Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the "rain of money" on her birthday

Bút MàuMay 18, 2024 at 17:05

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Recently, Thailand's top beauty Mai Davika and actor Ter Chantavit celebrated their birthday together at the actress's luxurious villa. On her personal page, Thailand's most beautiful female ghost also attracted a lot of netizens' attention when she shared a series of happy moments with her boyfriend on this special occasion.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 1

The Thai beauty thanked her lover - "box office star" Ter Chantavit - for personally decorating the party space and providing many gifts. On Instagram, Ter also posted a series of photos of his girlfriend, wishing her satisfaction in work and life. "Happy birthday my love. I love you the most," Ter wrote.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 2

In the shared images, Mai Davika impresses with her beautiful face and seductive figure in a bright pink dress. The actress smiled happily when her boyfriend gave her a cake that was taller than her head and a heart-shaped miniature with a "rain of money" attached.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 3

Below Mai Davika's post, netizens couldn't help but admire actor Ter Chantavit's romantic gift for his girlfriend who is 9 years younger than him. At the same time, many people expressed their admiration for the couple's strong love over the past 6 years.

Notably, many top Thai stars rejoiced with Mai Davika, including "Thailand's Dream Prince" Push Puttichai (left) and his wife - MC, actress Jooy Push. In addition, actors Mint Chalida, Margie Rasri Balenciaga, and Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat also arranged time to congratulate her.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 4

It is known that Mai Davika and her boyfriend's relationship began when Ter Chantavit took on the position of co-writer for the movie Love for a Ghost in which she played. However, the two only really met when they attended an awards ceremony together.

Remembering the first time he met his girlfriend, Ter Chantavit recounted: "Even though I was the scriptwriter for Love of the Ghost, I had never met Mai Davika before. Later, I saw her at an awards ceremony and we met her. We sat close together. I felt impressed when she had short hair and proactively greeted me."

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 5

After that meeting, although they had noticed each other, their love only truly rekindled when they worked together in two films Chai Mai Jing Ying The (2017) and Nang Sao Mai Jam Kad Nam Sakul (2018). After many conversations, Ter was the one who actively pursued Mai.

On the program Wan Kanchai Talk, "Thailand's most beautiful ghost" sweetly recounted: "I still remember that at the end of the movie, the director shouted: 'Cut'. However, Mr. Ter for some reason kept holding hands. I started to feel strange, but I secretly thought it was okay if he didn't let me go. At that time, I still didn't think much other than seeing Ter as a funny and friendly brother.

During the film promotion period, we exchanged Line accounts to send photos. That night, Ter suddenly texted me and confessed his love to me. He said he wanted to confess because he was afraid that the two of them wouldn't have the chance to see each other again."

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 6

After confessing his feelings to his lover, Ter Chantavit went to meet Mai Davika's personal manager to ask for permission to pursue her. Mai shared that she always remembers her boyfriend's touching words: "I don't want to be your brother. My presence is because I want to be the one to take care of you."

Although a very beautiful couple, the love story between Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit was not supported because of the love scandalous past of "Thailand's most beautiful witch". Before that, for a long time, Mai was often rumored to be the third person, ruining the love of Tbiz couples.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 7

Faced with mixed opinions, Mai and Ter still decided to stick together, not afraid to hold hands in entertainment events as well as outside life. Unlike many artist couples who are afraid to share their love on social networks, the two often update many moments together on their personal pages.

Talking about her boyfriend of 9 years older, Mai Davika expressed her happiness because she is always loved and pampered by him every day. Meanwhile, Ter Chantavit confided that he loves Mai because she is kind, cute and always worries about the people around her more than herself.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 8

Over time, their love was gradually accepted by the public. In early 2022, in the poll "Thailand's most beautiful couple" by Thairaith site, Mai Davika and Ter Chantavit led with 16.9% of the votes. Most audiences and colleagues commented that the couple is very sweet, romantic, treats each other sincerely and gets along with everyone.

Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the rain of m.oney on her birthday - Photo 9

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