Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linh's family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan

Minh LợiOct 14, 2023 at 13:32

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Recently, distinguished artist Kim Tieu Long had a meeting with Hong Loan (adopted daughter of late artist Vu Linh) at artist Binh Tinh's birthday party. Immediately, Kim Tieu Long had to receive criticism from netizens.

Many people went to Kim Tieu Long's personal page to criticize. The cause stems from the noisy dispute over the property left by the late artist Vu Linh with Hong Loan (adopted son) and artist Hong Phuong (biological niece), causing any artist who appears with Hong Loan to be censured.

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 1

Recently, Kim Tieu Long spoke out about being attacked. I said:

"People travel all over the world, they're c.razy but everyone loves them. When we're awake, we scold them for being c.razy, watch out for our karma. It's not good to just scold people, one sentence holds back nine good ones. Ai The more I scolded, the more I sang. From that day until now I only sing and don't say anything.

I didn't do anything bad, I just had a fun meeting and celebrated Binh Tinh's birthday, but I looked at it and was jealous.

For Binh Tinh's birthday, Nguyen Vu is the organizer, so he will invite Hong Loan, me, Nhat Kim Anh, Linh Ty, Kim Tu Long... everyone. Why don't you let me take a photo together when I go to my birthday party? Life is so funny now. Hong Loan is the youngest brother, I always love her.

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 2

Now everyone from every faction invites me to go, I go and take pictures with everyone.

Being jealous and scolding people is a very sinful thing. Here I don't scold anyone, talk to anyone, just sing. I don't block anyone, just let them scold me for fun.

I went to the birthday party and found everyone cute, Hong Loan, Binh Tinh, Nguyen Vu... were all cute. No one is easy to hate, but everyone hates them so much. People go out and have fun, they don't talk or talk about anyone, they just make up their own ideas and impose them."

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 3

Next, Kim Tieu Long hinted at Hong Loan's defense: "Well, I have to accept it, in this life no one will ever love you, there must be someone who loves and someone who hates you.

There is a g.irl who has endured since childhood until adulthood, for many years, to the point that now everyone loves her, which is enough to understand. Nowadays people are sought after everywhere they go, that is their blessing because they have endured.

Well, you can scold me. No matter how much you scold me, I will endure it so that my blessings can bloom and I won't suffer when I get old. I always support people who are kind and lovely, who live their lives with integrity, and who live with love and meaning. I am vegetarian, practice and practice correctly. I've seen it, there are things being said online that are extremely untrue.

Open your heart, live true to your mind, a mind that is not evil, do not say evil words, then blessings will bloom, one sentence of abstaining from nine good sentences. In this world, it's not easy for people to love you, people are very smart, they know everything."

Previously, Kim Tieu Long visited the grave of senior Vu Linh as soon as he returned home. The male artist emotionally revealed the reason for not calling the late artist "brother".

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 4

"At that time, I had just come to the US from Vietnam for 3 days when I heard that my father Vu Linh had passed away, so I couldn't return to Vietnam right away. This time when I returned to the country, I had to come and burn incense for my father Vu Linh, my father in the field. Cai Luong, career as well as in real life.

I don't call my dad Vu Linh because in Cai Luong plays he always plays the role of father and son, so wherever I go, people call me Vu Linh's son."

After lighting the incense, Kim Tieu Long did many respectful actions towards artist Vu Linh such as pouring water, wiping the grave with a towel, and wiping the photo clean. I said:

"Those of you who haven't seen the play The Wind Brings the Willow Branch, please watch to see me play the son of Vu Linh's father. Thanks to that play, I was able to go to Australia to perform, and the audience in Australia has loved me ever since...

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 5

I still know that this life gives birth to old age, sickness, and d.eath, but coming in from the street, my heart is very sad, hard to describe. I kept wishing, if only this hadn't happened, how nice it would be that Vu Linh's father was still alive. Even though the law of birth, old age, illness, and d.eath must exist, I still wish that because I love Vu Linh. I love talented people who sing well and act well.

It's not just the audience that admires the artist. Sometimes artists also admire artists a lot, idolize them.

When I used to sing, my cabinets were full of pictures of Vu Linh, Kim Tu Long, Le Thuy, Minh Vuong... They were the people I idolized. That day I still sang in the province, went to every pagoda and prayed to return to Saigon to meet Vu Linh, Thoai My, Thanh Thanh Tam, Minh Vuong, Le Thuy, Bach Tuyet, Diep Lang...

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 6

When Diep Lang's father passed away in America, I spent a week attending his funeral. Dad Diep Lang and I have many memories.

When I first returned to Saigon, I didn't go to opera much but worked as a model, photographer, and actor. When Diep Lang's father met me, he immediately gave me advice that has stuck with me to this day: "Listen to me, don't go into acting, taking fashion photos or anything, just sing Cai Luong. If you don't become famous, you'll be miserable. I'm going down to the cellar".

I listened to Diep Lang's father, quit all other jobs to sing Cai Luong, and after only one year, I became famous for the play Wind Brings a Willow Branch, playing Vu Linh's father's son.

Until now, I still clearly remember the song of Vu Linh's father in the play Wind gives a willow branch in the part where father and son go looking for my mother. I love my father Vu Linh very much. When I go to his grave, I want to stay and look forever."

Kim Tieu Long revealed the inside story of Vu Linhs family and became angry when he was criticized for being close to Hong Loan - Photo 7

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