Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy "revealed" the final result right from the semi-final night

Kim LâmFeb 16, 2024 at 14:00

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Miss Universe 2022 was one of the beauty arenas that caught the eye at the time. This is the first year Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip has taken over the competition, and the noise about the final result is also controversial.

Miss Universe 2022 was one of the beauty arenas with the strongest heat for the public at that time. Miss Universe 2022 will be held in the United States in January 2023 after a long delay. This year's pageant is also the first year that Miss Universe belongs to Thai billionaire - Anne Jakrajutatip with some changes in the organization and announcement of the a.ward.

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 1

Until February 10, beauty website Thai Sashes published an article citing the source of Miss Universe's owner - transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip attracting the attention of beauty fans.

Thai Sashes said Anne had no impact on the outcome of the Miss Universe 2022 final because the judges scored and sent the results to the audit unit before Anne traveled to the US to attend the final.

It also meant that the semifinals' scores, which included swimsuit and evening suits, had no impact on that year's top 16 selection. The judges scored the top 16 entirely based on closed interviews.

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 2

As soon as the article was posted, Asian beauty fans talked excitedly and debated about the transparency and fairness of the top 16 Miss Universe 2022 chosen by the judges.

At the Miss Universe 2022 pageant, after the top 16 was announced, the audience surprised and controversy. In particular, the Asian region has only two representatives in the top 16, India and Laos, while bright candidates such as the Philippines and Thailand all left empty-handed.

Soon after, Anne also gave a response to the information shared by Thai Sashes . She said: "That was the first year I bought the competition. As soon as I arrived in New Orleans, I was told that the top 16 had already been selected by the judges. I argued with them a lot."

Anne also said she wanted to put Thai representative that year, beauty Anna Sueangam-iam, in the top 16 but could not. Therefore, she demanded that the Social Impact A.ward be awarded.

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 3

Anne's revelations underscore the uncertainty in the way the Miss Universe pageant is run in recent years. Most recently, the transgender billionaire also revealed that she wants to fire lazy employees who refuse to work.

Anne said: "Everybody has to work. Everyone has to be creative. You do not think about the interests of the business, but just sit and eat a salary every day. You don't respect your boss behind your back. Please all quit."

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 4

On February 8, beauty experts simultaneously reported that Amy Emmerich - CEO of Miss Universe - had submitted her resignation letter. Amy is the next senior to quit Miss Universe.

Previously, Ms. Paula Shugart - President of Miss Universe - and Ms. Esther Swan - who used to be associated with the Miss Universe organization through the position of Talent Director (Talent Director) for nearly 2 decades resigned respectively, surprising many people.

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 5

A series of senior staff quit after Anne sold a 50% stake in the Miss Universe pageant to Mexican businessman Raúl Rocha Cantú on January 23.

Raúl Rocha Cantú's Legacy Holding Group bought a 50% stake from Anne Jakrakutatip for $16 million. Raúl Rocha Cantú is also the franchise owner of Miss Universe Mexico and his team directs the planning of the 73rd Miss Universe pageant to be held in Mexico by the end of 2024.

Miss Universe 2022: Explosive controversy revealed the final result right from the semi-final night - Photo 6

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