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Tan Van Lai: Perfect copy of Dang Luan, has a close relationship with Trieu Le Dinh

Bảo Nam19:33:35 11/03/2024
Before being assassinated, Dang Luan was one of the famous male gods of Cbiz. Not only does he have a handsome appearance, he also has good acting and a friendly personality.

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Deng Luan rarely showed up to his friends after being locked down, the current situation caught attention?

Anh Thụy14:58:08 01/12/2023
Since his lockdown, Deng Luan has withdrawn from the Chinese entertainment industry and remained silent. Recently, social media spread a rare moment of Deng Luan h.anging out with friends, the current situation caught attention.

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Yang Zi was criticized for revealing offensive actions to male stars, netizens shouted the name Li Xian-Deng Luan

Nhật Hân10:51:47 03/11/2023
Yangtze's recent comments were met with fierce criticism from netizen, according to which most thought that the actress's actions were too offensive when the other person was the opposite s.ex.

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Deng Luan showed off his extreme post-tax evasion appearance, ready to play the role of a hegemonic general

Bình Minh10:59:08 03/10/2023
After 1001 times of speculation, now, Deng Luan has officially revealed himself and received great attention from the public. The guy was praised by the people because his temperament was still the same.

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Tieu Chien was suddenly "touched" when he was named in a series of tax evading artists. Will his career be shaken?

Gia Hoàng07:24:16 27/09/2023
Recently, a list of artists caught up in the tax debt scandal was posted on a Chinese online forum. Notably, Tieu Chien suddenly appeared in this deity list.

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Duong Tu "reunited" with Dang Luan on a special occasion, ready to reunite in a new movie, is that true?

Tuyết Ngọc16:50:40 25/09/2023
After a long period of silence, Yang Zi and Dang Luan appeared next to each other in a rather unexpected situation. This raises suspicions that actor Dang is preparing to re-enter the entertainment industry.

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Deng Luan surpassed Li Yifeng back into the entertainment industry, is this a successful "whitewashing"?

Snow16:37:13 10/09/2023
Many fans questioned the fact that Deng Luan was trying to whitewash himself to return to the Chinese entertainment industry. Because this guy suddenly appeared in a video clip.

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Deng Luan found his way back to Cbiz after more than 1 year of tax evasion scandal, not to succumb to his "old love"?

Kim Lâm08:07:36 04/09/2023
After more than 1 year since the scandal of tax evasion and career color, Deng Luan is said to be preparing to return to the Chinese-language entertainment industry. If this information is true, it will surely attract the attention of the media and the online community.

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Li Yifeng, Deng Luan are ready to re-enter the entertainment industry, what door for these two actors?

Nguyễn Tuyết20:00:25 25/08/2023
After the noise shocked Cbiz, currently, the scandalous 3 Li Yifeng, Deng Luan and Taiwanese actor (China) Kha Zhendong are said to be trying to return to artistic activities as before.

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Deng Luan made netizens 'faint down' with an old beauty like an uncle, selling restaurants

Ning Jing10:12:56 18/08/2023
He used to be a god of thousands of people, but at the present stage, the actor's physique is like smog, which has made many people faint because of development and aging.

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Dang Luan first appeared when he was ordered by the court to urgently coerce his property, showing his attitude to his girlfriend

Bình Yên10:37:09 12/07/2023
His handsome, masculine face and good acting help him gain the love of the audience. Unfortunately, when he was at the peak of his career, he was entangled in a tax evasion scandal and was completely sealed.

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Dang Luan was f.orced by the court to coerce his property after more than a year of tax evasion scandal, the "end day" has really come

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:44:28 08/07/2023
After being involved in a noisy tax evasion in March 2022, Dang Luan was not only locked up indefinitely, losing his place in showbiz, but the actor also had to pay $ 47.2 million in compensation for breach of contract.

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Thai Tu Khon fell off his horse and still helped Dang Luan, Ly Dich Phong removed the blockade order, and Duong Mich benefited greatly?

Minh Lợi13:24:13 05/07/2023
Cai Xukun is being caught up in accusations of erroneous private life, prompting Chinese authorities to issue a warning that could remove the advertising image in which he participated.

