Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Puka's wedding flowers worked!

Châu AnhNov 23, 2023 at 11:43

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After 11 years of dating, Minh Tu proactively proposed with her ring to her German boyfriend. On social networks, people simultaneously sent congratulations to the female supermodel and joked that Puka's wedding bouquet really worked for Minh Tu.

Recently on her personal page, supermodel Minh Tu posted a video recording the moment she proposed to her boyfriend Christopher, a German national. Carrying a solemn ring box, the romantic supermodel proposed marriage in German. Minh Tu said to her boyfriend:

"Mr. Christopher, I completely feel your care and your love for me. And have never given up on this love no matter what. Today, I want to ask you something. Will you marry me?".

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 1

Receiving his girlfriend's proposal, Christopher expressed extreme surprise. He quickly accepted the ring and gave Minh Tu a warm hug. In the presence of close friends, Minh Tu happily put a ring on her boyfriend. The two shared more photos to capture this special moment.

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 2

Accompanying the video, the beauty wrote: "Enough sunshine, flowers will bloom, enough love, happiness will be full... I would like to actively hold on to this love, I love you" . So, after 11 years of dating, Minh Tu's beautiful love story with her foreign boyfriend is about to reach a new milestone.

After posting, Minh Tu's beautiful ending with Christopher received countless congratulations from colleagues and close friends. Everyone is looking forward to the couple's wedding day.

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 3

Recently, Minh Tu's story of getting married has attracted a lot of public attention. At the Gin Tuan Kiet - Puka wedding, the female supermodel announced that she would get married if she caught the wedding flower. The moment the beauty successfully won the wedding flower, fans immediately urged her to quickly fulfill her "promise".

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 4

Minh Tu was born in 1991, she is currently active as a famous female model, and is also a judge of many major beauty contests in her hometown.

In addition, the 32-year-old model also possesses a series of achievements in admirable beauty competitions such as: Top 10 finalists at Miss Supranational 2018, the title of Miss Supranational Asia 2018, and three additional awards: Best National Costume and Best Evening Performance, Top Model.

It is known that Minh Tu and her boyfriend met in 2011 and dated after 1 year of courtship. At the end of 2021, the female model announced her boyfriend for the first time on the occasion of 9 years together. Remember at that time, the couple received many blessings from the public. During their relationship, the couple broke up and then reconciled.

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 5

The Saigon beauty's boyfriend is named Chris, born in 1981 and is German but has lived and worked in Asia for more than 15 years. At the present time, he is an office employee at a multinational company.

The female supermodel once said about her boyfriend: "Not a high-ranking or very rich person, but this friend is a very kind person not only to Tu himself but to the people around him. Everything when I'm around When I'm close to that person, they will give me a very peaceful, peaceful, drama-free energy."

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 6

In June 2022, Minh Tu once mentioned getting married to the media : "I'm also ready, but getting married is no longer my decision. I also want that, but sometimes the other person "I don't want it. It's the rainy season now, so holding outdoor parties isn't very convenient. So, I don't know when I will get married, but I will definitely get married."

Minh Tu officially proposed to her German boyfriend after 11 years of dating, Pukas wedding flowers worked! - Photo 7

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