Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him

An NhiDec 28, 2021 at 11:19

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As a beauty with a high EQ, Duong Mich was not embarrassed by the MC's difficult question.

In the Chinese entertainment industry, Duong Mich is a top star and has a very solid foothold for many years of artistic activities. Not only possessing excellent visuals, the beauty Tam Sinh Tam The also makes people admire her words with her ability to respond and behave delicately in awkward situations.

Page 163 on December 28 has an article sharing about the interview done many years ago by the beautiful Duong with Kim Tinh. As a famous MC, Kim Tinh used to make many artists "speechless", embarrassed by difficult questions, strongly exploiting private life. In an interview with Duong Mich, this MC directly asked: "Have you ever been played by a director with an implicit rule?".

Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him - Photo 1

The "underground rule" in showbiz means a trick to change love for a role, many female stars used to be angry because they were solicited by colleagues in the world. Hearing this question, Duong Mich smiled and said: "You're so beautiful, you're not new to being solicited." MC Kim Tinh continued to ask: "So how did you react?", the beauty surnamed Duong recounted the old story: "I didn't have much experience that day, so I didn't know how to answer, so Just pretend to be c.razy and pretend to be stupid."

Duong Mich's answer surprised many people and nodded in approval. It can be seen that the actress is very skillful in revealing the dark side of showbiz, and at the same time secretly confirmed that she had been sexually harassed by the director. Page 163 said that Duong Mich has shown a high EQ and a wise way of dealing with it, both protecting himself and avoiding offending a big character. The past stories have helped her bravely stand in the harsh showbiz world, many pitfalls.

Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him - Photo 2

Duong Mich started acting at the age of 4 with the role of a young daughter in the movie Vo Trang Nguyen To Khat Nhi. Since then, she has acted in many films and became famous as Guo Xiang in the 2004 film The Condor Heroes. After that, Yang Mi was known as the most beautiful Wang Zhaojun in Chinese television history. in the 2007 film of the same name.

From the moment he entered the entertainment industry until now, Duong Mich has always followed the path of an almighty artist. She developed both the arts including cinema, fashion, music... until she turned herself into a successful businessman. As a result, the actress Tam Sinh Tam The: Thap Ly Peach Blossom has a great influence on the mass audience.

Named in Four Little Flowers, Duong Mich increasingly surprised fans with his effort, acting ability as well as popularity. And especially, although there are many big and small scandals surrounding, no one can deny the coverage as well as the ability to earn the championship of Duong Mich.

As the most successful 8x second-generation beauty in Cbiz today, Duong Mich's salary level makes many people feel surprised and admire this g.irl. It is even said that the fortune of actress Tam Sinh Tam The is up to 4.5 billion yuan (15.1 trillion dong).

After the success of many films, Yang Mi also won a series of advertising contracts, took photos of magazine covers, attended events with huge salaries and became the Mainland's Advertising Queen. She is currently the representative of more than a dozen famous brands in the world such as Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, PIAGET, Versace... It is estimated that her advertising salary is currently about 3 million yuan.

Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him - Photo 3

Besides, Duong Mich also often becomes the cover face of prestigious fashion magazines such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan... According to Sina, to get this honor, the actress must has a strong foothold in the entertainment world, influence in the fashion industry, and strong behind-the-scenes connections.

In addition to acting, the actress also benefits from investing in 6 different companies. In it, she and her two representatives, Tang Gia and Trieu Nhuoc Ngan, opened the artist management company Gia Hanh Thien Ha in 2013. This is the home of famous artists such as Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Truong Bin Bin, Chuc Tu Dan, Cao Vy Quang...

In December 2020, Forbes announced the list of 100 most influential artists on social networks in Asia, Duong Mich also ranked high. Currently, she has more than 100 million fans on her personal page, and is one of three rare Chinese stars to achieve this achievement, including MC Ta Na and Angela B.aby.

Currently, Duong Mich is also considered as an example of a dynamic, trendy new generation woman, successful in her career, rich in wealth.

Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him - Photo 4

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