention to activities in showbiz. "I want my image to be associated with meaningful projects and events promoting tourism and culture. Besides, I also hope that the audience will remember me with the image of a rustic, sincere, energetic and identity miss so I do not pay much attention to entertainment events", the 9X beauty expressed.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 6

During the time, Nong Thuy Hang was involved in some negative rumors, encountering many controversies on social networks. The queen herself once shared that she was psychologically unstable because of cyberbullying. After all the noise, the 23-year-old beauty said: "I have gradually learned to accept that I cannot avoid being bullied online or being rumoured baselessly. Now that I have received a lot of psychological counseling and therapy, my mental health is much better."

During the past year, Nong Thuy Hang has constantly strived to practice skills from catwalk, performance style, behavior in English to be ready to "export". Unfortunately, the opportunity to come to Miss Earth continues to reject the queen. At the same time, she affirmed that she will continue to contribute a lot of value to the community regardless of the circumstances.

Miss Nong Thuy Hang c.lip shaved her head after losing her international slot, the truth behind it was surprising - Photo 7

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