The Czech Republic is hungry for "back to back" at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time

Kim LâmMar 16, 2024 at 14:01

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The Czech beauty is expected to succeed her senior at Miss World 2024, making many beauty fans fascinated by her "not average" beauty. This makes people worried that the next Vietnamese representative will find it difficult to avenge Mai Phuong.

Recently, the final of Miss World 2023 (Miss World) officially ended with the victory of the representative of the Czech Republic - Krystyna Pyszkova. This year's Miss Tan is 24 years old, 1m80 tall and is an international model.

The Czech Republic beauty is one of the candidates with the most outstanding appearance in this year's contest. The beauty's beauty is considered to be like a "living doll" with deep olive green eyes, blonde hair, L-Line nose and impressive lips.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 1

Right after the contest ended, beauty fans were ecstatic about the beauty of the g.irl who will succeed her senior at Miss World 2024. Justýna Zedníková was crowned Miss Czech Republic 2023 in May and is expected to win. helping her homeland make a resounding "back to back" at the Miss World front line. This g.irl's charisma, figure and profile are not inferior to her seniors, and are even praised for being hotter and more personable.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 2

Justýna Zedníková is 21 years old this year, has a height of 1.79m and long, straight legs. She is studying at the University of Economics in Prague. She has the typical beauty of her native Czech Republic with shiny blonde hair, a cinematic face, captivating eyes and a radiant smile.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 3

Not only is she highly appreciated for her appearance, Miss Czech Republic 2023 is also praised for her excellent behavior and communication skills. She is pursuing a project to support orphans and homeless children and this is also a charity project that she cherishes to introduce at international competitions in the near future. Many people believe that with the available potential and the attraction of their predecessors, the Czech Republic is on the verge of setting up a shocking "back to back" performance in Miss World history.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 4

This country has won the Miss World crown twice. Previously in 2006 - the beauty Taťána Kucha"5;ová had a convincing victory. Krystyna Pyszkova's Miss World 2023 crown continued to affirm this country's impressive performance in the most prestigious beauty playground. second planet.

As for the Vietnamese representative, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong's regretful stop at the top 40 position - Miss World 2023 has made the public "awaken". Not only that, fans are also eagerly searching for and proposing a beauty with enough bravery, confidence and talent to represent Vietnam at Miss World in the 72nd season to help Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong "take revenge". ".

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 5

In terms of titles and international fighting potential, Y Nhi - Miss World Vietnam and Thanh Thuy - Miss Vietnam are the two most suitable names.

Thanh Thuy is the name that the audience first thought of after Mai Phuong's Miss World journey ended. Because, the Da Nang-born beauty has a pretty impressive starting point when she was crowned Miss Vietnam 2022. Not only that, Thanh Thuy also possesses a delicate, gentle beauty that "approaches" the criteria of the Miss contest. World.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 6

Recently, the queen has increasingly shown her perfection and remarkable improvement in appearance after undergoing surgery. Besides, Thanh Thuy also "gets points" with her height of 1m75, long legs, and good catwalk skills that can help her conquer a series of challenges related to performance.

As for Y Nhi, she also came from each of the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contests and was crowned the highest. Therefore, the queen of Binh Dinh will not encounter copyright obstacles. The criteria for the Miss World contest do not make it difficult for Y Nhi.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 7

Even though she is a rookie who just appeared on the beauty pageant, Y Nhi has proven that her bravery is not the average one. The beauty also has an impressive height of 1m75 and good performance skills demonstrated through catwalk competitions around the framework of the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest.

The Czech Republic is hungry for back to back at Miss World 2024, Y Nhi is in danger this time - Photo 8

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