Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation

Thảo MaiApr 19, 2024 at 17:26

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Possessing a pretty face and ideally balanced b.ody, Bui Thi Lan Anh became the pride of Vietnam when she won the title of Miss & Mister Dear International in 2016.

Bui Thi Lan Anh was born in 1995 in Vinh Phuc in a family of three sisters. She studied at Central Pedagogical College. Lan Anh was born deaf. Despite her flaws, she lives optimistically, happily and has a beautiful figure.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 1

That's why in 2015, Lan Anh participated in the Miss Deaf Vietnam contest and was crowned the top winner. In 2016, she was sent to participate in the Miss & Mister Deaf International contest and won 2nd runner-up. The contest was held in the US and attracted contestants from 25 countries and regions. territories worldwide participate.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 2

After the contest, Lan Anh did not participate in Vietnamese showbiz. She focuses mainly on work and studies. Recently, Lan Anh attracted the attention of many people when sharing about her current happiness.

Accordingly, Miss Deaf Vietnam got married at the end of 2023. Her husband is Jose Saldana.

Deaf at the age of two, Jose always wanted to conquer the highest peaks and travel everywhere, so he chose photography as a career. He came to Vietnam on his schedule to explore Southeast Asia.

On that occasion, Jose connected with American friends living in Vietnam. They invited other deaf friends, including Bui Lan Anh.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 3

That day, a group of young people put their heads together and talked about many things in sign language. Jose is drawn towards Lan Anh, the most beautiful, funny and vibrant g.irl.

He raised his camera to take a picture of the group and laughed when he saw Lan Anh teasing him. "At that moment, I knew for sure that Lan Anh was the perfect half of my life," Jose said.

He fell in love with Lan Anh, but at that time Jose did not know that she was Miss Deaf Vietnam in 2015 and second runner-up in the Miss and Mister Deaf International contest in the US in 2016.

Lan Anh learned international sign language while competing in the Miss Deaf beauty pageant in the US and has many foreign friends, so she can talk to Jose without any hesitation. She just sees him as other new friends. When the American photographer said he loved her just after meeting for the first time, Lan Anh refused. "I also said frankly that I didn't like a bald man," she recalled.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 4

Leaving Vietnam, the American b.oy "bombarded" his social network accounts with messages, even though the g.irl did not accept the friend request. "For half a year, he persistently called and texted to inquire without missing a day. I kept waiting to see how long he could keep it up," she said. Finally, the American b.oy's patience reached Lan Anh's heart.

When she read the message "Sorry, I still can't forget you, please reconnect me" after more than 7 months, she was moved and accepted the offer. make your friends. Immediately, Jose called Lan Anh back on video, showing off that he had grown his hair long and was no longer bald. "I burst out laughing, feeling more fond of him," she said. They started talking back and forth from there.

In 2020, Jose returned to Vietnam hoping to meet Lan Anh. The American guy said he loved him but still didn't receive a nod. He continued his strategy of calling and texting every day, telling her everything he experienced on his journey to explore the world.

"There is no one I can talk to and confide in so many things. Every day I love her more and more," Jose said. Lan Anh also sympathized more with her foreign friend, admiring him for his caring words and gentle inquiries. "I think he's funny and likes to do tricks just like me. In him, I find harmony," she said.

On his birthday at the end of 2021, Covid broke out so they celebrated his birthday via video. This time, the Vietnamese g.irl prepared a beautiful little cake and blew out the candles from afar with him. "He confessed his love. Seeing me nod. Seeing his tears fall, I knew I had chosen the right person," Lan Anh said.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 5

With sincere love in 2021, the American photographer received a nod from the runner-up. Love just keeps growing, now the couple has a perfect, happy ending.

Ms. Bui Phuong, Lan Anh's older sister and her family were very worried when they learned that she loved a foreigner. But they feel more secure when they see that when they are together, both Lan Anh and Jose are happy, humorous and like to tease each other, making those around them also enjoy positive energy.

"Jose is meticulous, careful, cares about Lan Anh's health and always encourages her to study to develop herself. The important thing is that they are both very steadfast in their choices, so their family supports them," Ms. Phuong said.

Currently, Lan Anh is completing her studies in Vietnam and in the future she will go to America to live with her husband. The couple loves to travel and explore the world together. Lan Anh also wants to participate in many projects for disabled and deaf people in the future.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 6

"I also want to work for a project for people with disabilities, helping deaf people in particular and people with disabilities in general have more opportunities in life," Lan Anh said.

She said that the deaf community is much smaller than the speaking community and uses its own language, so the opportunity to find a life partner is very difficult. However, Lan Anh always believes in love.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 7

"As long as we are confident, optimistic and always trying, we will find the right path and someone willing to accompany us in life, just like Jose and I found each other," she said.

Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation - Photo 8

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