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Thao Nhi Le was like Cinderella on the Cannes red carpet, being reminded by the organizers

Phi Đức15:08:53 18/05/2024
Thao Nhi Le was discussed by some netizens saying that she was admonished by organizers on the Cannes red carpet and ignored by international media. The truth is exactly the opposite as she continuously falls under the lens and receives many compliments from foreign news sites.

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Cannes red carpet day 4: Thao Nhi Le "acclaims" international stars, Emma Stone stands out

Khánh Huyền09:26:45 18/05/2024
In recent days, the whole world is paying attention to the red carpet of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Finally, after much waiting, Vietnamese fans have seen our country's first star step foot on the red carpet. this year.

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Thao Nhi Le: from a rich kid with a beautiful face in the top 100 in the world to the Vietnamese Universe runner-up

Phi Đức16:25:46 16/05/2024
Before Thao Nhi Le shined at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, she was already a famous face in the online community. The beauty born in 1994 is one of the famous hotgirls and has a significant influence among rich kids in Vietnam.

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Huong Ly the Quynh Nga, Miss Universe VN organizer accused of taking advantage of Thao Nhi Le

Thảo Mai11:34:07 08/05/2024
Recently, the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced its new Country Director. In addition to being curious about the identity of Quynh Nga's replacement, viewers also expressed their displeasure when runner-up Thao Nhi Le was suddenly named by this organization.

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Mai Ngo gives up the title of MG runner-up to compete in Miss Universe VN, succeeding Bui Quynh Hoa?

Thảo Mai13:22:06 27/04/2024
After w.inning the runner-up position at Miss Grand Vietnam, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai said this would be the last beauty playground she participated in. However, when Miss Universe raised the competition age, the beauty wanted to break the rules.

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Miss Phuong Khanh 'escaped' the media, joined Ha Tang, and stayed away from showbiz

Đức Trí16:15:34 21/04/2024
Miss Earth 2018 - Nguyen Phuong Khanh, although once a name that shocked domestic beauty fans when she was the first Vietnamese beauty to win the Big6 contest crown. After 6 years, she now chooses to live a relaxed life, avoiding the hustle and bustle.

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MU owner withdraws Cambodia's copyright, Bao Ngoc is supported to succeed Bui Quynh Hoa?

Hoàng Phúc21:58:29 08/04/2024
Recently, the copyright holder sent Cambodian representatives to compete in the Miss Universe contest has posted a notice that they were withdrawn by the transgender billionaire, so they said goodbye.

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Miss Universe is 1m66 tall and has a 2-row catwalk, a "slap in the ear" for the fastidiousness of Vietnamese fans

Minh Ngọc11:31:21 29/01/2024
Miss Universe 2012 - Olivia Culpo is like a monument breaking many beauty rules at this world's leading beauty contest. She is only 1m66 tall, her performance skills are extremely bad, but she still excelled in surpassing 88 opponents, w.inning the noble crown.

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Huong Ly reunited with the Hoan Vu family. As soon as she returned, she refuted Thao Nhi Le, and Mau Thuy quickly relieved them

T.P10:52:59 10/12/2023
Runner-up Huong Ly surprised everyone when she appeared in episode 7 of the show I am Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 as a guest judge. Notably, the controversy between her and runner-up Thao Nhi Le in the h.ot seat.

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Mr. Nawat declared s.hock about MU 2023 results, 1 runner-up criticized Anntonia, Ngoc Chau ignored Bui Quynh Hoa

Thảo Mai06:39:52 22/11/2023
Although it has ended, the echoes of the Miss Universe - Miss Universe 2023 contest are still there. Recently, Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil - president of the Miss Grand contest suddenly congratulated the beautiful Anntonia Porsild.

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Bui Quynh Hoa was turned away due to scandal and still "on top" Miss Universe, immediately "reappeared" to attract public opinion

Nhật Hân15:39:58 14/10/2023
Bui Quynh Hoa's recent ranking made many beauty fans fall in love as soon as it was announced. Accordingly, despite not receiving support from domestic fans, Queen is still in the safe rankings.

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Thao Nhi Le is suspected of kicking Bui Quynh Hoa: Do not take online sentences and memorize them

JLO11:47:32 09/10/2023
Recently, Bui Quynh Hoa's name has flooded newspapers, forums, and social networking sites after being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. She is constantly in the spotlight of netizens.

