Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked

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Many people were extremely shocked by the news that singer Luong Ngoc Diep passed away at the age of 37. It is known that she had just received the results of leukemia on the morning of April 17 and had a stroke that same afternoon.

Recently, the Vietnamese entertainment industry was dyed in mourning with the news that Luong Ngoc Diep suddenly passed away. The female singer was confirmed to pass away at 0:22 a.m. on April 18 due to a stroke. The visitation ceremony took place at 2:00 p.m. on April 18 in An Duong, Hai Phong. The memorial and burial ceremony was held on the morning of April 19.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 1

Sharing with Tien Phong, Luong Ngoc Diep's sworn sister said that the female singer was completely normal before her d.eath. "At 10:00 a.m. on April 17, Diep received a call from the hospital reporting that she had leukemia. At noon, she and I still ate together and talked normally. However, she ate less than usual and had looks tired.

Around 1pm, Diep complained of a headache. I immediately took her to the emergency hospital. After examination, my condition became more and more serious, the doctor gave me a bad prognosis and could not be cured. The family took Diep back to his hometown in Hai Phong and he passed away at 0:22 on April 18," Ms. Tram said.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 2

Also according to her sworn sister, when she discovered bruises on Luong Ngoc Diep's legs, she urged her sister to get checked. "I didn't expect that the day she received her cancer results was also the anniversary of her d.eath. Diep lived an optimistic and happy life, so she hid her illness. She was also a very resilient person. Before that, she still sang and accepted shows. Everything happened so fast and suddenly," Ms. Tram choked up.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 3

Immediately after the news of Luong Ngoc Diep's d.eath, many artists in the Vietnamese entertainment industry were shocked, shocked and sympathized with the fate of the beloved female singer. "Goodbye emerald... Always be happy up there and bless your daughter! Luong Ngoc Diep photo of us acting together and I'm going to find a mirror for you to look at at 60 years. I'm here, b.aby." ...

Today, I couldn't be with you because I had to perform far away, but all my fellow artists returned in large numbers to accompany me on this final journey. The mining star will live forever in everyone's hearts," singer Nguyen Ngoc Anh wrote on her personal page.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 4

In the comments section, MC My Lan also recalled memories with the unfortunate female singer: "I feel so sorry for you. No matter how many times we performed together, I only saw Diep smiling and warm to everyone."

MC and journalist Ngo Ba Luc also regretfully shared: "I returned to that place so peacefully and remember that I still sing so well, so passionately and speak Chinese so well! Goodbye - singer Luong Ngoc Diep has an energetic voice, lives with passion, lives kindly and with love."

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 5

Under the male MC's sharing, many artists could not hide their s.hock when they heard the news. Meritorious Artist Thanh Tam wrote: "So sad! Beautiful g.irl who loves life so much, goodbye, I love you so much." Director Viet Thanh also couldn't hide his feelings: "Extremely sad, regretful and pitiful." Diva Ha Tran, actress Kieu Anh, People's Artist Tu Long... also expressed their sympathy.

Information from relatives said that Luong Ngoc Diep (born in 1987) has been a single mother for many years. The female singer lives with her daughter Bao Tien (3rd grade) in Quang Ninh. She is the youngest in a family of 3 brothers. Dad passed away a long time ago, and mom is old and weak.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 6

After graduating from high school, Ngoc Diep took the entrance exam to the University of Foreign Language Education but failed. In 2005, she started working at Than Quang Hanh company. The turning point that helped the female singer fall in love with the singing path was when she participated in the TKV Mass Art Festival in 2006 and won the solo Gold Medal.

Also that year, Luong Ngoc Diep passed the University of Mining and Geology, majoring in Business Administration and then moved to work as an office worker at Hon Gai Coal Processing Company.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 7

After graduating from the University of Mining and Geology in 2010, Ngoc Diep took the exam at the English Department - Thai Nguyen University and completed the program in 2013. Along with studying English, she applied and passed the exam. Department of Chinese - Hanoi University of Foreign Studies. Later, she attended graduate school at Guangxi Academy of Art, China.

Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked - Photo 8

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