Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 16, 2022 at 08:59

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Ly Tham continues to be suspected of having an affair with Dang Luan after rumors of dating Tieu Chien.

Blogger Truong Tieu Han must not be a strange name. This is the person who specializes in "peeling" romantic couples in Cbiz. Recently, blogger surname Truong continued to post a hidden article: "There is another couple on Sanya Island". As revealed, the couple has the abbreviations DL and LQ, which completely coincides with the names Dang Luan and Ly Tham.

Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love? - Photo 1

Another netizen also left a comment claiming to see 2 stars in the same hotel, but because it was too fast, it was impossible to take pictures of evidence.

In 2020, some netizens discovered Dang Luan and Ly Tham wearing rings sometimes participating in variety shows.

Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love? - Photo 2

Also around this time, the paparazzi captured the image of Dang Luan walking on the street with a g.irl, said to be similar to Ly Tham.

The two have collaborated on the TV show Dad, Where Are You Going and received much love from the audience.

However, since then, the two stars have never once acknowledged the love story.

Dang Luan once publicly dated Kim Than, the two broke up for a long time.

On Ly Tham's side, she often gets caught up in love rumors with many famous beauties like Duong Duong, Tieu Chien.

Specifically, during the time when the film Tan Hong Lau Mong aired, the couple Ly Tham - Duong Duong were often involved in love rumors. Because of working together for a long time, both of them are in their nineteen and twenty years, so it is inevitable that they will fall in love. The couple often appeared close together, even many sources confirmed that they were officially dating in 2009. However, both Duong Duong and Ly Tham have never once publicly announced their love for questions. of the public.

Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love? - Photo 3

On September 28, 2020, during a livestream to exchange with the audience on her birthday, when receiving questions from fans about the spreading love rumors, the 30-year-old beauty said: "We must deal with it calmly. Next time it's on a h.ot search, it should be better news. Hope my wish comes true." The actress's move is said to deny dating information with male stars Love you at first sight.

In addition to Duong Duong, Ly Tham was also entangled in rumors of dating Tieu Chien. Accordingly, Ly Tham and Tieu Chien have had many collaborative projects together, not only on film but in real life, the two have countless close moments. Tieu Chien did not hesitate to hug her co-star, and at the same time gave her emotional eyes to the beauty Nhu Y Truyen.

Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love? - Photo 4

In 2018, there was a netizen who posted a photo of going out skiing, accidentally revealing Ly Tham and Tieu Chien together to travel here. However, at that time, Tieu Chien's representative replied vaguely that they had never seen the controversial photo, nor heard of Tieu Chien being in love.

After the dating suspicion broke out, a fanpage of Tieu Chien stood up to respond to the information and said that the photo that is believed to be Ly Tham and the beautiful man Tran Tinh Lenh dating is with the participation of many people. other object. There is no such thing as the two sneaking out on their own as rumored on MXH.

In recent years, Ly Tham has become a familiar name on the Chinese small screen. The actress, born in 1990, has a "colorful and heavenly" look that is very suitable for the character Dung Phi. She has a pure face that is easy to sympathize with the audience and a slim appearance that is very suitable for the image of old beauties. Because of this, Ly Tham received many historical roles on the screen.

Her debut role was as Tiet Bao Thoa in Tan Hong Lau Mong, co-starring Duong Duong. This role brought Ly Tham the best new actor a.ward at the Nam Phuong awards ceremony.

After playing the role of Tiet Bao Thoa, Ly Tham continuously received invitations to appear in films such as Than Ky Hiep Lu, Than Thau Crashed, Thien Kim Returns, So Kieu Truyen, Hai Thuong Phon Hoa, Bach Loc Nguyen,. ..

Ly Tham was caught in the hotel with Dang Luan, too secretive love? - Photo 5

Especially with films such as: Return of Thien Kim, So Kieu Truyen and Hai Thuong Phon Hoa, have helped Ly Tham's name overcome the emerging star, helping her to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry. She is commented on having good acting ability, knowing how to express the inner character of the character, not just her appearance.

Although there are quite a lot of rumors surrounding the actress's love relationship, Ly Tham still tries to continue acting in the movie with a hardworking spirit, trying to foster more acting rather than releasing new films. marketing tricks, scandals that attract popularity.

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