Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth

Hoàng PhúcNov 30, 2021 at 10:25

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Not only quickly regaining shape after giving birth, these Chinese beauties are also more and more beautiful.

How to get back in shape as before is the concern of most women after giving birth. However, there are exceptions and the following Chinese-language beauties are the clearest examples. Because after giving birth, these beauties also promoted beauty in a spectacular way, surprising the audience.

Ho Hanh Nhi experienced 3 births, the youngest of her husband and wife was less than a year old. The actor was commented not to be "out of shape", the b.ody is even more s.exy. Ho Hanh Nhi adheres to a suitable diet and breastfeeds her b.aby. At the age of 42, Ho Hanh Nhi is an expensive Hong Kong artist on the mainland.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 1

Ho Hanh Nhi was born in 1979, entered the profession with the Hong Kong runner-up a.ward in 1999. She was in the group of five great flowers of TVB in the late 2000s - early 2010s, along with Duong Di, Tu Tu San, Chung Gia Han, Tran Phap Lai. In Hong Kong, she acted in many films such as "Taking Destiny", "Breaking the Sky", "Temporary Life", "Death Notice".

Ho Hanh Nhi came to Philip after ending a long-term love affair with actor Huynh Tong Trach. She once revealed that Philip actively approached her to get acquainted, after falling in love with her through a s.exy photo on her facebook avatar. From the time they fell in love to the time they got married, their hearts were compatible, so life was very fulfilling.

Lam Y Than appeared on November 25 with a long sleeveless dress, revealing her slim shoulders and full chest. The actor said that he did not gain much weight compared to his girlhood, the weight was almost the same. The happiness of being a mother helps Lam Y Than to be more radiant and fresh. Lam Y Than's compact b.ody makes many people admire, because she has just given birth for more than 1 month.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 2

Lam Y Than is known as a famous Taiwanese singer and actress in the entertainment industry. She joined showbiz in the early 2000s and made her mark on the screen with hit movies such as: Innocent, Secret Garden, Fairy Tales, Oriental Juliet... At the end of 2014, she finished Kissing businessman Lam Vu Sieu. The two often live apart from each other because the one is busy in the US, the other is busy with work in Taiwan. In April 2021, the female star was rumored to have been cheated by her husband and abused by her husband's family, but she denied it.

Before becoming a mother at the age of 39, the beautiful Lam family used to be under a lot of pressure and stress because of being married for almost 7 years without any good news. Lam Y Than always wanted to have children. For the past 3 years, she has put aside acting in order to prepare psychologically as well as the necessary skills for motherhood.

Model Quach Bich Dinh 3 rounds hotter after more than 1 year of "surviving" smoothly. Her husband, businessman and actor Huong Ta, praised his wife for being more beautiful than when she was a g.irl. Quach Bich Dinh said that he is not in a hurry to return to work, but spends more time with his family.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 3

Gina Alice, wife of piano genius Lang Lang, is considered to have a "speedy" physique. The female musician owns a waist of only 53 cm, a "fiery" bust and bust. After giving birth, she quickly returned to shape, her b.ody even sexier. When wearing tight dresses, she confidently shows off her flat stomach - something many women dream of after giving birth.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 4

Actress, model, Miss Truong Tu Lam has 2 daughters, the second is less than 3 months old. However, Truong Tu Lam confidently appeared on the cover of the magazine with outstanding physique. She also soon re-appeared with showbiz activities.

Referring to the most famous and loved Miss China, Truong Tu Lam is always the first choice of the public. Because not only beautiful, the post-born g.irl in 1984 is also famous for being an educated beauty who says no to the market.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 5

In 2006, Tu Lam graduated from University, she quickly worked as a secretary for a large company in China in parallel with modeling. The turning point came for Truong Tu Lam in 2007, she enrolled in the Miss China contest and won the top prize.

This victory helps her become the representative of the country of billions of people fighting at the Miss World - Miss World 2007 contest. Thanks to her impressive height of 1m82, her beautiful and gentle appearance, Truong Tu Lam helps her homeland to become famous. as the first Chinese beauty crowned Miss at this contest.

MC Ta Na gave birth to twins with 2 daughters, then recently had a 3rd b.aby girl. Despite having many births, the Chinese TV star kept her slim b.ody and beautiful face. In September, when appearing on the stage of a variety show, Ta Na made the audience admire with her neat and healthy b.ody. The mother of 3 children is commented to be more and more beautiful. The audience joked that she was so beautiful because her husband Truong Kiet took good care of her.

Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth - Photo 6

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