Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals

Kim OanhJun 24, 2024 at 10:59

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Rising thanks to his talent as a prominent trot singer in the land of kimchi, Kim Ho Joong was f.orced to retire from his brilliant career because he was involved in a prison sentence. The male singer was even criticized for being virtuous. poor", KBS station had to ban the broadcast

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 1

Kim Ho Joong was born in 1991, in Ulsan, Korea, he is one of the trot singers - a traditional Korean music genre. The male artist officially entered the Korean entertainment industry when he turned 22 years old. During more than a decade of artistic activities, Kim Ho Joong has released a series of albums that achieved high results on Korean charts such as Our Family, Panorama...

With his deep, powerful, elegant and passionate voice, Kim Ho Joong has quickly conquered domestic and international listeners through many famous songs he performed, typically the most recent MV has the song The title track is called "Great Light".

In the released music video teaser, the eye-catching detail is the image of Kim Ho-joong reading a letter, deeply reminiscing about past love. At that moment, all the old feelings seemed to disappear. comes back to life, but only passes by like a flashing light. In addition, the lyrics in the song he composed himself such as 'that person is passing by' and 'those memories are passing away', combined with the sad melody, make listeners even more emotional.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 2

In particular, during the peak of his musical activities, trot singer Kim Ho Joong held the gold trophy for 6 consecutive weeks on the Music Bank chart. In addition, the male singer born in 1991 has appeared in many famous TV game shows such as Known Bros, of JTBC channel. Since then, many times Kim Ho Joong has given his colleagues and the audience goosebumps when showcased her towering, powerful voice through the opera song "Nessun Dorma". And his talent performance was highly appreciated by viewers, most of whom said that there are few singers who can sing so high and comfortably.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 3

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 4

Kim Ho Joong's powerful voice made the set explode

Kim Ho-joong's name became even more prominent when he first appeared in the music reality TV show "Mr.Trot" in 2020. He won 4th place overall and officially debuted with the music product debut music "I Love You More Than Me", released in April 2020. The 29-year-old singer was also scheduled to appear at the Trot National Festival show organized by KBS and sang in a program celebrating Liberation Day on KBS.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 5

Along with his artistic activities, Kim Ho-joong also makes the audience admire him with his warm heart. On March 22, 2022, the male singer donated 500 Geumsan Cosmetic Red Ginseng products (worth 67.5 million won) to Sky Garden under the Love Welfare Foundation, a social welfare company. In addition, Kim Ho-joong also donated 50 million won to help the 2023 Türkiye-Syria earthquake through the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 6

Despite having more than a decade of working in the entertainment industry of ginseng, Kim Ho Joong's path back to the entertainment industry became extremely unclear because he was involved in too many scandals in his personal life.

Specifically, this year Kim Ho Joong became the focus of criticism from the Korean public when he drove drunk and crashed into another vehicle and then quickly fled in May this year. Initially, this male singer admitted to drinking about 10 glasses of Soju. But the police determined that Kim Ho Joong drank more than 3 bottles of soju.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 7

Osen newspaper revealed Kim Ho Joong's infuriating tricks to avoid crime and bypass the investigation agency. According to the source, the male singer born in 1991 gave his clothes to his manager to wear and then let this person go to the police station to admit he was driving the car that caused the collision. Worth mentioning, Kim Ho Joong was wearing the above outfit at the time he rushed into the taxi parked on the street.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 8

Kim Ho Joong exchanged clothes with his manager and tried every way to escape the crime

According to the image, immediately after the collision, Kim Ho Joong drove the luxury car Bentley Bentayga away from the scene without any action to help or handle any consequences for the taxi driver.

Kim Ho Joong initially tried to deny that driving caused an accident, but during interrogation, the 9X male singer finally bowed his head and admitted. The manager admitted that he removed the black box memory card from Kim Ho Joong's car to destroy evidence, hindering the investigation process.

After being detained to await trial, Kim Ho Joong collapsed and became mentally unstable. Concerned that Kim would harm himself, Seoul Detention Center decided to send the male singer to a separate detention room.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 9

The collision scene was recorded by a camera; the vehicle did not have a data black box installed

In addition, Osen newspaper reported that male singer Kim Ho Joong has just been temporarily suspended from broadcasting by Korean national television station KBS after the accident scandal. According to sources, KBS has established a panel to evaluate Kim Ho Joong's ability to appear on television. As a result, the Korean national television station decided to temporarily ban the male artist from broadcasting because of a serious scandal.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 10

A representative from KBS shared more about the decision to ban the male singer born in 1991: "KBS considers the artist's illegal and immoral behavior as factors to consider banning the broadcast. More specifically, The station may consider suspending broadcasting for morally corrupt artists. Osen newspaper said that KBS's blacklist is added every year. Besides Kim Ho Joong, 80-year-old actor Oh Young Soo (Squid Game) is also one of the artists suspended from broadcasting by KBS during the recent evaluation for harassing others.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 11

The male singer's management company spoke up about the incident, and assured that both the management agency and the male singer are committed to handling the consequences of the collision with the highest responsibility. According to News1, with this incident, male artist Kim could face a sentence of 30 years in prison for violating road traffic laws.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 12

Many viewers want Kim Ho Joong to be punished for the crimes he committed

Previously, Kim Ho Joong was accused of being involved in gangsters, often organizing fan meetings in the middle of the epidemic season despite the government calling for social distancing. Southern artists not only held one day but 3 nights in a row. Male singer Kim Ho Joong continues to be criticized for his scandal of participating in illegal sports. He placed bets ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 won using the account of his former manager's acquaintance on illegal websites.

In the Korean entertainment industry, the public is very harsh towards artists involved in scandals, so in the case of constantly lying to the public like Kim Ho Joong, it will take a long time to find a way back to showbiz.

Kim Ho Joong: Career plummeted due to poor ethics, fed up with a series of scandals - Photo 13

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