Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans

Minh LợiJan 11, 2023 at 11:40

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Miss Universe (MU) and Miss Grand (MG) met with the same point. While Mr. Nawat was ironically addicted to m.oney for charging fans to take pictures with the new Miss, but the Miss Universe organization received mixed opinions after revealing the main stage of this year's contest.

Accordingly, on January 14, the final night of the 71st Miss Universe pageant will be held in New Orleans, USA. The organizers have gradually completed the preparations for the contest to bring the audience beautiful performances. Recently, the stage for the semi-finals and finals of the contest has also been revealed.

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 1

According to the image shared by Missosology, it can be seen that Miss Universe's stage will be arranged in a T shape. In the middle is a large screen to create effects while the contestants are performing. After seeing the first images of the Miss Universe stage, the audience had mixed opinions.

Most people think that this year's stage is too small, but the number of contestants in the contest is very large. The audience is worried that the area of the stage will not be enough for the contestants to "smash the floor" because this year every representative has the strength of the catwalk. In addition, the light has not yet satisfied the viewer. Even, there have appeared opinions comparing the stage of Miss Universe with Miss Grand International.

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 2

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 3

Before that, right after taking office as Miss Universe, Mrs. Anne said she wanted to have an identical stage in 2018 when Miss Universe was held in Thailand, and at the same time the amount that the female president would spend on production. is estimated at 300 million baht (equivalent to 205 billion VND) a talking number that can make the audience imagine the satisfaction of this playground. At this point, many viewers thought that Mrs. Anne was just lying when both the quality and scale of the stage this time were lower than in previous years.

But there are many opinions that sympathize with the organizers, because the price in the US is extremely expensive. It is known that this year's contest is still largely responsible for IMG, so it has not been "exploded" as promised by Mrs. Anne Jakrajutatip. Currently, the audience is still looking forward to seeing the stage of Miss Universe after completion.

While the opponent is sprinting for the semifinals and finals, the organization Miss Grand International recently announced that it will hold a fan meeting in Cambodia. However, the act of charging a fee to be photographed with Miss by Mr. Nawat continues to be controversial.

Accordingly, one of the first destinations of the reigning Miss Grand International Isabella Menin in 2023 is Cambodia. It is known that she will hold a fan meeting in February. But recently, people have discovered a "wrong" point in the rules to buy tickets at Isabella Menin's fan meeting.

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 4

Accordingly, the fan meeting of the Brazilian beauty will be held in a commercial center in Cambodia. The price of the VIP ticket is 50 USD and the regular ticket is 17 USD. It is known that 80 VIP tickets were sold in this fan meeting. However, only those who own VIP tickets can take pictures and ask for the autograph of Miss Isabella Menin.

This information has made many beauty fans shake their heads in disgust at the "extraction" of the Miss Grand organization. Agree that selling tickets in a fan meeting is completely normal, but the audience has to pay a hefty price to be photographed and signed by the artist for the first time at a beauty contest.

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 5

Miss Thuy Tien had a very successful term at Miss Grand International, but she had never collected m.oney from the audience before she agreed to take a photo together. Many people think that they will not spend more than 1 million dong just to take pictures and ask for the artist's autograph.

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 6

Netizen's comment:

- A term of making m.oney, making m.oney for fans in the true sense of the international circus. When I went to the beauty pageant, I debuted as a singer and dancer and it wasn't good before, and now I've opened a fan meeting

- Most of the Cambodian fans here will go if they get it for free, but it's hard to pay, 17 dollars I don't know if they dare to pay but up to 50 dollars

- Sorry, but Thao Nhi's fan meeting is free and there are many gifts left, so is Thuy Tien's

- Since when does it take m.oney to take pictures with artists?

Miss Universe was ironically "exploded" as much as Mr. Nawat, MGI are controversial again for trying to extort m.oney from fans - Photo 7

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