Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity

Hương DuyMar 21, 2024 at 16:02

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Although she confirmed that she will not marry Machine G.un Kelly, Megan Fox still affirmed that she considers her ex-boyfriend her "twin soul". This information is currently receiving a lot of attention, and the audience is also extremely sorry for both of them.

Recently, Megan Fox surprised the public when she revealed that she had annulled her marriage with singer Machine G.un Kelly on Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast. Accordingly, the two annulled their marriage last year. Although they "went their separate ways", Megan affirmed that she still considers Alex Cooper her "twin soul".

She told Cooper: "I think what I've learned from this relationship is that it's not for the public. As of right now, I have no comment on the status of the relationship. What I who I call my 'twin soul' so to speak and will always have a bond with him, no matter what."

The Jennifer's B.ody star added: "I can't say for sure about my abilities, but somehow I will always be connected to him."

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 1

It is known that Megan Fox and Machine G.un Kelly first got engaged in January 2022. The following February, the couple sparked breakup rumors when the Pretty Boys Are Poisonous author deleted all photos of them together on Instagram and shared a cryptic post quoting Beyoncé's Lemonade. Song, "Pray You Catch Me":

"You can taste the dishonesty/It's in your breath," Megan wrote at the time. Included were captions of her own photos and a video of a burning envelope.

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 2

One of the two's most recent outings was at a Super Bowl after-party in February, where they posed for photos with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Fox also confirmed that she was present at one of Baker's recent tattoo appointments, from which he emerged with faded tattoos covering much of his shoulders, chest and arms. "Just for spiritual purposes," the musician shared on Instagram in February.

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 3

In addition, Megan Fox also admitted that she loved someone else while in a relationship with her ex-husband - actor Brian Austin Green.

Megan shared: "I went to work and had a crush on someone because I was still a kid. I never had the full freedom to be single and experience that life. I should never have committed to a relationship. relationship when between the ages of 18 and 23".

The actress did not r.eveal details about which co-star she fell in love with. The Transformers actress dated Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green around 2004 when she was 18 years old and he was 31 years old and had a son of his own. In 2010, Megan married Brian and gave birth to three sons before divorcing in 2020.

The 37-year-old actress confessed: "I wasn't a great girlfriend for Brian. I want to be honest about that. I was young at the time and really shouldn't have been in a committed relationship." end like that". Megan explained that she decided to get married because she didn't fully understand her feelings. "Most of my maturity and awareness came after giving birth," the 37-year-old beauty said.

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 4

Earlier this year, Brian Austin Green also spoke in his own podcast about dating Megan when she was 18 years old: "She didn't have the experience to be a young, single woman. She really felt feel pressured when in that relationship".

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 5

When she broke up with Brian, Megan thought she would spend time enjoying single life, but just three weeks later, she dated male singer Machine G.un Kelly. The Hollywood actress got engaged to Machine, who is 4 years younger, in 2021.

Megan Fox confirms annulment of marriage with Machine G.un Kelly: Admits infidelity - Photo 6

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