Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linh's "huge" profile at the WeChoice Awards

Tuyết NgọcJan 27, 2024 at 07:50

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Kim Nguyen Bao has a rather strange voice, and his appearance is not too eye-catching compared to the average, but for some reason he is quite famous and was "chosen to send gold" by the organizers of the big event.

Following the success of the previous 7 seasons, WeChoice Awards 2023 officially returns with the theme "Dare to be passionate - Dare to be brilliant". After 1 month of opening the voting portal with many nominated categories, the a.ward has received enthusiastic attention from a large audience. And in less than 1 day, the Gala night of honoring and awarding will take place in Ho Chi Minh City.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 1

To let the inspiration shine brightly, the main host in the WeChoice Awards 2023 Gala is Dr. - MC Kim Nguyen Bao. This is the first time this guy has become the "host" at the WeChoice Awards, and with his co-host Miss Luong Thuy Linh, they promise to bring the most complete emotions.

Kim Nguyen Bao or Bui Nguyen Bao was born in 1992 in Phu Yen, is a former student of the Academy of Journalism and Communication. The young man with a South Central accent quickly made an impression with his active activities in student movements and also formed a passion and passion for MC work on school stages.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 2

In the first days of going to Hanoi to study Journalism, Nguyen Bao's culture s.hock was even more severe than other students. Originally an active Union officer and admitted to the Communist Party of Vietnam when he was in high school, entering the classroom life, both the style of Youth Union and Student Association officers in the school also forced him to do very familiar.

Furthermore, despite his passion for MCing, Kim Nguyen Bao's first days holding the mic were also very difficult. The typical voice of the South Central region was initially quite difficult to hear, coupled with a lack of "measure" and a face that was not very photogenic, so Nguyen Bao's MC career started with programs for students.

However, in an environment where "talented hosts" are as abundant as the press, asserting yourself is extremely difficult. Gradually, his strange voice, charm and humor brought the 9X b.oy his first "shows".

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 3

From "free" hosting for programs at his place of study, then to outside schools such as Hanoi University, Foreign Trade University... Kim Nguyen Bao became more famous, even having fan.

Talking about his first days as an MC, Nguyen Bao recalled the first small salary he received was one hundred thousand dong. Those are the winter days when you have to wake up at 4am to catch the bus early to catch the morning program...

For the young man, unfavorable reviews about his sometimes harsh voice and having a "disastrous" fashion style are inevitable. But he was not discouraged and accepted all praise and criticism, learning from failure to improve himself.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 4

MC work also brings Kim Nguyen Bao many new experiences, even somewhat "reckless". For example, when he accepted the invitation to host a program for the Foreign Trade School about a stock exchange competition, besides messing around with books and looking up specialized financial terms, the young man learned a lot about economic knowledge. which a student majoring in a socially relevant major may be of little interest.

Kim Nguyen Bao's remarkable thing is not only his level of success as an MC, but also a long list of "huge" achievements that make everyone who reads it admire.

Accordingly, before becoming a professional presenter, Nguyen Bao was the valedictorian of the Master of International Relations exam and graduated with a thesis defense score of 9.4 at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 5

3 years later, the young man continued to excellently defend his thesis, became a Doctor of International Relations, researched and taught international relations and communications at many universities and received the "East Sea Research Award". excellent".

Not only that, Kim Nguyen Bao is also the official delegate of Vietnam at the East Asia - Japan Youth Exchange Program (JENESYS), India - ASEAN (AISEP),... Currently, Bao is the MC on the show. channels VTV2, VTV5, HTV7 and has hosted many television programs and major events.

In addition, the Phu Yen native is also known as the founder of KnB Enhance MC and presentation skills training center - where many MCs and champions of host competitions got their start.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 6

With more than 10 years of experience in the profession along with diverse experiences and activities in the social field, MC with a doctorate degree Kim Nguyen Bao is always the face chosen by many programs.

For him, having a PhD, having worked in research and teaching, and then turning to become an MC is a good combination and good support for his work. Because the presenter originally from Phu Yen has both scientific thinking and charm, he can always transform smoothly and score points when "hosting" big shows.

At the WeChoice Awards 2023, Kim Nguyen Bao, in addition to being an MC, also participated in the process of scripting and editing content for the Gala night. His job is to find commonalities between the performances, inspirational stories, and interesting individuals to both highlight each person and synthesize the elements and requests from the director.

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 7

With a series of remarkable achievements, many people are looking forward to MC Kim Nguyen Bao's upcoming performance at the WeChoice Awards 2023. With her strengths and experience, Nguyen Bao and her co-host Miss Luong Thuy Linh will definitely win. contributing to sparking the inspiration "Dare to be passionate - Dare to be brilliant" on Gala night.

Mega Livestream Gala honoring and awarding the WeChoice Awards 2023 takes place at 5:30 p.m. on January 27, broadcast on the entire media system of VCCorp and Media Partners: TikTok platform, VieON super application, Episode MCV Media & Technology Group,...

Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linhs huge profile at the WeChoice Awards - Photo 8

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