Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover "say" something terrifying

Uyển ĐìnhAug 23, 2023 at 10:49

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Miss Yanxiang worried fans when the beauty shared a "terrifying" moment while sleeping when she noticed a green snake crawling across her stomach. The people after hearing the incident couldn't help but be bewildered.

Recently, Miss Yanxiang made many people shudder when she said that she was sleeping when a snake crawled over her. Specifically, the beauty wrote on her personal page: "Lying in a sleeping hammock found a green snake crawling across her stomach, then crawled to the ground to peel her skin, leaving the rough skin for me. I'm a little bewildered." Yan Xiang's sharing quickly gave many people goosebumps because she faced an extremely dangerous situation.

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 1

Under the post, viewers left many comments expressing their fear and advising her to be careful: " Oh my God, I'm so scared, sister, I dare not think about it", "Luckily it's not that poisonous snake", "This snake is benign, the danger is really you", "You are more careful, It's too dangerous."


Accordingly, below the article, many people said that according to the queen's description, this may be a green snake that is in the process of molting so it does not bite, otherwise Yan Xiang could have been in danger. On the other hand, many people advise her, snakes are sacred animals and especially very dangerous revenge, so no matter what snakes you encounter, you should not k.ill them to avoid disaster.

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 2

However, others believe that this is a good omen, according to which, the concept of the world if you encounter a good snake or a good snake crawling into the house or garden, it is a good omen, helped by noblemen, with good luck in m.oney.

Earlier this month, Yan Huong and her son also received a lot of encouragement when he was admitted to the emergency room. Although she was tired of taking care of her son in the hospital while working, the beauty born in 1990 always encouraged her son's spirit: "Noah was very good when he first underwent a dissection or hospitalization. Men should also understand what it means to love their mother, love her more!" Currently, in addition to taking care of her son, Diem Huong spends time livestreaming sales.

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 3

Diem Huong is known for her title of Miss World Vietnamese 2010 and conquered the top 14 of Miss Earth 2010. She also competed at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant in the US. The beauty once secretly married a real estate mogul in 2011 and divorced in 2012. She was later warned for misrepresenting her marital status to participate in Miss Universe 2012.

After gaining fame in the beauty arena, the queen also encroached on many different fields including acting. Up to now, although she has not participated in too many art projects, the name Diem Huong is still paid special attention by the public.

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 4

Despite her success in the artistic path, however, Miss Diem Huong cheated in the love story. Miss Diem Huong boarded a flower car with Quang Huy at the end of 2015. After years together, the couple became entangled in rumors of "going their separate ways" in 2017. Since then, the two have rarely appeared together, both on social media and in life.

In the midst of the noise, Miss Diem Huong once shared: "I can only say that me and Mr. Huy are working well together in trying to bring a happy life to my children. Noah is blessed to have a good father, great grandparents, loving grandparents, pampered aunt and uncle and 1 unlucky mother."

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 5

Diem Huong once shared about the difficulties in raising children. The beauty revealed she has been depressed for the past 10 years : "Before, I was very straightforward. I think women have to be independent. After a process I realized I was born a woman, I was lucky enough to be a beauty queen, so just try to be a man. Later, I learned to walk lightly and less hot-tempered. Since then, I have been calmer and love is no longer one-sided," she shared.

Yan Xiang added: "Sometimes I stand in the shower so that no one will see me crying. I have depression. I tried to be humorous to help myself overcome the disease. I underwent treatment that lasted 10 years. The good way for depressed people is to work through it ourselves, deep down."

Miss Yanxiang was crawled across her stomach by a snake while she was sleeping, shuddering to hear her lover say something terrifying - Photo 6


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