Linh Cao: The "banh cuon" female voice of Let's go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriend's taste is Black

Uyển ĐìnhMay 28, 2024 at 15:39

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Linh Cao (Nguyen Thuy Linh, born in 1990) is a female singer who emerged from the underground scene. Her name has become known to many audiences since her collaboration with Den Vau in Let's Escape.

Linh Cao is a famous singer and rapper in Vietnamese showbiz with a powerful voice, mixed with a bit of magic and captivating listeners. After collaborating with Den Vau in Let's Escape, she became more known to the audience. In addition, Linh Cao released other songs such as: Rosary, Second Life, Burning,...

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 1

Linh Cao pursued Underground in 2010, when she was still in school. Passionate about music, even though she still doesn't know music theory, singing... but for the music she pursues, she only needs passion.

She has been active in music since early on, but the audience only really got to know her after the song "Let each other escape" in collaboration with Den Vau. Linh Fox takes on the melody part in the famous Rap song "Let's go hide" that any young person who loves traveling has heard. Few people would expect that the singer who performed the song with its liberal and individual lyrics is currently working in customer service for a telecommunications company.

Administrative work takes up a lot of Linh Cao's time, so she can only live with her passion when everyone has gone to bed. It's not that Linh Cao likes a boring job of 8 hours a day with dozens of incoming calls, but the salary from her job gives her the conditions to fulfill her passion for music.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 2

Initially following underground music, Linh Cao did not receive support from her relatives. Because according to Linh Cao's mother, this is not mainstream music, girls can easily fall into trouble. That's why I always discourage her from going on this path.

When she first joined Underground, Linh Cao asked her parents to go to Hanoi to participate in "Kindness Show" season 3, but her parents absolutely refused to let her. Linh Cao secretly went to the new place to call home to report. Although he did not win the prize, he received his father's support on his career path.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 3

After returning, her parents scolded her non-stop, but because she was so passionate, Linh Fox tried every way to convince her parents. She uses the "long-lasting rain" method, opening all the images and clips related to the music she is participating in so her parents can better understand Underground. Linh Cao's parents are now more comfortable and support their daughter in pursuing her passion. Strangely, when Linh Cao's parents were willing to let Ms. Nam develop her music career, she decided to stay in Hue to work. Linh Fox admits that despite her rebellious personality, she always uses reason and family before every decision.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 4

She decided to go to Saigon to start a business. In the end, all of her efforts were rewarded when she participated in the song with Den Vau "Let's Escape" which received a lot of support from the audience and received the a.ward "Favorite rap/hiphop song". best" at Zing Music Awards 2015.

After "Let's go hide" made waves in the online community, Linh Cao was invited to many TV shows, but she all refused for many reasons, including pressure from fame. Linh Fox wants to live a peaceful life, afraid of hustle and bustle. Linh Fox does not like standing on stage in front of many audiences, does not like the spotlight.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 5

Not stopping there, she also released many extremely hit songs that made many audiences flutter. In the music products combined with Rapper Den Vau, Linh Cao is a young, dynamic, and personable g.irl, but in her solo songs, she is a g.irl who talks a lot, often worries, and contemplates life. "Rosary" the song Linh Cao was written about a g.irl's feelings after a relationship broke up. "The Porch" Linh Cao writes about her mother and the stories she often tells. Next is "Dream Shore" where Linh Cao writes about a g.irl's worries and concerns before deciding to get married.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 6

Although no longer active, the name Linh Cao is still familiar to young audiences. By 2021, Linh Cao has celebrated 10 years of artistic activities. Talking about her stage name Linh Cao, she said she has been using this stage name since 2014. She simply likes the image of a fox because this is an optimistic, life-loving and intelligent animal.

In addition, in the past, Linh Cao was very gentle and shy, so the female singer chose Linh Cao to sound less gentle. At that time, many people chose famous foreign artists, but I still liked my name with Vietnamese characteristics.

Talking about the opportunity to cooperate with Den Vau, Linh Cao revealed that after offline times, Den Vau also often goes to Hue to visit people. Linh Cao remembers a time when both she and Den faced pressure and difficulties in life. Both are confused about the future. At that time, Den released a demo Let's go hide and asked to collaborate with the female singer and of course, Linh Cao immediately agreed and started working on the chorus.

Taking each other away is also a song that brings me closer to the audience. Before that, I didn't sing much or have the opportunity to interact with people," Linh Cao shared.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 7

In an interview, when asked about his harmony with Den Vau, Linh Cao said:

"In music, Black and I intersect in creativity and freedom. Both he and I have no framework in music, it's all based on emotions. Both focus on simple topics. We want to use ordinary words and put them into music in the most realistic way, but still have a bit of dreaminess and levity.

As for life, it can be said that Den Vau is my type of boyfriend. I like people who are passionate, driven, and pursue what they set out to do. And Black like that.

Linh Fox is caught up in rumors that she has feelings for famous rapper Den Vau. However, she shared that the two have had feelings for each other for a long time, but this is just the love of colleagues.

Linh Cao: The banh cuon female voice of Lets go hide, r.evealing that her boyfriends taste is Black - Photo 8

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