Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, "main character" visual is noticed

Juni NguyễnNov 09, 2023 at 17:06

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The engagement ceremony of Miss Trendy Khanh Linh and her fiancé Vu Minh Kong was held intimately with only 40 guests participating, mainly family and close friends of both.

On the morning of November 9, the engagement ceremony of fashionista Khanh Linh (stage name Co Em Trendy) and her boyfriend Vu Minh Kong was unexpectedly held at a famous villa in the city. Ho Chi Minh. The ceremony was attended by Khanh Linh and Minh Kong's families and the couple's longtime friends.

Being people who love fashion, love beauty and always want to bring aesthetic values, Minh Kong and Khanh Linh spent a lot of time coming up with ideas and implementing the entire decor for the space of the occasion. this special. The traditional values and colors of an engagement ceremony are cleverly combined with a classic minimalist style, creating a harmonious, cozy whole that is still extremely eye-catching and artistic.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 1

Each decoration item is meticulously cared for, and the investment in concept partly shows how much Minh Kong and Khanh Linh care about the guests' experience.

The couple's engagement ceremony brought together a crowd of favorite KOLs/influencers on social networks such as Dino Vu, Kendall Nguyen, Naomi, Pham Dieu Linh,... These friends all wore tonal outfits. tons are innovative ao dai with bright colors, creating a happy, youthful atmosphere for the event.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 2

Unlike what most people think, as a fashionista, Khanh Linh will choose designs from international brands for her important day, she is determined to honor the creations from international brands and brands. Vietnamese designer.

Specifically, throughout the main events of the engagement ceremony, Miss Trendy changed two outfits. If the first dress from the MAISON DE N.UDE brand gives the fashionista a gentle, traditional image, the second dress made by designer Ha Truong shows the creativity and fashion from Ms. I'm Trendy.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 3

Each outfit has a different spirit, but in every appearance, Khanh Linh makes her relatives, friends and those who love her admire her beautiful, radiant and happy appearance.

The biggest wish of Minh Kong and Khanh Linh when organizing this ceremony is because they want their families as well as the friends who have worked side by side for many years to be able to gather, gather together to celebrate and witness a special moment. difference between both. Regarding the official wedding, Minh Kong and Khanh Linh still want to keep it a secret and promise to r.eveal it when everything is carefully and meticulously prepared.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 4

Sharing about today, Khanh Linh said: "Right after returning from Fashion Week, Linh and Mr. Kong as well as the Co Em Trendy team made detailed plans for the engagement ceremony. It's the end of the year so Everything is busy and stressful, but we are very happy to come up with ideas and prepare every little detail for this day. Linh and Mr. Kong are both people who like beauty, so when family and friends Complimenting the ceremony's decor, everyone then took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures continuously, making both of them very happy.

The costume element is also a story that the two of us put a lot of effort into. Among countless options, I still decided to use designs from Vietnamese brands and designers. As someone who is attached to and follows the development journey of the country's fashion, I and Mr. Kong both greatly appreciate the creativity, efforts and progressive spirit of Vietnamese designers. So supporting domestic products, brands or designers is always Linh's priority!"

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 5

In April this year, Khanh Linh surprised everyone when she publicly announced that her boyfriend (now her fiancé) proposed marriage. Besides their admirable career, the couple's love story of more than half a decade also received love and attention from netizens.

The female fashionista met her "other half" when she first entered the fashion industry. The two often accompany and support each other at work. Vu Minh Kong many times "escorts" his girlfriend abroad to attend Fashion Weeks. Although busy with passion, Khanh Linh and Minh Kong still diligently enjoy life through travel.

Not long ago, Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong's special wedding photo set was taken right at Paris Fashion Week, making fans admire the couple's creativity. The two chose the world's leading Fashion Week to mark an important milestone because this is also the place where Minh Kong and Khanh Linh spent the early days of their careers, when Linh was still starting out in her fashion career. Try your hand at international events.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 6
Throughout her journey of love, Khanh Linh always attracted the audience's attention because of her romantic love story like a love story, with ups and downs, but after all, she and her boyfriend found each other, reaped sweet fruits, and are now perfect. returned to the same house.

Engagement ceremony of Khanh Linh and Vu Minh Kong: Private space, main character visual is noticed - Photo 7

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