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Luong Ngoc Diep passed away 1 day after receiving the cancer results, the Vietnamese artist was shocked

Snow14:33:22 19/04/2024
Many people were extremely shocked by the news that singer Luong Ngoc Diep passed away at the age of 37. It is known that she had just received the results of leukemia on the morning of April 17 and had a stroke that same afternoon.

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My Family is Suddenly Happy Season 2 is about to start, will the stars appear together?

Phong Trần17:00:12 16/01/2024
My Family is Suddenly Happy is one of the Vietnamese primetime films that received great attention from big screen audiences in 2023. The film brings together a cast of actors familiar to small screen audiences.

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Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong's granddaughter - Dang Tieu To Sa is about to get married, and her fiancé loves her very much

Phong Trần16:49:53 10/12/2023
Dang Tieu To Sa recently shared a photo of her boyfriend proposing to her on social networks. Netizens constantly beg her to meet a loving boyfriend like To Sa's fiancé.

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Le Hoang Phuong is suspected of being targeted for the title of miss before the final, the head of the BGK came out to dispense

Pinky07:18:22 30/08/2023
New Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong shows no signs of cooling down after the final, as doubts about the finale continue to be scrutinized by the people. Head of the Board of Directors - Miss Ha Kieu Anh officially spoke.

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DV Kieu Anh (The sky in front): Great beauty for a time, private life, many difficulties

Nắng15:58:23 09/05/2023
Nguyen Kieu Anh - one of the characters that contributed to the success of "Ahead is the sky". With a beautiful, gentle and oriental appearance, the character Nhung played by Kieu Anh is loved by many audiences. Nhung is a g.irl who suffers, works hard, graduated from journalism...

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Ca Nuong Kieu Anh - Granddaughter-in-law of the late Professor Van Nhu Cuong: Famous since childhood, marriage life is shocking

Mưa16:13:09 21/04/2023
Possessing a technical and skillful voice, and a beautiful appearance, although pursuing folk art, Kieu Anh's singer is loved by young people. In addition to ca tru, she also owns a number of outstanding songs such as Doc Am, Fall, One Last Last Time, ... In addition to her...

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Streamer Loan Milona: Making "terrible" m.oney, famous for the clip of taking "stimulant" d.rugs with Quang Cuon

Jennie15:05:43 25/08/2022
Loan Milona has a lovely, cute appearance, likes to pursue a s.exy and seductive style. Although not very famous, her number of fans is not small. Currently, game streamer is a new development trend, which can bring a certain source of income for those who pursue this passion. If...

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Page Nemo, Di Bang and the beauties are how rich are the "boss" of online sales?

An Nhi11:20:41 03/04/2022
Many people can't help but be stunned by the wealth of "big sisters" in the online sales village such as Hang Bag, Doan Di Bang, Trang Nemo or singer Kieu Anh. Doan Di Bang To talk about the wealth of Doan Di Bang - Nguyen Quoc Vu's family probably takes a lot of time because...

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How do Vu Thu Phuong, Dam Thu Trang and the Vietnamese female stars treat their husband's children as a stepmother?

Hoàng Phúc14:14:51 30/12/2021
The relationship between "stepmother - son-in-law" in Vietnamese showbiz is a topic of public interest. Dam Thu Trang Dam Thu Trang became a husband and wife with Cuong Do La after he broke up with Ho Ngoc Ha and had a stepchild - b.aby Subeo. Besides the couple's happiness, the...

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Ha Kieu Anh shows off her beautiful daughter like a beauty queen, Trung Dung reveals the portraits of two hidden gentlemen

An Nhi10:03:16 30/10/2021
The Vietnamese star children's association always receives special attention from fans. However, not all children are regularly broadcasted by famous parents on social networks. This made netizens even more curious. Among the children of Vbiz, the daughter of Miss Ha Kieu Anh -...