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Ly Hien was "named" in relation to Thai Tu Khon's love scandal, all because of a picture?

Pipi10:50:08 28/06/2023
Before the noise of Thai Tu Khon, the public is currently extremely worried about Ly Hien, the reason comes from a cursed frame. Currently, this photo is becoming a controversial h.ot topic on Chinese social networks.

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Kim Than: Girlfriend was "stepped on" by Dang Luan, a list of all-star A-star boyfriends and a revival thanks to Dam Gio

Pipi16:38:45 31/05/2023
Kim Than possesses beautiful beauty and a love list full of cult stars, but it is also because of these things that the actress is criticized and hated by the public.

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Dang Luan publicly had a c.hild, revealing the identity of the b.aby's mother, people were sorry for one thing?

Thảo Mai10:59:42 20/05/2023
After more than a year of being "sealed" underground because of a tax evasion scandal, Dang Luan's current life makes many fans curious. Recently, the image of actor Huong Honey appearing at a friend's wedding attracted the attention of the public. Specifically, in the image...

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Dang Luan was removed from the blockade order, received great good news on his return to Cbiz, fans called Trieu Vy's name?

Thảo Mai14:15:01 29/03/2023
Dang Luan used to be one of the very promising male stars of Cbiz. He doesn't have an outstanding appearance, but he has a solid acting that has been recognized through a series of films. However, when he was on the rise, Dang Luan was suddenly caught in a tax evasion scandal...

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Dang Luan revealed evidence that he was about to become a father: Thoughtfully taking his girlfriend to a prenatal check-up?

Nắng16:24:19 05/12/2022
After the tax evasion scandal, the Chinese-language actor - Dang Luan continued to face rumors that he was preparing to get married. In mid-March this year, Dang Luan was entangled in allegations of tax evasion. Not only did he have to pay the tax amount of 106 million yuan...

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Wu Yifan collaborated with Zheng Shuang, Deng Luan in the biggest project of the year?

Hoàng Phúc13:16:12 27/11/2022
This is not a real film project, but only based on the creativity of the audience. But through it, Chinese netizens both mocked artists who broke the law and hinted at transliteration in the domestic film world. Accordingly, Wu Yefan was the one who together with Li Yifeng, Yang...

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Vien Bang Nghien made a move to re-appear after noisy tax evasion, and was immediately "blocked by the authorities"

Hoàng Anh13:57:16 10/11/2022
Until now, many people still wonder whether Vien Bang Nghien has been sealed like Dang Luan, Pham Bang Bang or not after the noise of tax evasion in July. Because, after the scandal, her image was not shown. in the mainstream media in China, but there are certain promotional...

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Dang Luan is sued, will have to go to court in November, making fans worried

Thuý Minh14:29:43 24/10/2022
Thought that after paying the fine, hiding from showbiz for the past year, Dang Luan would live a peaceful life, now the actor "Honeycomb is like smoke" is facing bad luck when he gets involved in a lawsuit. dispute. Dang Luan is a famous male beauty in the Cbiz entertainment...

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Dang Luan has a special eye for his girlfriend, revealing the same rumored love as Duong Yen?

Hoàng Anh19:11:47 22/10/2022
Before being locked away in March 2022 with a tax evasion scandal, Dang Luan was once one of the most sought-after male gods in mainland China. His acting career was thus greatly affected, and it was almost impossible to return to movies. However, the information about the actor...

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Luu Khai Uy dating a beauty 18 years younger: Dang Luan and ex-husband Duong Mich love the same person?

Mộc11:46:09 14/10/2022
After 4 years of divorce from Duong Mich, Luu Khai Uy was rumored to be dating a new love until 20 years old named Vu Tinh Nhu. Netizens are discussing rumors related to the new girlfriend of former love Duong Mich, Dang Luan is also "named". Although divorced, the A-list star...

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Dang Luan first appeared after the news of his marriage: His appearance was seriously degraded because he was kicked out of showbiz?

N.P09:28:08 09/10/2022
Recently, Dang Luan is said to be getting married, the actor is also rumored to be severely degraded in appearance because of weight gain after being kicked out of showbiz. Not responding to any rumors, Dang Luan recently caused a stir when he first appeared. Recently, netizens...

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