Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly "cuckolded" by his lover and rival

Bút MàuMay 31, 2024 at 17:43

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Vietnamese League of Legends (League of Legends) fans probably don't know Levi, the name is so famous and is even a model symbol for a jungler in VCS.

Competing professionally in League of Legends since 2016 under the Hanoi SkyRed shirt, then dedicating all the best at GAM, Do "Levi" Duy Khanh has left behind a huge legacy with many titles as well as awards. A special witness to the development journey of this Esports discipline in Vietnam.

Levi's start was with the emerging team Hanoi SkyRed, but perhaps everyone who knows Levi must admit that this 1997-born player's entire career is associated with the GAM shirt.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 1

At that time, Levi was a promising young name and of course the Bac Ninh b.oy immediately caught the eye of the "monster" in the coach's chair, Tinikun. At the end of 2016, as soon as he became GAM's coach, Tinikun's first goal was to recruit Levi to make GAM's jungle dominate the VCS.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 2

Immediately, the vision of this unique coach made everyone admire when GAM and Levi immediately stirred up VCS A and then GPL (Southeast Asian League) throughout 2017 with their unstoppable performance and won the title. complete all titles.

Not only that, this player's mark is also extremely strong in the two seasons of MSI 2017 and World Finals 2017 that those who have watched will never forget. The predatory jungle cards like Nocturne, Lee Sin, Kha'zix... in Levi's hands and the aggressive fighting style of Vietnam are like a c.limax that makes world LoL fans fascinated after a long time. long boring control gameplay adopted by Koreans and causing the whole world to follow.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 3

For the first time, there is a team from the underrated GPL region that brings gameplay with unique colors, rich in emotions, and such remarkable achievements. Everyone had to recognize the strength of Vietnamese League of Legends and this is also the reason why 1 year later, VCS officially separated from the GPL and had a chance to participate in international tournaments.

The journey of bringing Vietnamese League of Legends away from the GPL village to reach the big ocean would certainly have taken a lot more time if it weren't for the excellence and top matches of Levi and GAM.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 4

Levi's resounding successes and personal skill performances in 2017 have made Levi's name widely known in the global League of Legends world. Many invitations with high contracts compared to the general level of VCS at that time were sent to Levi and the LCS team (North America) - 100 Thieves was the one who succeeded in recruiting the superstar. Vietnamese forest.

However, factors such as communication, living... prevented Levi from being as successful as expected and after 1 year, he transferred to JD Gaming at LPL (China). Levi still practices and competes not bad, but perhaps the different environment is not suitable for him.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 5

Finally, the Vietnamese "god of the forest" has returned to the familiar VCS forest and the shirt that Levi serves is still GAM. "Going To Come Back" is not just the name of a song by Soobin Hoang Son, it is also the story of Levi's journey and those long trips were not completely wasted.

It was this that forged a calm, mature "captain" Levi to lead the young players of this team to conquer many subsequent VCS titles.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 6

In 2022, I was faced with the choice of participating in MSI or going to SEA Games 31. However, GAM decisively chose SEA Games 31 and Levi also firmly affirmed in the media: "Going to MSI is only on behalf of VCS, but attending the SEA Games is representing the whole country."


Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 7

At SEA Games 31, GAM excellently won all 10 games, from the group stage match to the semi-finals, and finally the final, all of which were destructive, overwhelming and one-sided games. GAM's strength is too superior to competitors such as Malaysia and the Philippines; The key to victory is none other than captain Levi.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 8

GAM's historic gold medal greatly contributes to building the image of professional e-sports in Vietnam, dispelling social prejudices about online games, and Levi is the most important factor in that process. .

After that resounding success, Levi & GAM continued to dominate the tournament for the next 2 years. However, when his team competed internationally, they suffered many humiliations when they continuously stopped at the group stage. Levi still showed his skills and accumulated experience but could not equal the representatives from Korea, China or the European region.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 9

In addition to good gaming skills, Levi also possesses a handsome appearance and friendly personality that captivates the hearts of countless female fans. However, he also has a majestic love story that makes the Vietnamese gaming community talk about it year after year.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 10

Specifically, despite having "showed off" his girlfriend to the online community before, on the day Levi officially went abroad to compete, his girlfriend suddenly announced her relationship with a foreign gamer. The two initially only confirmed that they were friends, but after breaking up with Levi, the girlfriend and the other gamer continuously posted pictures together, implicitly confirming that they were dating.

After that s.hock, Levi's love life was always kept secret. Levi also implicitly plans to retire after the 2024 season ends.

Levi: No. 1 League of Legends gamer in Vietnam, bitterly cuckolded by his lover and rival - Photo 11

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