Liu Yefei also sometimes "ran out" of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly "clashed" by juniors

Hoa TuyếtAug 19, 2023 at 17:14

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Known as the "billion-billion fairy" of the country of billions of people, Liu Yifei also sometimes suffered from "inferiority" when standing in the same frame with "Hua Fei" of the super palace "Chan Hoan Story".

Previously, Liu Yifei was said to be a solid wall of beauty, difficult for any colleague to replace. Even the new generation flowers such as Wang Chu Tian, Bai Luo, Zhu Li Chenbo or Zhao Lu Tu all had to "salute" to her. But unexpectedly, the billion-billion fairy still has moments of being "overwhelmed" when standing next to other famous beauties in the Chinese-language entertainment industry.

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 1

Specifically, there is an old photo of Liu Yifei taken with the "evil lady Chan Hoan Story" - Chiang Han dug up and spread on forums recently, which is attracting a huge amount of interest from the netizen community. Based on netizens' revelations, at the time of taking this picture, Liu Yifei was only 15 years old, and Chiang Han was 19 years old. Although the two actresses were dressed casually from clothes to hairstyles at the time, there was still something very eye-catching.

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 2

Especially Chiang Han, she surprised the people with her pinkish-white skin, large clear eyes and five delicate and attractive officials. There is an opinion that although Liu Yefei is still pretty, the lines on her face are not as clear and prominent as her elder sister. Many netizens are not afraid to "aggression" but firmly affirm that Chiang Han is beautiful, and the billion-billion fairy is normal.

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 3

It is known that Chiang Han and Liu Yifei had the fortune to work together on the film project "Thien Long Bat Bo" (2003), when Liu Yifei took on the lead role of Wang Yuyan and Chiang Han played the supporting woman Mu Yunqing. As soon as it aired, "Thien Long Bat Bo" created a big buzz, stirring up the small screen in Asia, achieving extremely positive viewership ratings. This work has also been shown many times on Vietnamese television stations.

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 4

Although for the past 20 years, Liu Yifei and Chiang Han are still beauties loved by the public, have their own careers and a clean private life, without love noise, nor scandal. But compared to the influence and "nationality", the star of Green Dream is probably a little better than its elders.

As for Chiang Han, in addition to "Thien Long Bat Bo" and "Chan Hoan Story", she also participated in many other hit movies such as: Fairy Sword Wonder, Flower of Heavenly Cu, Mu Yue Story, Hoan Lac Song,...

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 5

In another development related to the billion-billion fairy, it is the recent creation of Yu Shuhan, in the movie "Yong Da Xinghe" that reminds the audience of Liu Yifei's legendary role in the past.

Accordingly, after many delays due to the problem of finding the right male lead, the most anticipated film adaptation project of the year "Vinh Da Tinh Ha" (original story title: The Handbook of Black Lotus Gong) has officially opened. The film, directed by Ngu Shuhan and Ding Vu Clown, marks the reunion of two young stars after "The Moonlight Variation" (2021).

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 6

Right after launching the first series of images of the character in the film, Ngu Shuhan and the team received many praises and "almost rubs" from the public for being too impressive and eye-catching. Besides, the blue period costume of the beauty Shang Lan Quyet accidentally reminded netizens of the legendary shape of the once - Zhao Lingnhi played by Liu Yifei in "Fairy Sword Wonder" (in 2005).

Although more than a decade has passed since the drama aired, Liu Yifei's Zhao Lingfei has always existed in the hearts of the audience, even a "monument" that is difficult to replace. In addition to Xiao Longnu in "The Great Sculpture", Zhao Lingnu is the favorite character of the family, the "national role" in the career of the billion-billion fairy.

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 7

Young actor Ngu Shu Han rose to the top of the 95th generation thanks to the resounding success of "Shang Lan Quyet", the "tyrannical" super hit that aired in the summer of 2022. If viewed objectively, her acting is not as excellent as some other colleagues, there are many limitations that need to be overcome and improved, but the image of Xiao Hua Lan is very suitable for her stylized and cute personality in real life.

Talking more about the movie "Vinh Da Tinh Ha", the original was written by author Bach Vu Quoc Dieu Palace, belonging to the avant-garde genre, co-produced by Tencent and Hang Tinh Guiding Luc. "Black Lotus Gong" will be "helmed" by director Zhao Yilong, the script is penned by Fang Form (this is also the writer of "Xuanjun" - Ren Jialuan, Li Shen).

Liu Yefei also sometimes ran out of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly clashed by juniors - Photo 8

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