Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest

Đình NhưMar 01, 2024 at 11:52

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The 71st Miss World is now halfway there. The contest will now have only Top Model (Fashion Beauty) as the end of the sub-sections. The contestants will participate in side activities and rehearsals for the Final.

Now, some of the best candidates have emerged. These beauties not only possess outstanding physique but also have huge profiles.

Miss Czech is 1.81m tall, blonde hair like a living doll in the Miss World competition

Attracting attention with the beauty of "living doll", Czech representative Krystyna Pyszková is currently a serious contender for the crown of Miss World 2023. Krystyna, 24, is an international student and model. She graduated in Law from Karl University, Prague and went on to pursue an MBA at MCI Innsbruck, Austria.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 1

With a height of 1.81m, a sweet face, shiny blonde hair and impressive fashion style, Krystyna is compared to the online community as "Fashion Beauty". 9X enjoys playing the flute, playing the violin and painting, especially has a passion for horseback riding.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 2

Beautiful doctor, singing as well as singer, ballet good at Miss World 2023

Spanish representative Paula Perez is currently the bright face at Miss World 2023 thanks to her striking appearance, beautiful beauty and sweet voice. After graduating with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, Paula worked in the Accident and Emergency department as a general practitioner and paediatrician.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 3

The beauty born in 1996 loves ballet, painting and singing. The Spanish beauty regularly posts videos showing off her clear, high-pitched voice.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 4

Talent contest results

On the evening of 29/2 (Hanoi time), the organizers announced the top 23 Talented Beauties including: Botswana, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Romania, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Wales, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

The fact that Mai Phuong missed the top 23 Talented Beauty caused regret because the miss has a talent for singing, having won this a.ward at Miss World Vietnam 2022. She also has preparation and investment for the repertoire. The beauty took vocal lessons with her teacher, created a new mix for the competition with producer DTAP.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 5

Previously, at the Talented Beauty qualifier on February 27, Mai Phuong sang the song Pray but had to stop midway because of her bad voice. After that, she actively sang two more songs without background music, spreading the spirit even if she encountered difficulties, she did not give up. Before the extra exam, the weather in New Delhi became cold and the schedule was heavy, causing Mai Phuong to have a runny nose, sore throat, and hoarseness. She was encouraged by the pageant president, Julia Morley, after the competition.

Mai Phuong brought 140 kg of luggage to India to compete in the 71st Miss World pageant on February 16. Over the past few days, she actively interacted with the contestants, recording video clips herself during the contest to update on her personal page.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 6

Miss shows an image of a lot of energy, confidently interacting with contestants thanks to good English ability. On Feb. 22, she instructed about 20 contestants to dance that caused national and international fever. The beauty entered the top 25 of the Head to Head competition thanks to her nearly three-minute speech, presentation of the Yako by Mai Phuong project, selling T-shirts to charity. In the Beauty with a Purpose contest, the video presentation of the compassionate project of the beauty received many compliments thanks to her ability to present English fluently, leading natural emotions. She is expected by beauty experts of beauty website Pageanthology to win the Miss World 2024 crown.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 7

This year's Miss World had 114 contestants. The 71st finals will take place on March 9 in a central city of Mumbai, India. Reigning Miss Karolina Bielawska, of Poland, will crown her successor.

Miss World: Doctor singing, ballet is good at causing fever, Mai Phuong out talent contest - Photo 8

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