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MC Phuong Anh: impressive EURO commentary, fierce physique

Mỹ Hoa09:37:41 05/07/2024
As one of the main female MCs leading Euro 2024 commentary, Phuong Anh is the name that has made the most impression on sports fans, thanks to her professional leadership, especially her charming beauty like the Vietnamese version of Pham Bang Bang

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Tran Duc Vien used to study "stupidly" and became valedictorian, to the director of a million-view comedy group

Lan Chi16:16:47 01/07/2024
To become the director of Vietnam's first diamond comedy group, few people know that Tran Duc Vien once scored only 0.5 points in Math in the university exam, owing 10 subjects after 1 and a half years of learning code. This is also the opportunity for him to turn to art as he is now

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Ly Nha Ky bought 5 new safes to store diamonds, showing off that she has a special person "backing her"

Đình Như07:26:36 29/05/2024
Ly Nha Ky recently participated in a show by designer Do Long. As soon as she appeared, the Vung Tau-born actress attracted all the attention when wearing a seductive red dress and diamond jewelry worth about 2 billion VND.

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CS Yen Thu died: The beautiful peach of Doan Diamond, suffering from 1 at 2 cancer

Thảo Mai16:13:37 10/05/2024
Singer Yen Thu is a familiar voice at gatherings in Ho Chi Minh City and the Diamond troupe. Since 40 years ago, she has been a beloved vocalist for her beautiful physique, beauty and beautiful voice.

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Rumor has it that Ly Nha Ky was arrested, her assets were frozen, and the owner posted to o.ff a luxury item

Keng07:18:11 23/02/2024
On a large entertainment group, there was an article that implicitly said: Big sister Diamond was put on the chopping block, followed by an asset freeze... . Although the article did not mention anyone clearly, in the comments below, many audiences shouted the name of actress Ly Nha Ky.

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Millionaire Johnny Dang was "kicked out" by a luxury hotel because he had something many people were "afraid of".

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:30:56 25/01/2024
Famous as a diamond millionaire with a huge fortune, Johnny Dang surprised many people with the image of him sitting on the side of the road during his recent return to Vietnam. After knowing the reason, everyone had to laugh because of the irony.

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Ly Nha Ky was "dug" by netizens for a series of wedding photos with her Vietnamese overseas German husband in 18

Khánh Huyền11:09:12 06/01/2024
Recently, Li Yiqi has been constantly called by the media when he suddenly set a wedding date. The diamond giant was impatient to get married at the age of 41, but many viewers suddenly remembered that she once revealed a wedding photo with her Vietnamese overseas German husband in 18.

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Hau Giang bride received "mist" of 400 diamonds on the wedding day revealed secrets

Mưa15:17:20 05/01/2024
The content in the video made the public howl by the tolerance of a wedding in Hau Giang province. The poster captioned the video: "Hello 2024 with 400 diamonds. The hottest bride in Hau Giang is here.

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Ly Nha Ky sets a wedding date after questioning Gil Le, who is the groom?

Khánh Huyền15:05:29 29/12/2023
Diamond tycoon Ly Nha Ky suddenly set a wedding date, the audience was extremely surprised when she was recently rumored to be in love with Gil Le. However, information about the groom is probably still a big question mark.

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Lam Vlog officially owns the Diamond Button from Youtube, his simplicity creates his own mark

Mẫn Nhi15:40:33 22/12/2023
Lam Vlog is known as a Youtube channel with a large number of subscribers, specializing in creating content about 24-hour challenges, videos about eating, traveling, to videos about making items, trying experiments, etc. .

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Ung Hoang Phuc's "little princess" was still young and voluntarily did something that made people admire her

Thanh Anh15:04:36 22/11/2023
After a decade of living together, Ung Hoang Phuc and his wife Kim Cuong have two children together. Notably, recently, the young male singer's little princess voluntarily did something that made people admire her.

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La Thoai Tan: The first marshal of Vietnamese cinema, multi-talented, at the end of his simple life, he passed away in a foreign land

Thảo Mai17:39:41 16/11/2023
La Thoai Tan was one of the leading artists in the Southern art scene before 1975. His romantic appearance and impressive roles made him one of the actors who are admired by thousands of people.

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Ly Nha Ky "got angry" when a fan unintentionally asked about marriage: "Are you throwing water in my face"?

