Dilraba created a storm when she caught the "Tom cat girlfriend" trend, her beauty went c.razy

Kim LâmApr 14, 2024 at 14:52

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Dilraba Dilmurat is currently a famous beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, people are going c.razy with the image of "Xinjiang beauty" trending as "Tom cat's girlfriend" which is h.ot on social networks.

The trend of transforming into a white cat - Tom's girlfriend (a character in the animated movie Tom and Jerry) was initiated by Douyin "billionaires" and spread to TikTok users. The fever quickly attracted the participation of many famous TikTokers.

The video starts with a bare face doing skincare, with just one turn of the face it turns into a beautiful, cheeky, and arrogant cat. Plus the luxurious music background of Can't Take My Eyes Off You makes this trend even more fascinating the more you watch it.

The appearance of this white cat is quite simple, always wearing a large purple bow and extremely beautiful and luxurious, always with the absent-minded look of a lady. That's why female TikTokers are racing to transform into this noble cat.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 1

Dich Le Nhiet Ba's beautiful beauty is a great advantage that helps her explode in the entertainment world. Her outstanding appearance helps her shine every time she appears and manages a series of difficult poses. Recently, social networks spread a series of pictures of Dilraba Dilmurat following the 'Tom cat girlfriend' trend. It can be seen that her beautiful and elegant face, red lips combined with a purple bow help her shine in the frame.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 2

However, some netizens said that this is actually just a photoshopped image of Dilraba's fans. This is also the image that many online beauties have been following in recent times. However, her beauty in this pose has made people go c.razy.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 3

At the present time, Dilraba Dilraba belongs to the group of sought-after A-list stars of the Chinese screen. She is highly appreciated for her beautiful b.ody proportions among Cbiz's beauties. The flower g.irl once surpassed many prominent names, ranking 2nd in the "Most Beautiful Beauty in the World 2023" ranking voted by Nubia Magazine - a famous British magazine.

Dilraba Dilmurat is also the only Chinese actress on The Business of Fashion 2023 list and is considered the new Chinese 'red carpet queen' who will usurp Fan Bingbing's throne. Currently, she is a female star with high commercial value with lucrative advertising contracts from major brands and regularly appearing on the covers of prestigious Chinese magazines.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 4

Although her beauty is getting better and better, Dilraba Dilmurat's acting is always a controversial topic. In 2023, her two films, Cong To Tinh Anh and An Lac Truyen, left almost no impression on the audience, were extremely lackluster, and her acting was also constantly satirized. .

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 5

After a long time of only going to shows and events, Dilraba Dilmurat officially joined a new film crew not long ago. This time her project is Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong co-starring with Tran Tinh Huc. A series of behind-the-scenes photos of her were posted and attracted attention. There are opinions that Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong's styling team is too poor, but luckily Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Tran Tinh Huc are both beautiful so they can handle it.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 6

Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Vi Ngu. The film is produced and broadcast by the Tencent platform. This is a project with a large investment budget, ranked in the S category. The content of the film revolves around the love story of Nhiep Jiu La (played by Dilraba Dilmurat) and Vien Thac (played by Tran Tinh Huc). The two people belong to opposing sides and often encounter each other. Gradually, feelings develop between them and they work together to decode buried mysteries.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 7

Currently, the project Kieu Khoi Thanh Nhuong starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Tran Tinh Huc is still in the filming process.

Dilraba created a storm when she caught the Tom cat girlfriend trend, her beauty went c.razy - Photo 8

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