Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements

Hoàng HônFeb 21, 2024 at 17:16

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FC Dom Dom was touched and happy to see Jack - J97 appear with Aston Villa Club of the English Premier League. Many fans also place hope in the future of their idol's voice reaching an international level.

Recently, netizens are constantly excited about a series of images of singer Jack - J97 appearing next to members of the Aston Villa Club. For those who love football, they will know the Aston Villa team, because they are ranked 4th on the English Premier League rankings. What made people especially surprised was that the voice of "Hong Nhan" was directly invited by the above team to visit and interact at Villa Park stadium. This not only lit up more opportunities for Jack's career, but was also an important step in promoting Vietnamese culture to the world.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 1

Jack appeared next to a member of the Aston Villa Club

Jack - J97 excitedly said that he was very surprised and happy. For the male singer, passion for football does not stop at watching from afar on the screen, but is also an indispensable part of daily life. This invitation is not just a simple invitation, but also an important milestone in his career, opening new and promising doors.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 2

Jack thinks this is an important milestone in his career

In addition, the male singer also revealed that the club invited him to visit Villa Park stadium to watch the match between Aston Villa vs Arsenal. Along with that, Jack will represent the legendary football team Ian Taylor to explore the AVFC areas, as well as meet and interact with players on Aston Villa's first team.

The singer born in 1997 sees this as a "golden" opportunity that cannot be missed. This is not only an opportunity to meet and chat with professional players but also a great experience to participate in the vibrant space and atmosphere of a world-leading stadium. For Jack, this meeting is not only a personal event but also an opportunity to interact and connect with his community of football and music fans around the world. He feels lucky to be with an icon of world football like Aston Villa and promises to bring memorable experiences to both sides.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 3

Jack gets to explore the AVFC areas

On the side of Aston Villa Club, inviting to meet male singer Jack is not only a sign of appreciation for his talent and prestige, this is also an important step in expanding relationships and increasing revenue. strengthen their presence in the Asian market. They hope that this relationship will bring many new cooperation opportunities and open new doors for the development of both sides in the future. Closing the journey, he and the club took pictures, asked for autographs and kept memorable memories.

Thereby, it can be seen that receiving the invitation from Aston Villa Club made Jack feel proud and grateful for this opportunity. He hopes that this meeting will be an important turning point in his career and will bring much success and luck to both sides.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 4

Jack interacted with Aston Villa Club

On social networks, FC Dom Dom (singer Jack's fan community) couldn't help but rejoice. They continuously expressed their interest and excitement when watching their idols walk alongside the superstars of the sport. Fans also said that they have high hopes that in the future Jack's image and voice will attract international attention.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 5

Jack once caused a stir when he met Messi

Previously, Jack also caused a stir when he posted a photo appearing next to legendary soccer superstar Lionel Messi. This moment has been a topic of discussion among netizens for a long time.

Jack appeared at Premier League Football Club: FC Dom Dom proudly showing off his achievements - Photo 6

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