Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game

Bút MựcMay 10, 2024 at 16:33

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Recently, Miss USA Duyen and Miss Huyen My unexpectedly reunited at an event frame. Here, Ky Duyen and Huyen My caused a fever with their glamorous fashion style.

If Ky Duyen chooses a s.exy deep-cut design, Huyen My is not inferior when choosing a daring cut dress. Both displayed impressive stature and increasing visual rankings.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 1

In the joint frame, Ky Duyen and Huyen My also sit closely, showing their cheerful and relaxed attitude in the rare encounter. The simultaneous appearance of 2 queens made netizens can't help but notice because before, both of them had time to "not see their faces".

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 2

At Miss Vietnam 2014, Ky Duyen was crowned the highest position, while Huyen My finished as 1st runner-up. Immediately after the competition, the two were constantly put on the scale by the audience. Not only that, many behind-the-scenes rumors that "Huyen My played badly behind Ky Duyen's back" became the topic of discussion all over social networks.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 3

The relationship between Qi Duyen and Xuanmy is as questionable as water and fire. Because in the midst of rumors of discord, the two suddenly avoided, no longer happy sisters and sisters as before.

In early 2019, Huyen My officially spoke out for the first time about the question of ending her friendship with Ky Duyen. "Actually, my relationship with Ky Duyen right from the competition was extremely good as the 2 sisters always went together and also helped each other a lot.

At that time, I was also quite close to Duyen's family and often talked to my uncles. Until the exam was completed, the 2 sisters were accidentally put on the comparison scale by the audience, then there were a lot of rumors happening and I think Duyen could not confirm whether it was true or not, so both sisters also dodged themselves a bit, Avoid appearing closer together.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 4

After that, there were also many bad rumors, many rumors that I was jealous of Ky Duyen or that I was the one behind the stories that slandered Ky Duyen. It's not true, I have nothing to envy or hate. If I didn't like anyone, I would definitely not talk or laugh like it was nothing," Huyen My told the media.

On Ky Duyen's side, the beauty shared: "I have heard many people around me say that Huyen My harmed me. Actually, past stories are also very sensitive issues. I never knew if it was true or not.

People often wonder about why Huyen My and I have such a good relationship. I only know that when I interact with My sister, I find her very happy with me. How people treat me, I will treat them like that, not caring about outside information.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 5

I just want to look forward to good and positive things. When it was all over, I looked back and thought, if I had been good enough then, without creating opportunities for others to harm me, no one would have harmed me or said anything."

Since his coronation, Ky Duyen's career has progressed strongly. Ky Duyen is considered the "darling" of the Vietnamese fashion village, she constantly appears on the fashion runway as a vedette.

Besides, Ky Duyen became a mentor of The Look Vietnam 2017 - Brand Beauty, The Face Vietnam, KOC Vietnam, Miss Sports Vietnam 2022... Recently, Ky Duyen caused regret when she broke up with a same-sex love affair with supermodel Minh Zhao.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 6

About runner-up Huyen My, she tried her hand in many fields from MC, acting, modeling after leaving Miss Vietnam 2014. She also represented Vietnam at Miss Grand International 2017 and reached the Top 10 overall.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 7

In recent years, Huyen My has not participated in exciting showbiz activities as before, but has spent a lot of time as an MC of sports programs. In addition, the runner also owns her own beauty establishment. It is known that she spent 2 years quietly focusing on this new field.

Ky Duyen - Huyen My expressed his attitude when he met after years of rumors of quitting the game - Photo 8

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