ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans

Vân AnhApr 22, 2024 at 15:52

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Management company ILLIT has made an official announcement about stopping using the fandom name Lilly after being caught up in a fierce controversy, clashing with fans of Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa ( BLACKPINK).

Recently, g.irl group ILLIT announced their official fandom named LILLY. This name quickly became controversial.

ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 1

The first thing is because this name is the same as the name of a member of JYP g.irl group NMIXX - Lily. Even though there is only one more letter "L" added to make a difference, the reading is completely the same. How does Lily feel when her name becomes the fandom name of another g.irl group?

ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 2

Second, Lilly has the same pronunciation as Lilies - Lisa's (BLACKPINK) personal fandom name. Although not officially announced, in many clips, Lisa also calls her fans Lilies, and she also named her YouTube page Lilifilm Film. That's why Lisa's fans were upset when they learned the name of the ILLIT fandom, even promoting the hashtag #LiliesforLisa on social network X.

ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 3

Because of the harsh reaction from netizens, Belift Lab decided to reconsider due to some issues that arose related to the name "LILYs". They will continue to choose from other names nominated by fans.



First, we want to say a sincere thank you for the incredible love and support you have shown towards ILLIT.

We have an important update on ILLIT's official fanclub name. First announced on April 21, the fanclub name was chosen among various candidates compiled with fan participation, reflecting our wish for eternal love between ILLIT and fans.

However, we decided to revisit the issue after realizing various concerns had emerged. The new fanclub name will be chosen from among the other shortlisted candidates and will be announced later. The naming contest will not be held this time.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate your understanding.


ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 4

Facing the new move from the management company, netizens left comments:

"To avoid causing unnecessary controversy, let's change the name because the name is completely different in both English and Korean spellings."

"Lilies is not just being known now. Lilies is already known by many brands and everyone as the nickname of the Lisa fandom. In 2022 Lilies also won the fandom a.ward, not by accident."

"The Korean name is exactly the same as a female idol who just debuted 2 years ago and is still active, but she comes from Big3 and has a certain level of popularity in Kpop, isn't it true that the company said she didn't know and chose the same name?" In English, adding an L and reading it is still the same. Among the many names you can choose, choose the one that is almost identical to the senior's name. It gets a lot of topics, gets cursed and criticizes the company, and achieves its purpose of noise. After marketing, it's right to announce a name change. If you don't change it, you'll still be criticized by Korean fans. Who's there to say you're overthinking?"

ILLIT is the most sought-after name today with its super viral debut recently. The debut song Magnetic quickly reached the top of Korean digital music charts, helping HYBE's new group become a new generation "dinosaur rookie". Not only is it addictive with its cheerful melody, the visuals of all 5 members are also becoming a topic of discussion across social media forums.

ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 5

Although rookie HYBE is still entangled in many controversies with his live singing ability, ILLIT still has high expectations to improve and surpass his seniors in the same company in the future. With the unnecessary controversy, fans expressed frustration with the company's steps, which more or less affected the girls' image in the eyes of netizens.

ILLIT changes fandom name after clashing with Lily (NMIXX) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) fans - Photo 6

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