Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice

Minh NgọcMay 15, 2024 at 21:44

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On the evening of May 13, Huong Tram officially closed the successful "Rain Girl" music night at the Hanoi Opera House campus. This is Huong Tram's first official music night since returning home, after 4 years of studying abroad in the United States.

Before studying abroad, Huong Tram could be considered one of the number 1 young vocalists in the market at that time, continuously 'causing storms' with her voice. However, 5 years is a long enough time to change a lot of things.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 1

Coming to the show, many audiences expressed their expectations and eagerness to see the breakthrough in Huong Tram's voice. And she brought many new things. Opening the music night, Huong Tram sang a medley of Shyness, Let me be a little closer to you, My love for you . These are three hits in Huong Tram's career, but this time they have been remixed, creating a fresher and more modern feel.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 2

If in the past, Huong Tram was known for her thick and powerful voice, creating the feeling of showing off her vocal techniques, now the female singer's voice is considered modern, updated with world trends. Although she still demonstrates technique in her voice, Huong Tram handles it delicately and does not create a feeling of being too showy to the listener.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 3

Present at the music night, Huong Tram's vocal teacher - People's Artist Ha Thuy shared that Huong Tram's return this time was full of explosion and desire. "It is no longer a full-bodied Perfume Melaleuca like when competing in The Voice, but now Melaleuca Melaleuca is more profound. Melaleuca Melaleuca is quieter and more refined, bringing vibrations to the hearts of listeners", People's Artist Ha Thuy speak.

Huong Tram said that returning to Vietnam, she embarked on developing a new journey in her musical journey by composing and still learning every day. The female singer hopes to connect with the audience through a new perspective to help music listeners understand her better.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 4

Away from her family and fans, Huong Tram admitted that there were times when she had to consider her choice. But after moments of weakness, she determined to stay in America, steadfast in her goal of finding peace in her soul.

The title of champion of The Voice 2012 helped Huong Tram have a solid stepping stone into showbiz. Active in art since the age of 17, the singer has always been in a non-stop cycle, always wishing for a time to slow down and contemplate more. She admitted that becoming famous too early put a lot of pressure on herself. In October 2018, Huong Tram posted a photo of her scratched hands. The singer's representative said she was so stressed that she lost sleep and had to relieve herself by scratching her hands until they bled.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 5

Returning to Vietnam after 5 years, Huong Tram's beauty clearly improved. The face is radiant and the figure is also neater. She received many compliments from the audience when her visual changed in a positive direction. However, many opinions say that Huong Tram continues to have an "attachment" to the stylist, even though she has spent 5 years studying abroad.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 6

Many netizens pointed out that Huong Tram's outfit with a deep chest and r.evealing waist was not suitable for the nature of the music night as well as the luxurious space of the Hanoi Opera House garden. Besides, the fact that the songs performed were mostly ballads also made Huong Tram's outfit not suitable for the songs she performed. Before studying abroad, Huong Tram often faced controversy over her clothes, and was even fined by the authorities for wearing too r.evealing clothes in 2014.

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 7

It's inevitable that Huong Tram has a bit of a "deterioration" in her singing voice. During her 5 years studying abroad in the US, she did not sing often. She only performed at a few small events for the Vietnamese community abroad. Besides, product launches are also quite sporadic, not reaching the level of professionalism like when Huong Tram was still in the country. Therefore, the voice does not have many opportunities to "sharpen" so it is not difficult to understand that its performance has gone down a bit. However, the nature of Huong Tram's voice is still that of a powerful female voice, with good technique, impressive handling and lots of emotion in her verses - confident that she only needs to practice for a short time. Easily regain your old form, even better!

Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice - Photo 8

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