Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said "of little circle", showing an angry attitude

Kim LâmDec 07, 2023 at 09:46

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Recently, the Bao Lam Legion has been repeatedly criticized for taking advantage of the audience. The noise on the livestream has not subsided, the male artist continues to cause outrage when posting a forum to disparage fan gifts. The incident is still being talked about all over social media.

As a laughing factor in 2 Days 1 Night, the Brilliant Journey, Bao Lam Legion is increasingly interested in many people on social networks. However, recently, the actor has been constantly embroiled in controversy for taking advantage of the audience.

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 1

The controversy over the alleged "gift tap" from fans has been rampant since the actor suggested Puka m.ake m.oney from PK on livestreams. When these controversies have not subsided, the Bao Lam Legion continues to criticize for posting audience gifts, even bluntly claiming that fan gifts are "of little circularity".

This noise comes from the fact that 2 days ago, the actor had a business trip to Dong Thap. Before r.evealing, Legion Bao Lam shared on social networks: "In the afternoon, you come to see me with very strange hands, gifts, clowns, specialties, fruit cakes ...".

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 2

However, after that, the actor only received ball toys and 1 box of pre-peeled toads. Instead of thanking the audience for the small gifts, Legion Bao Lam posted a photo of his "staked" facial expression with insensitive words.

Legion Bao Lam expressed his attitude: "Lin announced earlier that he was in Dong Thap. Lin saw that his relatives interacted with him too much, tagging his friends a lot. Lin thought this was his chance to receive gifts and Lin also mentioned it as a gift for Lin Yan. The result was 1 toad and 6 toads. Dong Thap relatives, did I mess up, went back to the hotel crying with my eyes. Do people hurt, it's a little bit of a circle."

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 3

This action of his has caused many people to be outraged, claiming that he has crossed the line in asking for gifts from the audience and expressing his dissatisfaction when receiving low-value gifts.

Although people know that Legion Bao Lam often jokes, maybe this is just a way of interacting with the audience, but this action caused his image to be negatively affected in the public eye. After the recent incidents, many people believe that it is time for the Bao Lam Legion to get more serious about how to do its profession and speak on social media.

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 4

Previously, Bao Lam Legion invited Puka to turn on "PK mode" - a feature that allows livestreamers to challenge each other to see who gets more likes and gifts from viewers. These gifts are then exchanged for m.oney. Seeing that Puka did not understand the law, Baolin Legion explained to the juniors:

"Now the two will f.ight each other, everyone will give gifts. I told everyone to 'save Puka'. When you say that, people will give you gifts. You, too, will cry out 'help Lin'. But that's just your tactic, poor fans, they'll buy you gifts. So did his fans. Saving back and forth in the end, everyone lost all their m.oney, only 2 of us had m.oney. This is an act of 'extortion' by fans."

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 5

Later, Puka expressed his disapproval. She kept telling her seniors, "Is that taking advantage of others? Come on, get out of this regime, I'm afraid to take advantage of kindness, naturally take people's m.oney." However, the male artist did not allow Puka to escape, and warned his wife Gin Tuan Kiet that she would lose the channel if she left the game, causing many fans to be upset.

Legion Bao Lam demanded gifts from the audience, and criticized his face, said of little circle, showing an angry attitude - Photo 6

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