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Ha Kieu Anh - Miss Tram Anh is a tycoon, full of happiness after divorcing her first husband in prison

Hà Hà17:20:52 28/10/2021
Looking at Ha Kieu Anh in the present - a beautiful middle-aged woman, successful with her own career, having a talented husband, loving wife and good children, that must be the dream of many people. women. However, that is not what fate has arranged for Ha Kieu Anh even though...

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How is Kieu Anh Hera and the first series of streamers who were "begged for a link" now?

Hà Hà14:20:47 17/09/2021
A few years ago, the rumor of r.evealing the link was a big nightmare, causing a huge impact on the personal and professional lives of female streamers. Kieu Anh Hera The Vietnamese online community must still remember the famous g.irl with "9GB clip" around February 2018. That is...

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H.ot g.irl Vo Ngoc Tran, singer Kieu Anh discuss charity in the midst of a storm

Hậu Hậu13:59:45 02/09/2021
In the past few days when the epidemic raged across the country, it was not an easy thing for anyone. Some people lost their jobs, others reduced their salaries, business people struggled, but even meeting the most basic needs such as eating and living of many people became more...

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Ngo Phuong Lan, Ha Kieu Anh and the Queens have the most "terrible" backgrounds in Vietnam

Hà Hà17:19:46 01/09/2021
Ha Kieu Anh, Ngo Phuong Lan, Luong Thuy Linh and Nguyen Dieu Hoa are Misses who not only possess more beauty than others, but their family background and background also make the public admire. Ngo Phuong Lan Ngo Phuong Lan is the first Vietnamese Miss World 2007. She was born...

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Ha Huong - "Nguyen Thao Mai" and the cast of "Ahead is the sky" now?

Duyên Trần13:14:21 22/08/2021
Recently, the long-running series "Ahead is the sky" that was premiered 17 years ago suddenly became "h.ot" again and was enthusiastically shared across social networking groups, through excerpts. under the ingenious performance of the actors. Most especially, Ha Huong's...

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Miss Giang My acted in a Hong Kong movie 22 years ago, her beauty without makeup caused a storm

Hậu Hậu15:11:25 21/08/2021
Despite her bare face, Miss Hung Giang My is as beautiful as the Hong Kong stars when she co-starred in the 1999 film Shadow of Prison. Recently, Miss Giang My shared some old photos cut from the movie Black Cat In Jail. She was the only Vietnamese actress invited to appear in...

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Actor Kieu Anh "brain goldfish" when going out forgot to wear a shirt, the consequences of staying at home for too long

Rosé15:10:19 19/08/2021
The beauty forgot something very important that made many people "fall back". Possessing a beautiful face and natural acting, Kieu Anh was once considered one of the "pearls" of the northern screen. Among them, the role that she has taken on and is most remembered by the...

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Miss Ha Kieu Anh was accused of "exploiting" when she claimed to be the 7th princess of the Nguyen Dynasty

Team Youtube18:59:38 29/06/2021
Claiming to be of royal origin, two descendants of the Nguyen Dynasty spoke out against Miss Ha Kieu Anh. On June 26, Ha Kieu Anh caused a stir when she published an article introducing her family's origins. According to Miss Vietnam 1992, the surname Ha is not only the surname...

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Miss Nguyen Thu Thuy passed away from a stroke, r.evealing the most different private life in the history of Vietnamese beauty

team youtuber14:40:07 05/06/2021
After many years of absence, the sudden d.eath of beautiful information shocked the public. In the history of Vietnamese beauty, she is the beauty with the most differences. At noon on June 5, the information that Miss Vietnam 1994 Nguyen Thu Thuy died of a stroke made the fans feel sad. According to share

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Kieu Anh - Rich Kid Hai Phong driving a Ferrari, using a black card and a beautiful love story with a great boyfriend

team youtube11:25:04 04/06/2021
Using a black card, driving a super car, a personal page filled with brand names... are the first signs of identification. The first thing that people can think of when referring to the concept of rich kid. And Vu Kieu Anh, the SN 2000 g.irl from Hai Phong, is the one who converges all those recognizable characteristics. Netizens know Kieu...

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