Gia Hoàng07:30:08 27/10/2023
As a beauty who is considered to have it all, Ly Nha Ky always makes the public interested in dating issues while still being single. But recently, the actress's attitude when asked about this issue attracted attention.

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Ly Nha Ky caused a stir with the message "hidden tycoon" spent m.oney to get to know each other, Vu Ha's statement attracted attention!

Huỳnh Phúc15:18:43 21/09/2023
The diamond tycoon continued to post complaints about being bothered by a stranger, who was even willing to spend a relatively large amount of m.oney just to get to know her. At the same time, Vu Ha's statement also attracted people's attention.

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Taylor Swift "snatching" 9 trophies at the 2023 VMAs is not as shocking as the moment of "frozen" losing nearly 400 million rings

Kim Lâm09:37:05 14/09/2023
It's not wrong to say Taylor Swift is the queen of the 2023 VMAs. Not only won big in the categories, but she also attracted attention for the moment she dropped a diamond ring worth nearly 400 million VND.

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Li Yiqi dressed in a wedding dress with 1 billion jewelry, looking forward to getting married, Thai 'ghost g.irl' Mai Davika congratulated?

Ning Jing15:40:10 06/09/2023
The image of Li Yiqi dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress, mix match with billion-dollar jewelry received the attention of the audience. Besides, the appearance of Thai Maiden Mai Davika is equally attractive.

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Ung Hoang Phuc once wanted to 'end his life' because he thought for his wife, Kim Cuong was 'attacked' by her husband's fans

Yaya13:44:09 13/07/2023
As a companion with Ung Hoang Phuc from a difficult time until his career was revived after an illness, former supermodel Kim Cuong shared about her remarkable journey to find her husband's passion.

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Ung Hoang Phuc revealed the days when he was sick and had to be bedridden

Yang Mi10:10:05 17/06/2023
As a guest on the program "Garden of Sound", the vocalist would rather say that Ung Hoang Phuc had shared stories about difficult times in his life, he seemed to want to let go of everything, but fortunately he still had someone. wife next door.

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Ms. Nhan Vlog was "secured" and declared empty-handed: Husband quit, pressure was heavy but wearing diamonds?

Chi Chu09:42:05 16/03/2023
Sobbing at the press conference, she said that she was under heavy pressure on her shoulders when her husband quit, her mother and sister were stupid, but Ms. Nhan Vlog was immediately exposed to wearing diamonds, spending half a billion on parties. Expensive memories. It is not...

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Doan Di Bang compares 23 billion diamond ring with "Sister Ong Dia" Thu Trang, netizen: It's so dazzling!

Thanh Phúc14:49:45 16/02/2023
Doan Di Bang had a fun match with businesswoman "Ms. Doan Di Bang is a character who has long been famous in showbiz and especially in the business world because of her wealth, huge assets and her level of spending, all of which are not in the middle class. On social networks...

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Johnny Dang after noisy cracks with Khoa Pug, still rich, closed millions of dollars

NeKo15:57:20 12/02/2023
After a series of scandals and accusations, it seems that both Johnny Dang and Khoa Pug are still enjoying their beautiful lives even without each other. Johnny Dang - Khoa Pug are all famous names, receiving the attention of many people. Both are close brothers, equal in...

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Ly Nha Ky "ruffled her hair" in response when she was criticized for being old, harshly scolding anti-pathetics, aging

Tu Ron16:29:38 02/02/2023
"Diamond giants" are not afraid to come out against the bad comments from the middle-aged audience. Ly Nha Ky advised this person to reduce anger and focus on work instead of looking for a story. For women, there are two things to avoid asking directly: and beauty. Depending...

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Artist Bach Mai: Famous classical tuong composer, only one student in his life, Binh Tinh can't even make a wish

Hoàng Phúc14:49:16 09/12/2022
Bach Mai is one of the important names of the Southern classical tuong stage for more than half a century. She and the children Thanh Bach (ancient tuong), Kim Phuong, Bach Nga, and Thanh Chau - built Huynh Long to become a powerful state. 15 years old famous, 20 years old...

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Hari Won caught attention when sharing 'The more you know, the more painful' it is between rumors of a rift with Tran Thanh

Hoàng Anh11:16:37 06/12/2022
Recently, Hari Won also marked his return to the music race with the product As he expected after nearly a year of silence. The female singer also expressed her joy when this product received much love from the public at home and abroad. But recently, Hari Won made fans...

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