Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up

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After the achievement of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Mai Phuong became the most interested Queen. In the near future, she will also represent her country at Miss World 2023. Because of her beauty and meaningful activities, she is expected to be a serious competitor at the upcoming contest.

Until recently, on her personal Facebook page, Mai Phuong has officially revealed a new set of photos when the Miss World 2023 contest is held. In this photoshoot, she wore a sparkling dress design and exuded power. Besides, when wearing the crown, Mai Phuong is even more beautiful and edgy. The queen's good charisma and top-notch beauty have received many compliments from beauty fans.

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 1

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 2

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 3

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 4

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 5

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 6

Worth mentioning, in the first phase of the contest, Vietnamese representatives were surpassed by many other competitors on the official voting application of Miss World 2023. Accordingly, the Top 5 beauties with the highest number of votes are Colombia, Cameroon, Indonesia, Jamaica and Bolivia, respectively. In particular, the top two representatives are also having a huge number of votes of 2.3 million votes and 2.2 million votes.

This made the audience somewhat worried for Mai Phuong. In contrast to the cast of energetic competitors, the beauty from Vietnam has just created an account on this application. However, in the near future, it is promised that many Vietnamese viewers will vote for Mai Phuong at the world's leading beauty arena.

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 7

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 8

Mai Phuong was crowned Miss World Vietnam in August 2022. The result at that time satisfied the majority of the audience because the 24-year-old beauty was commented on her outstanding appearance, stable performance skills, confident communication. She was crowned Miss Dong Nai University 2018, in the top 5 of Miss Vietnam 2020. The education of the beauty of Dong Nai is also highly appreciated. In high school, Mai Phuong won the Second Prize (2017) and the Third Prize (2018) of the provincial English proficiency exam. She achieved 8.0 IELTS, is the MC of many programs and events. She has many talents such as playing piano, guitar, singing.

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 9

In September 2022, she caused controversy when she auctioned off the real tiara, not the version, to donate to the Miss World organization's international charity Beauty with a Purpose and her charity project in Vietnam. Besides the audience supporting Mai Phuong's motto "beauty for a noble purpose", many people believe that she should only auction the version crown, keep the real crown or bring another item to auction. A few days later, at the auction event of the Miss World Vietnam organization, Pham Kim Dung – President of Miss World Vietnam – said an anonymous benefactor bought Mai Phuong's crown for VND3 billion but later decided to give it back to her.

The crown auction results are controversial. Many viewers expressed puzzlement when Ms. Dung directly bought the crown, hid the identity of the benefactor and asked the rest of the guests to give it to her friend. They suspect this is a PR ploy of Mai Phuong and her management company. Besides, there is also a view that whether the incident is random or scripted, the auction also gets a specific amount of m.oney for charity. In response to the controversy, Dung said "we auction real, bring back real m.oney and do real charity." She said Miss World Vietnam had a charity event for 500 children at the HCMC Children's Hospital and awarded the Miss World organization $50,000. The entire amount of charity is deducted from the crown auction m.oney.

Not long ago, the video of Mai Phuong wearing s.exy outfits, sucking on candy, dancing to the background of shaky music continued to make her stick to the eye. Some viewers think that the beauty does not know how to keep the image, especially when she is preparing to compete in the beauty arena that emphasizes gentleness and elegance like Miss World. They advised her to moderate and build a good image during her tenure before international beauty competitions. Besides, many comments defended Mai Phuong, saying that it is normal for her to dance at a vibrant music event. They said that the dance of the beauty from Dong Nai is not offensive, suitable for the atmosphere of the event and she is just completing her work with the brand.

Before the controversy, Mai Phuong considered herself a music lover, so it was normal for her to dance and make people happy. She insists dancing doesn't mean she's a bad person. "Just because I make people happy doesn't mean I'm going to neglect my work. I'm a very clear person in playing and doing. Most importantly, I want to emphasize that Mai Phuong is always herself. I think people should look at it in the right way, in the most positive way," she said.

Miss World 2023 is buzzing because Mai Phuong, Hau Viet has a very vivid warm-up - Photo 10

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