Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born "top" warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror

MưaJun 14, 2023 at 13:03

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The final of Miss World Hungary - Miss World Hungary 2023 has officially ended with the enthronement of the beautiful Boglárka Hacsi. This victory is very popular with beauty fans at home.

Boglárka Hacsi is 23 years old this year, she has an impressive appearance, especially a bright smile that is very attractive. On the stage of the final night, Boglárka Hacsi shined ecstatically with swimwear and prom performances.

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 1

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 2

After the coronation moment, she expressed her feelings, "The ticket to represent my homeland to Miss World 2023 is a priceless gift that God has given me. In front of me is a journey. for a long time, please support me so that I have more strength to shine in India."

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 3

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 4

With this victory, Boglárka Hacsi will officially face Mai Phuong - Vietnam's representative at Miss World 2023. From here until the day this beauty playground opens, there will certainly be many more countries to find an export representative. beauty, but we still believe that the beauty from Dong Nai will maintain a chain of intop lasting many years at the frontline of Miss World.

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 5

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 6

At the moment, Mai Phuong seems to have almost everything, what she needs to do right now is to keep her positive and optimistic energy because the Vietnamese fans behind her always support her wholeheartedly.

Hungary is not a strong sash s.trip in the beauty arena but Boglárka Hacsi is still everyone will help his homeland intop this season.

After nearly 8 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam, Mai Phuong was constantly entangled in the market: wearing a costume that was too charming, r.evealing a part of her inner clothes; using inappropriate songs to post happy new year photos, sentimental rumors, etc. During the launch press conference of Miss World Vietnam 2023, Mai Phuong explained about the past noises.

Accordingly, there is an opinion that Mai Phuong is living instinctively, expressing the ego of youth, the beauty said: "I think I am not living my ego. For example, in moments of dancing with everyone People, I feel happy because I really love music. Music has been in my b.lood, but that image of me dancing carefree was accidentally received by the audience in a way that I didn't want. I'm sad because of that. I wish I somehow had a different expression so that people would be more receptive."

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 7

Regarding the title of "infamous Miss", Miss World Vietnam 2022 expressed: "What happened, I believe, is a valuable lesson for me. I also hope everyone understands that what I do is never an attempt. I'm not perfect, but I'm always ready to change for the better every day."

A few days ago, the online community had the opportunity to "laugh back and forth" when Mai Phuong posted a clip recording the moment when Miss Hau screamed loudly when she encountered cockroaches during dinner. Notably, besides the terrifying moments with 1001 difficult expressions of Dong Nai beauty, people could not help but be excited and excited with the muddy chase and teasing of Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi. .

Specifically in the clip, when facing "small force", Mai Phuong could not keep her composure, screaming loudly and bursting into tears. Not only climbing on the chair to get a safe foothold, Miss Hau also quickly used the pot lid to make a shield, ready to use "strong measures" to drive away cockroaches, making fans feel both hurt and sad. laugh.

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 8

Not caring about seniors, Bao Ngoc - Phuong Nhi also "incited" each other to drive cockroaches near where Mai Phuong stood. Even the "new generation billion billion fairy" also used the phone to record the humorous moment of Miss World Vietnam 2022 to make a meme. Before the children's jokes, the beauty born in 1999 also had to give up and helplessly lament: "I hate cockroach 1, but I hate Phuong Nhi 10".

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 9

Although the clip was just posted within a few minutes, it quickly gained attention and "terrible" interactions. Under the comment section, Mai Phuong's fans did not forget to leave a comforting word for Miss Hau.

During the reign, Miss Mai Phuong, Miss Bao Ngoc, and 2nd runner-up Phuong Nhi are names that are receiving a lot of special attention and love from fans. It is known that in addition to "complete talent", the Top 3 Miss World Vietnam 2022 also makes the online community a fan when possessing a strong and close friendship over the years.

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 10

Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born top warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror - Photo 11

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