Jungwon (Enhypen): RM's excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career

Bút BiJun 19, 2024 at 15:16

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Jungwon was born in 2004, in a family of four members including parents and an older sister. Right from his student days, Yang Jungwon showed leadership qualities. With his kind and approachable personality, Jungwon is loved by his classmates and receives many compliments.

In January 2017, Jungwon began his journey to become a trainee at SM Entertainment. Not long after, he left this entertainment company and joined Big Hit.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 1

After being trained at Big Hit, Jungwon surprised the company's staff because the male singer's ability and absorption level improved rapidly. That's why he only needed to spend more than a year practicing before coming to the I-LAND competition.

This contest is for young faces who are passionate about becoming idols while recording the process of breaking out of their comfort zone. The selected contestants will gather in a music group managed by a joint venture company between Big Hit and CJ E&M.

Under strict evaluation from the power trio including Bang Si Hyuk, Bi Rain and ZICO, I-LAND will show the competition process as well as cooperation between contestants in many diverse forms.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 2

As soon as he appeared, Jungwon was highly appreciated by the team for his appearance and had high expectations from President Bang. With excellent performances throughout the competition, he won first place with more than 1.4 million votes to become an official member of the Belift Lab b.oy group.

After I-LAND ended, seven faces of the debut lineup were revealed including Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Ni-ki and Jungwon. The boys will gather into a group called ENHYPEN, they are expected to follow in the footsteps of their seniors BTS.

In October 2020, the management company announced that Jungwon was the leader of the group in ENHYPEN. It is known that after consulting with the staff and artists, they all agreed to choose this male idol born in 2004.

At the launch press conference, Jungwon expressed his gratitude for being trusted by the members and the company. At the same time, he showed his determination to work hard to lead ENHYPEN to further development.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 3

Immediately after that, the boys officially debuted with the mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE and the title song Given-Taken. Thanks to the previous heat from I-LAND, ENHYPEN quickly had a large fan base, the group's social networking platforms gained millions of followers in just a short time.

At the end of March 2021, Jungwon and the boys returned with the next music product BORDER : CARNIVAL. After that, the group continued to release the single BORDER : Hakanai to officially "attack" the Japanese market. According to records from Oricon, the group set a new record with more than 200,000 album copies sold in a week.

After that, the group continued to release the albums: DIMENSION:DILEMMA, DIMENSION : ANSWER and reaped many impressive achievements. ENHYPEN was voted by eighteen leading experts in the Korean popular music industry as the most promising fourth generation Kpop idol b.oy group in the future.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 4

Looking at ENHYPEN's development path, it can be seen that the group leader position for Jungwon is completely suitable. In an interview with Teen Vogue, ENHYPEN members simultaneously confirmed that Yang Jungwon is the representative of the group. Despite his young age and experience, his behavior is more mature than his peers.

With increasing influence, the boys quickly signed many valuable contracts. Notably, ENHYPEN was chosen as the Global Ambassador of fashion brand AMI Paris after only seven months of operation.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 5

In the photos promoting this fashion company's collection, Jungwon poses elegantly and masculine through every corner of the photo. He is highly appreciated by fashionistas for showing off the true style of AMI Paris fashion house.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 6

In addition, Jungwon and ENHYPEN also regularly appear on major magazine covers such as Dazed Korea, ELLE Japan, W Korea or Seventeen. The charisma of the male idol born in 2004 is not inferior compared to other members of the group.

Besides promotional activities with Belift Lab's male group, Yang Jungwon also always tries to build a diverse and new personal image every time he appears in public.

In addition to his unique singing voice highly appreciated by president Bang Si Hyuk, Jungwon also has good dancing techniques and bright stage charisma. His performance fancams have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and likes. He is also considered by many to be the successor of BTS leader RM.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 7

However, becoming a famous idol at a very young age sometimes caused Jungwoo to make some mistakes. During the live broadcast chatting with fans, a member mentioned about the group's fan meeting, saying: "There are people who took the exam today and tomorrow. Because the fan meeting was held after the exam day. , so please do well on the exam before coming."

Jungwon continued right after: "I don't think you guys watching here did well." Jungwoo's actions were met with criticism from most netizens.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 8

Immediately, the male singer had to apologize for his outspoken statement. "Before the fan meeting, I was very nervous and excited because I was about to meet you guys in person after a long time. Therefore, I didn't understand the hardships of the fans. I felt like I was lacking. I'm not mature enough and have many shortcomings. I'm really sorry," he said.

Watching Jungwoo from his early days of joining I-LAND until becoming a perfect piece of ENHYPEN, he has changed significantly from an innocent teenager to a mature artist.

Jungwon (Enhypen): RMs excellent junior, statement that almost ruined his career - Photo 9

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