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Lee Jun Young: Multi-talented idol with a series of impressive roles, transforming like a chameleon

Minh Lợi17:08:46 14/06/2024
Lee Jun Young is an actor and idol, a member of the group U-KISS. Since his debut until now, he has repeatedly shown his limitless abilities in both singing, dancing, and acting.

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ILLIT was left out like NewJeans, a new rookie being embraced by HYBE is about to debut

Keng15:39:50 14/06/2024
In the midst of the lawsuit scandal with Min Hee Jin, NewJeans was caught up in a lot of noise, 6 members of the group were considered pet chickens - BTS even joined the army, HYBE suddenly launched a new group called KATSEYE.

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Lee Won Jung: Almost became BTS's younger brother, rejected HYBE 8 times, now acts in "trash movies"

JLO14:59:45 13/06/2024
Lee Won Jung is currently a name that is getting a lot of attention thanks to his role in the hit movie Hierarchy. Although this movie is not highly rated, it is still famous in many countries and the name Lee Won Jung is currently receiving more attention from audiences...

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B.aby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared

Hoàng Phúc07:20:11 13/06/2024
Recently, SM Entertainment just revealed the new g.irl group SMNGG. Accordingly, the company's training center shared a photo of 12 female trainees, candidates for the upcoming g.irl group in 2024.

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Jennie was criticized for her catwalk, a senior came out to defend her, revealing the reason why everyone loved her

Hoàng Phúc21:42:12 12/06/2024
After appearing as a vedette at a fashion event, Jennie continued to become the focus of criticism from the online community. The BLACKPINK member's catwalk performance was considered ugly and lifeless, a minus point of the show.

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ILLIT took advantage of Blackpink to bring down NewJeans, being ridiculed by fans as a joke

Keng11:56:51 11/06/2024
HBYE sued CEO Min Hee Jin for defamation, but the company also used images and videos to attack NewJeans' chickens. The internal war made people tired to the neck.

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NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up?

Hoàng Phúc16:43:49 10/06/2024
Music festivals at the University are always the most anticipated events in Korea every year. The concerts gathered many popular music groups, attracting a large number of audiences.

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Han Sung Joo: The most scandalous miss in kbiz, divorced a giant and immediately revealed the story of selling flowers

Thảo Mai17:09:37 08/06/2024
Before being exposed about selling flowers, Han Sung Joo was praised by the public and couldn't help but be jealous. She represents the role model of an elite woman when she has beauty, education, a stable career and is a proud bride.

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NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment?

Bảo Nam14:37:34 06/06/2024
During the conflict with CEO Min Hee Jin, HYBE filed a lawsuit accusing Min Hee Jin of violating trust, revealing ADOR's trade secrets to the outside. However, the truth was exposed after the court's ruling.

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G-Dragon was bored of being a kpop idol, changed his profession to become a professor of mechanical engineering at KAIST

Lan Chi18:22:47 05/06/2024
The Korean and international media are paying all their attention to G-Dragon, when the Big Bang member was appointed as a professor at the Institute of Science. With this new role, netizens wonder if he is tired of being an idol?

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B.aby Monster had vocals that beat ILLIT but lost by 1 point, involving Blackpink?

Thảo Mai11:36:02 04/06/2024
This battle is not only between 2 groups, it is also a direct competition between two leading Korean entertainment companies - Hybe backing ILLIT and YG Entertainment behind B.aby Monster.

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Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped

Đình Như16:21:10 30/05/2024
The return of this case through a BBC documentary has once again reignited controversy and a wave of criticism among the public, negatively affecting the lives and careers of many Korean stars.

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Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate?

Keng07:24:01 30/05/2024
Korean media recently reported that male god V (BTS) was suddenly suspected of secretly having a son at the age of 29. Even to prove the rumor was true, netizens posted photos of the b.aby with Looks quite similar to V.

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ILLIT paid the price after the controversy with NewJeans, revealing the lip syncing story that made kpop fans turn around

Bảo Nam09:42:33 29/05/2024
Recently, a post including photos and videos of the now famous g.irl group ILLIT performing at a university attracted a lot of attention from Korean netizens with mixed opinions.

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NewJeans' "mother" turned around, supported ILLIT, and danced to the pirated band's hits?

Đình Như21:36:58 28/05/2024
While the mother of NewJeans, Min Hee Jin, and the father of BTS, Bang Si Hyuk, were fighting fiercely and had not come to an end, the online community suddenly spread a clip of the mother of NewJeans performing ILLIT's dance moves.

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Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars

Hoàng Phúc21:34:19 27/05/2024
While driving caused an accident and then hid the b.ody, veteran Korean actor Jo Hyung Ki continued his career as if nothing had happened. He even accepted to act in car commercials.

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NewJeans' biological mother was replaced, BTS's sister doesn't know where she is, ILLIT added fuel to the fire

Thảo Mai11:32:51 24/05/2024
Korean media reported that HYBE has found a potential candidate for the position of CEO as well as a new board member of ADOR. After this announcement, many people worried about the fate of the g.irl group NewJeans.

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NewJeans plagiarized a Mexican band, ILLIT immediately showed up, turned back to sarcasm?

Bảo Nam07:24:54 22/05/2024
During the past few days, ILLIT - BELIFT LAB's rookie g.irl group has been struggling because they were labeled a copy, copying NewJeans from styling, concept to choreography. But recently, NewJeans have been ridiculed in the opposite direction.

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T-ara's 15th anniversary comeback, Roly Poly version 2 coming soon, bombarding Kpop with 2NE1?

Minh Lợi11:01:11 21/05/2024
Recently, Hyomin posted an Instagram story with photos revealing T-ara's 15th anniversary project and checking in at the photoshoot with the members. This information currently makes Kpop fans restless.

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NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS?

Thảo Mai07:43:59 18/05/2024
During the hearing of the legal dispute between HYBE Labels group and CEO Min Hee Jin of its subsidiary ADOR, the mother of NewJeans revealed that BTS's sister was asked to use tricks to win against aespa.

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2NE1 reunites to celebrate 15 years, CL meets privately with YG president to discuss comeback plans?

Bảo Nam17:24:25 17/05/2024
Recently, four female singers Park Bom - Dara - CL - Minzy officially celebrated 2NE1's 15th debut anniversary. However, unlike every year, the members reunited to do a photo shoot with a professional crew.

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Jimin dates an unpopular female celebrity, the other person drops a hint, dragging Jennie into it?

Thảo Mai16:58:38 17/05/2024
On the morning of May 17, Koreaboo newspaper reported that Jimin (BTS) and actress Song Da Eun had just taken over Asian social networks with suspicions of a secret date. In particular, this incident is also related to Jennie.

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ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism?

Keng16:51:34 15/05/2024
In recent days, the Kpop fan community has been stirred up by choreographers Kim Eunju and Black Q accusing ILLIT of copying NewJeans' dance. The above accusation appeared amid a noisy internal dispute between HYBE and ADOR's CEO.

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Tempest set a record for ticket sales, selling out in many areas in 1 hour

Mi Lan10:29:42 13/05/2024
Immediately after opening ticket sales, Tempest made Vietnamese fans go c.razy when many ticket classes were sold out in less than 1 hour. The intense charisma of this talented young group promises an explosive and emotional music night.

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