Jennie "has fate" with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men

Kim LâmApr 27, 2024 at 17:08

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Recently, Jennie "broke" the music industry when collaborating with Zico in the music product SPOT. From here, netizens discovered that the BLACKPINK member has a very good relationship with the HYBE family, having close relationships with many male idols.

At 4 pm April 26 (Vietnam time), Zico "released" the single SPOT! , combined with Jennie (BLACKPINK). The song marks the 10th debut anniversary of male rapper HYBE. MV SPOT! There was also the presence of female rapper BLACKPINK, attracting a lot of attention from Kpop fans. Releasing the MV right in the middle of the civil war between Min Hee Jin and HYBE group, Zico and Jennie still have enough power to make the music industry stand still because of their unique music combination, full of personality and attraction.

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 1

As of the evening of April 26, the MV quickly reached #1 on the iTunes chart in Vietnam. As of around 6:00 p.m. on April 26 (Vietnam time), the song also ranked high on ichart charts in Korea such as #1 on Bugs, #2 on MelOn, #78 on Flo. SPOT products! The combination of Zico - Jennie is expected to soon reach Perfect All K.ill on the charts in Korea.

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 2

The handshake with Zico - a member of HYBE's subsidiary once again proves that Jennie has a very good relationship with HYBE, such as:

The internet-shaking dating suspicion with V
The couple's dating story has been going on since May 2022, when images believed to be of V and Jennie traveling together on Jeju Island suddenly spread across social networks. Three months later, many pictures of two members of the famous K-pop group were leaked, creating a huge wave of debate.

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 3

Not long after, YG Entertainment said they would ask the police to intervene to find the person who spread Jennie's personal photos. As for the dating rumors, neither the two management companies nor the main characters have ever spoken out. But because V and Jennie have shared many similar moments many times, fans are convinced that the couple is in love.
In May 2023, Naver reported on Jennie and V's love story in Paris (France). Two idols lovingly held hands and walked along the riverbank. The information quickly became the focus of international media attention, due to the huge global influence of V and Jennie.

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 4

"Sister-in-law, sister-in-law" with Jung Kook

It is known that Jungkook is the global ambassador, and Jennie is the brand ambassador of CK. During the launch event of Jennie's collection combining design with the fashion house, Jung Kook personally came to support. Although he did not appear in public, the presence of the youngest member of the global music group made the event explode, especially when taking into account the difficult relationship between party host Jennie and Jung Kook.

Even a clip from Jung Kook's side recorded the scene of this male idol having a very intimate and close conversation with Jennie. After this video was released, many fans went c.razy, excited about the good relationship between the two stars. In particular, the audience also calls them the best "brother-in-law and sister-in-law" couple of Kpop, because Jung Kook is the closest brother to V in BTS, V and Jennie were both secretly dating at that time. .

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 5

Besides, netizens also "unearthed" the video at Jung Kook's Golden album launch party in November 2023. Many fans discovered that in addition to the appearance of BTS members, there were also Jennie and Jisoo. The BLACKPINK duo silently came to Jung Kook's party, making netizens even more excited.

Was once rumored to "share a house" with BTS

At a time when BLACKPINK's contract with management company YG was in the negotiation stage, there was information that Jennie would establish her own company, while others speculated about her signing. Contract with HYBE (BTS's management company).

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 6

An article published on September 28, 2023 affirmed: "It seems that Jennie will return to HYBE", receiving great attention from the public. The basis for the above article is based on Jennie's Livestream video being removed from YouTube with a copyright complaint. Specifically, the notice from YouTube said that the content was removed because it violated HYBE's copyright.

Jennie has fate with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men - Photo 7

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