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Zhencheng was "jealous" when Hari Won mentioned a 3-hour kiss with her ex-boyfriend when she was 16

Yaya14:12:11 26/08/2023
In the program "Amazing Journey" that has just aired, Zhencheng and Hari Won made Ky Duyen - Ming Zhao as well as the audience fall on their backs by r.evealing the romance that the couple has kept hidden for a long time.

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Thao Nhi Le leaks a clip of swearing in public, her stubborn attitude makes everyone who sees it "hot"

T.P12:29:19 31/07/2023
Runner-up Thao Nhi Le continues to face criticism, when a clip recording the scene of her casually swearing and c.ursing in a public place suddenly became viral on social networks. People compete with each other to harshly throw stones and curse directly at being uncultured.

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Thao Nhi Le 'turns the car' to challenge the fans, deletes the post affirming Vietnam's sovereignty after apologizing for the 'cow's tongue line' case

Juni Nguyễn17:51:21 28/07/2023
I thought that with an apology after a thoughtless statement about praising the movie Barbie - a movie banned from showing in Vietnam about the cow's tongue line, Thao Nhi Le fell back, who knows that many fans are more upset when she there is a very sharp turn of the car.

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Minh Tu "dyed red" on his personal page, posted the Vietnamese flag while Thao Nhi Le praised the film for having "cow's tongue line".

T.P17:37:58 28/07/2023
The world continues to tremble before the post of Supermodel Minh Tu, the question is being noisy to praise the movie with the cow's tongue line of runner-up Thao Nhi Le. People stirred up a series of controversial opinions.

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Le Phuong Thao: Great education, spent billions of m.oney on Miss beauty contest, was stoned for touching Thao Nhi Le

Minh Lợi17:30:02 28/07/2023
Le Phuong Thao is a familiar face with beauty queen fans. Not only has her achievements in beauty contests, but Phuong Thao is also loved as a beauty with remarkable academic achievements.

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Runner-up Thao Nhi Le was criticized for praising the film for having a "cow's tongue line": she apologized but was turned away

Khánh Tự16:08:40 28/07/2023
In recent days, runner-up Thao Nhi Le was suddenly strongly criticized by the online community, after she spoke to compliment a film that was banned from showing in Vietnam. Soon after, the queen deleted the post, as well as apologized to the fans.

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HHV Paraguay 2023 revealed, likened to "the 2nd Catriona Gray", Thao Nhi Le still has a chance to compete in MU?

Keng18:04:14 27/06/2023
On June 25, the final of the Reinas Del Paraguay 2023 contest was held at Paseo La Galeria Centro de Eventos, the capital of Asuncion. The person who passed the series of contestants and was crowned Miss Universe Paraguay 2023 is Elicena Andrada

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DJ Wukong admitted that he was learning about Thao Nhi Le, went out many times but could not love each other because of 1 thing

Keng15:00:31 20/06/2023
Having been rumored to be dating runner-up Thao Nhi Le, recently the national DJ Wukong officially admitted to finding out about this beauty. However, so far, they still only stop at the level of close friends.

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Andree: Talented rapper, first class peach, ex-lover list stretching showbiz, worthy of lady killer

JLO19:59:20 30/05/2023
Andree, also known as Anh Baus, is a famous rapper in the underground world. The style of music that he pursues has its own mark that is difficult to mix with anyone. In addition to his career charm, the rapper's love story is also a topic of special interest to the audience...

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Miss Universe revealed that the beauty "stripped" Thao Nhi Le won the international spot, Phuong Nhi was crowned MI 2023

Mưa11:53:56 29/05/2023
Until now, when it comes to Miss Universe 2023, many fans still regret the runner-up Thao Nhi Le. After many efforts and hopes for miracles from fans, this beauty still has to regret losing her international participation. However, up to now, the representative of Vietnam...

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The reigning Miss International 2022 supported Thao Nhi Le to compete in MU Duc, Mr. Nawat cries for being betrayed again

Hoàng Phúc16:46:11 25/05/2023
During the sash giving ceremony to Phuong Nhi, Thao Nhi Le and the reigning Miss International 2022 had a very happy "eight-talk" moment. After the meeting ended, MI 2022 is said to have posted a status supporting the Viet Kieu runner-up to take the MU Duc exam. Accordingly, on...

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Rumored that Thao Nhi Le was dating DJ Wukong of Rap Viet, unexpectedly reacted when asked about her business boyfriend

JLO16:13:55 24/05/2023
Appearing at Phuong Nhi's Send-Off, runner-up Thao Nhi Le received special attention from fans. However, the most remarkable thing is still her clever answer when asked about her personal love story. Accordingly, on the afternoon of May 23, the ceremony to announce and a.ward the...

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