The "chilling" prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19

Vân AnhFeb 10, 2024 at 08:59

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The Indian prodigy who prophesied the devastating disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to use astrology to make 6 prophecies about the destiny of the world in the year 2024.

Abhigya Anand (born 2006) - who is known as the Indian prophetic prodigy, is also a person who has had "creepy" prophecies from the period before the Covid-19 pandemic until now. This b.oy first appeared and prophesied that by the end of 2019, the world would face a terrible disaster that could be transmitted. When the Cpvid-19 pandemic hit and caused terrible consequences in all aspects of life that have not yet been recovered, people shudder to remember this b.oy's prophecy.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 1

The Indian prodigy is said to have accurately predicted many other world events such as the world economic crisis, earthquake in Japan, heat wave in Europe, Itaewon disaster in Korea, bridge collapse in India...

Recently, Abhigya Anand continued to use astrology to make 6 prophecies about the destiny of the world in the year 2024. He affirmed that 2024 will be a year when the world faces many challenges, crises and disasters, requiring people to work together and respond.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 2

1. America faces civil war and division

Abhigya Anand predicts that America will experience unprecedented civil war and division by 2024. He believes that America is in a time of turmoil, instability, social division, political polarization, economic crisis and many other issues affecting the stability and development of the country.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 3

The 18-year-old prodigy believes that this problem cannot be solved in the short term and will reach its peak in 2024. This was also the year that coincided with the US presidential election, which was an important turning point. The changes in astrology will also have a major impact on American society.

2. Natural disasters

The Indian prophet predicts that 2024 will be a year of many natural disasters, natural disasters, with serious consequences for both people and property.

Specifically, between July and August 2024, a country will experience a very large disaster, be it floods, fires or air pollution. In addition, a country near the sea will face a catastrophic volcanic eruption, followed by an earthquake and tsunami.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 4

3. Energy deficiency

An undeniable fact is the state of natural gas, crude oil, oil,... are being overexploited. Therefore, prices are also increasing exponentially, leading to the rapid development of renewable and green energy. Abhigya Anand said that the change of a country in the east could lead to an unprecedented energy crisis in the world.

4. Ancient bacteria are awakened

Global warming is still ongoing, and prophetic prodigies fear that this will awaken ancient microbes that have been stored for tens of thousands of years in Arctic ice sheets. The catastrophe caused by these bacteria could have major effects on the entire world.

5. Food crisis

Due to natural disasters and many wars breaking out in the world, Abhigya Anand thinks that the world is about to face the biggest food crisis ever. In 2024, the number of people affected by the food crisis could reach 2 billion and India will emerge from its abundant food reserves.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 5

6. Economic crisis

Abhigya Anand prophesied that the economy is at risk of recession in 2024, with severe inflation causing a growing number of poor people. The prophet also feared that a great power would lose its current status. There are 2 "big guys" who will compete with each other and one of them will die.

The b.oy's ability to foretell many major catastrophic events in the world makes many people pay attention to the series of information he talks about the new year 2024.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 6

In 2020, 14-year-old Abhigya Anand, an Indian b.oy, was suddenly mentioned by some local media outlets as a prophetic prodigy, thanks to accurately predicting some future events that surprised many.

In August 2019, in a video posted to his personal channel, based on astrological studies, Anand announced that a "grave danger to the world" would occur "from November 2019 to April 2020".

When it first came on the video-sharing platform, Anand's channel had very few views and comments. Most people who watched the video at that time thought that the statement of the "child prodigy" was baseless and illusory.

However, as everyone knows, by November of the same year 2019, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan city (China) and then spread to almost all countries and territories around the world. In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global pandemic.

Immediately, the "prophetic Covid-19" video became popular on social media across India, South America and many other parts of the world because of the fact that there was a "grave danger" to the world as in the warning. Anand was hailed as "the world's youngest prophet" at the age of 14.

The chilling prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19 - Photo 7

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